Dr. Helen Nguyen, DDS

Dr. Helen Nguyen, DDS

General Dentistry in Sterling, VA

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46175 Westlake Dr Ste 230,
Sterling, VA 20165
Within 4 miles

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4.6 out of 10

Verified Patient Reviews

by Michelle P On 22 December 2016

I came in for an emergency and she took good care of me and got me out of pain.

by Fay On 22 December 2016

I was with my 90 years old parkinson mother in her office for first and last time. My mother needed new denture so we want to get some idea to what to do!!! After 45 min , finally she came to see us. I explained everything to her and she offered couple ways .so we were supposed to let her know. For doing nothing ,being late and only few minutes consultation she asked for money........I never ever go to some place which their mind is SOMEHOW taking money from you ..........

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