Dr. Jerald McManigal, DDS

Dr. Jerald McManigal, DDS

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by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

Dr. McManigal is the best dentist I've ever been to; highly skilled and very compassionate and caring. 5 stars!!

by Kari McManigal On 10 October 2015

I am very excited to say that McManigal Family Dental Practice is the best that I have ever been too from the very beginning. My husband is in the Airforce and I am the spouse that bounces around state to state with him. I am one person that is scared of going to the Dentist and has had some bad experiences with previous Dentists. So I will fly back to our home state, the good old Nebraska to have my teeth worked on by Dr. McManigal and his staff. Dr. McManigal has been my Dentist for five years now and this will never change. Dr. McManigal has a great sense of humor and he knows how to pick a great team. I have seen where Dr. McManigal started his life changing career at the old practice in Millard, Nebraska that had only two patient exam rooms, verses the new practice that he got this year in Omaha, Nebraska that has six or seven patient exam rooms. I thought to myself that only a great Dentist and his fun loving staff could accomplish something this great and that I am not the only patient that has built a strong rapport with Dr. McManigal and his staff for their practice to be so successful. Being reoccurring patient for five years, I have had the joy of watching this Dentist and his staff build an empire. I know it's because of Dr. McManigal's hard work, his fun loving staff, and the relationship that they have built with patients that walk through their dentistry doors. I just had my first two root canals done about a week ago. I was very nervous because I have never had this procedure done before in my life time. When it came down for me to sit in that chair for the procedure to begin, Dr. McManigal was so gental that when he gave me the injection with novacaine, I hardly even felt it. Through the two hour procedure while listening to Tom Petty on their Pandora station, I just knew I was in great hands. I never felt any sort of pain through the whole procedure or after. The staff worked as a team and placed a temporary crown on and I was out the door. I went back a couple of days later for the crown placement. Dr. McManigal was very skilled in the crown adjustments because those two crowns feel exactly like my two molars that I had before (except that they didn't have two ugly fillings that the previous Dentist had put in). Dr. McManigal has also done cosmetic procedures on me, such as, Botox, chemical peel, and zoom whitening. I feel like Dr. McManigal has kept me in my early twenties and I am in love with all of the cosmetic procedure outcomes. I have beautiful pearly whites, youthful skin, and I know that only came from Dr. McManigal and his assistants. Mcmanigal Family Dentistry gave me my smile back and I would recommend McManigal Family Dentistry to anyone that comes my way.

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