J Thomas Christie, DDS

J Thomas Christie, DDS

General Dentistry in Connersville, IN

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2628 Western Ave,
Connersville, IN 47331
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by Silvia Bowman On 23 August 2017

Not worthy of receiving a partial star in rating....called asked lots of questions, was given a price I could afford, show up to my appointment and now more money involved that I was not told about before the appointment, saw the dentist for less than 3 minutes for a charge of $75.00 again was not aware of this charge...I run an honest business and have for over 50 years I expect the same from other businesses...Where are honest people and honest business? If I hid cost from my customers, I would no longer be in business

by Mathew Hill On 21 August 2017

My largest complaint is the shear lack of professionalism. The staff found it acceptable to talk about personal things with each other while working on my teeth. One staff member even found it acceptable to use me as an accessory to a joke about how they didn't know what they were doing and they had no idea who I was...

by Diys From Indiana On 9 May 2017

I went there THREE HOURS ago and my gums are still really really REALLY numb, it fells like my gums are getting more numb unstead on less

by Nykolaus Hulic On 22 April 2017

Terrible customer service. My wife's fillings all came out 3 or 4 different times.

by Shane Barker On 6 March 2017

Prior to starting Invisalign I NEVER smiled while showing my teeth. In fact until recently (I'm 37 now) you could not find a picture of me throughout my entire life with a smile on my face, but now I can't smile enough. Choosing to invest in my smile with the direction of Dr Christie and his staff was the best investment I've made to improve my confidence. Thanks Dr Christie

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