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Dr. Devin Jenkins, DDS

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by Elle P. On 22 December 2016

I took my two daughters, 3 and 4 for check ups and cleanings. The front desk was kind and helpful as were the dental assistants and hygenists. The Dr was...

by Amanda O. On 22 December 2016

Super patient and kind with my daughter ! By the end of her check up and cleaning she was laughing !! :)) Kids get to watch their favorite cartoon while...

by Elizabeth N. On 22 December 2016

My review is based upon a visit 2 years ago for my 2 kids. A friend recommended this place . . . ultimately, unhappy with the experience. The game room...

by Elle P. On 29 August 2016

Stopped coming here because the dentist only wanted to look at my daughters teeth once a year. They are 5 and 6, and since I've left here my oldest has...

by Cassandra Kruggel On 12 March 2015

Dr. Schneck is great with kids. He has decent prices and got my son in immediately when his tooth was hurting and started swelling. He is very reliable and his assistants are friendly, sweet, informative and walked us through every step of the process. My son (6 years old) was very comfortable through the whole process of going through the exam and x-rays, very highly recommend Dr. Schneck.

by Mark Behnken On 13 January 2015

My first experience seeing Karl was very positive to say the least. Coming from someone who has had many terrible dentists and experiences getting my teeth worked on, I honestly wasn't exactly hopeful when I first made an appointment. However, I liked his whole motto about catering to cowards and decided to give him a try. I'm definitely not a coward when it comes to getting my teeth worked and I've experienced the gamut with dentists, however, I figured if they specialize in catering to cowards, they must be good at their work. Boy was I tired of getting $hitty dentists, let me tell you. Was hoping for the best this time around and after it was all said and done, I was impressed! Got my cleaning and x-rays which was a snap since he uses updated digital scanning equipment, then proceeded after my examination to schedule for a few fillings. Karl was very personable, not like other dentists I've had in the past who would work on my teeth and then disappear in their office behind closed doors afterwards. Karl took the time to answer all my questions and we even chatted about things outside dentistry. Great guy overall and a very cool dentist! If you're looking for a quality dentist, give him a try.

by Haven Yates On 31 October 2014

Karl Schneck is the best dentist I've ever seen. He and his staff do great work and stand behind it. I've never had a bad experience at this dentist, and as a patient, have always been treated with care and respect. I have referred my friends and family, and would recommend Dr Schneck to anyone.

by Jo Mc On 21 April 2013

I had a toothache and went to see Dr. Schneck. His wife that is the Office Manage. I witnessed the the Dr's wife "Devyn" treating her staff with less then respect, you could say it was very abusive, and I was appalled! The Asst. shoved a news paper in my lap and asked that I sign it. I asked what it was and was told that every year the Medford Mail Tribune paper takes a poll on who the best businesses are in Southern Oregon. The Dr's wife was having the assistants ask everyone that walked in the door to sign a entry form so they could mail them in and be voted the top Dentle Office of Medford. I thought that was pretty scandalous. The way I witnessed the staff being treated in that office really turned my stomach and I don't think I would give that office a second chance. Not to mention, I witnessed a lot of cross contamination while I was there, not a good thing!

by A Google User On 10 March 2011

I recently went in for a teeth cleaning and had an excellent experience w/ Dr. Schneck. I'm relatively new to Southern Oregon and this was my first trip in. I was a little bit nervous since I have some recurring issues. Dr. Schneck is very personable and he explained the issues with my teeth in depth and that made me feel better. I have very sensitive gums and they did a good job of making me feel comfortable during the teeth cleaning. The hygenist Sandy did an excellent job and had a great sense of humor throughout. It's hard to find a good dentist, and I am picky, but my experience was very good! - Cameron

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