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Dr. Sol Kutler, DDS

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7337 Farnam St,
Omaha, NE 68114
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by Sarah Ventura On 13 June 2015

I love this dentist office they r really good there

by Sara Paczosa On 22 October 2013

To sum up my experience... I will not go back and I do not recommend going here. 7 Day Dental is located in the building that was formerly Dr. Sol Kutler’s Dental Center. I work right next door. The location is very convenient. When it was Dr. Sol Kutler’s, I was a patient for 10 years+ and had no issues the entire time. Since my last appointment with Dr. Sol Kutler’s office, this location has been taken over by 7 Day Dental. I figured I would just keep going, since it was so close. I recently had an annual exam and cleaning. My first visit there, I waited 1.5 hours for my appointment. The receptionist failed to mention they had me down an hour later than what I had scheduled when I signed in. I should have walked out then, but I was nice about it and shrugged it off. They apologized and gave me a free electronic toothbrush. I had my cleaning. The hygienist was continually interrupted by co-workers asking to borrow different tools, while drool rolled down my chin. I was very uncomfortable and annoyed by all the disturbances. I saw Dr. Green. He was in and out in about 5 minutes and barely made eye contact. I could clearly see they booked several people at once and he was running around like a crazy person from room to room. He recommended several things my insurance covered, that I didn’t need like cosmetic surgery on my gums. I got the feeling right away they were trying to get as much money out of my insurance as possible from the first visit. A few weeks later I lost part of a filling. I decided to give them another shot and have the crown done, since the price was reasonable. It seemed to go better this time, but when I got home and the numbness wore off I realized they had done work on the wrong tooth. I called and complained, they offered me a lousy 10% discount and another electronic toothbrush. I was out over $300 and still didn’t have the tooth that was bothering me fixed. At this point, I decided I didn’t want to go back. Unfortunately I had to go back to finish the wrong tooth they started work on and that I already paid for up front. They called the week before my last appointment to tell me Dr. Green was going on vacation and they accidentally scheduled me for a day he would be gone. The temporary crown they put on had fallen out and I was in pain at this point, so I opted to go to another doctor there. When I got to that appointment, they told me they were overbooked and short on rooms due to the construction, so I would have to wait a half hour or reschedule. I hope I just have really bad luck and no one else has had the same experience. If I were reading this now, I would try finding another dentist. Why take the chance? There are tons of dentists in Omaha.

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