Dr. Rita Salvi Platt, DDS

Dr. Rita Salvi Platt, DDS

General Dentistry in Chicago, IL

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2005 W Addison St Ste Ground,
Chicago, IL 60618
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9.7 out of 10

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by Saverio Donancricchia On 30 January 2013

Great dentist. They listened to all my needs, didnt try to upsell me on anything, they were perfect. I havent been to a dentist for 5 years cause of the feeling I am in a time share situation, they upsell so much. Not here, everything was perfect.

by Dave Snell On 14 December 2012

Basically, the previous reviewer is blaming the dentist for the fact that his/her insurance didn't pay... sounds like he/she just has bad insurance. I love this dentist... she is always very gentle with my teeth, and I've had a bunch of cavities/crowns with her. Her assistants always ask if I'm comfortable and explain what they're doing throughout the procedure... and why. I've never had an issue with billing or making an appointment, except during (understandably) high demand times of the year, such as when everyone is trying to spend their flex dollars at Christmas... and even then, her office is open extended hours to handle the crowds. Basically, I would highly recommend this dentist... easily the best I've had since having to find my own after high school.

by A Google User On 28 October 2008

I went here for a simple cleaning and two cavities. The whole thing ended up costing me over $200 out of pocket with insurance. Why? Because none of the procedures they did (from xrays to the fillings) were covered by my insurance. I know many people would point to the insurance not the dentist, but I have never had issues before. Also, it honestly felt that they were specifically doing procedures that were not covered so that they would not be adjusted to a maximum allowable charge. What a scam!! A dentist should be much more aware of the insurance a customer has and ask them specifically if they want certain treatments - not just performing them. Also, my cavities do not feel right at all. I am never going back and would advise others the same.

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