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by Maynard Clark On 21 December 2017

"I've often praised Oscar's deft prophylaxis as fast, painless, professionally expert, comfortable, and friendly. Let me reiterate the incomparable smoothness with which Oscar moves through each tooth and swiftly cleans off each surface, vacuums fluid residues, and polishes each surface, then hands me a bag with fresh toothbrush, floss, and sample toothpaste in a bag with his handwritten reminder card for my next cleaning appointment. I'm all set, and you'll be happily 'all set' with your regular prophylaxis appointments at Boston Dental. Look: you'll see TLC everywhere throughout the business, including a small attractive potted plant in each service area. The reception desk is friendly and welcomes me when I arrive and wishes me 'see you next time' with a smile as I leave. Love it! Boston Dental! Now at two Boston locations, and soon at a third location overseas." THIS is my rave review from before, but each time I go I am ready to write yet another rave review. - MSC

by LuzM Thstl On 14 December 2017

Boston Dental has a excellent team that cares about their customers. My dentist and her assistant are very professional. They have given me good recommendations about my dental health and they didn't push me to buy products or services I don't need.

by Fletcher Bartlett On 12 December 2017

Of the numerous dentists I've had over the last 20 years in different major cities, this is by far one of the best! All of the team members are knowledgeable, caring, and trusting. Visiting a dentist can be an uneasy experience, but this team has a way of making you comfortable and feel like a star.

by Sherie Bartlett On 8 December 2017

This was my first visit to Boston Dental and going to the dentist has never been one of my favorite things to do but after having my teeth cleaned by Oscar and my exam done by Dr. G., I'm sold! What a great experience! Oscar is very kind and gentle and I enjoyed chatting with him during my visit. Dr. G. is very upbeat and friendly and seems to be very knowledgeable as a dentist and the girls at the reception desk made me feel at ease and were helpful in setting next appointments and explaining my insurance coverage. I'm glad I found Boston Dental.

by Calin Draia On 29 November 2017

As much as dental cleaning can be pleasant it was better than I expected. I have sensitive teeth. Paige was careful not to scrape my teeth too hard. She did not hurt my gums or make them bleed. She was pleasant and friendly. I would also like to mention that the office staff was nice and efficient. Thank you!

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