Dr. Stephanie Copeland, DDS

Dr. Stephanie Copeland, DDS

General Dentistry in Saint Louis, MO

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9000 Watson Rd Ste 101,
Saint Louis, MO 63126
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by Donna On 22 December 2016

Dr. Copeland bought my previous dentist's practice. She performed unnecessary x-rays for which my insurance company refused to reimburse. She did not disclose that she was not in network even thought the dentist who I had originally made the appointment with was in network and I was left paying for work that was unnecessary. She recommended replacing older fillings that were fine. I had to wait for 20 minutes after the cleaning for the dentist to complete my visit.

by Michael On 22 December 2016

Dr. Copeland was so rude. I waited for 45 minutes in the lobby for my appointment and then my hygienist after she cleaned my teeth left the room and it was over 30 minutes before the dentist came in. I was very angry and asked dr. Copeland why I had to wait to so long and she ignored me so I asked again and she shrugged me off. Then she tried to tell me I needed to have a lot of things done on my teeth that I didn't need. She's liar. And this office is so dirty!!!!

by Michelle On 22 December 2016

Dr. Copeland and her staff were are very pleasant and I waited only a few minutes for my appointment. The appointment went well and was efficient. Dr. was patient, thorough and willing to answer all my questions. Overall one of the best visits I have had to a dentist.

by VMP On 1 November 2016

Rude and disseminates inaccurate information regarding insurance protocol.

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