Dr. William Pavlisin, DDS

Dr. William Pavlisin, DDS

General Dentistry in Saint Louis, MO

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9021 Gravois Rd,
Saint Louis, MO 63123
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7.3 out of 10

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by A Google User On 4 January 2011

I went there only once and I am not coming back. They don't follow insurance coverage and then want you to pay for what they did without asking you if you are willing to pay before they do it. This costs me more than 100$ ;( I learned that I should be the one who should have known what can be done and how much it costs. They try to convince me that more expensive stuff like crowns is covered by my policy - I am so happy that I checked that it is not, otherwise it would costs me thousands! I didn't see the crowd there - now I understand why. Negotitions don't work - you have to pay. Avoid-that is my good advice.

by A Google User On 24 February 2008

I enjoy going to the dentist because of the "homey" atmosphere. You're greeted by a very friendly receptionist, and the dental hygienists are very kind as well. Everyone has a genuine concern about you ranging from what services you need to your comfort which makes for a very enjoyable dental experience. The dentist is a very skilled professional and does his best to make your visit as painless as possible.(within reason) I would definitely recommend this dentist to people who are apprehensive about going to the dentist. I especially like the way the dental office is set up. (no spectacular gadgetry or modern effects) which is good!! It has an old fashioned feel to it. They handle you with care. A MUST VISIT in my book!

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