Dr. Alfred Haeberer III, DMD

Dr. Alfred Haeberer III, DMD

General Dentistry in Sterling, VA

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21145 Whitfield Pl Ste 102,
Sterling, VA 20165
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by Alyssa S. On 20 October 2016

Dr. Haeberer is always one step ahead of other dentists, always investing in the newest dental technology, and I've never had a problem with any of the fillings or crowns he's done for me over the years. I've never had any problems with scheduling or billing and the staff is like family.

by Kim Gill On 5 March 2015

My family was patients of Dr. Haeberer for about 4 years. He was always pleasant and his office staff was wonderful. We really liked him...until at our last check-ups/cleaning, our family was diagnosed needing 3 crowns and 5 fillings! We were shocked as we're pretty diligent about dental hygene. We got two additional opinions on the crowns, and neither of the other dentists saw anything. We got additional opinions on the fillings too, and the other dentists determined we didn't have any cavities that needed filling. Needless to say, we won't go back to Dr. Haeberer. We are disappointed things turned out this way.

by Brett Monk On 1 August 2013

Dr. Haeberer has been my dentist for about 20 years. He is everything that you would want a dentist to be... excellent in his work, gentle in his touch, and with a delightful sense of humor that makes visiting the dentist something I actually look forward to. I recommend him most highly.

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