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Dr. Amandeep Kang, DDS

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by Miguel Avila On 28 September 2015

At first I was scared of getting braces put on because of all the stories I've heard about them, but the staff at Complete Dental Care made my experience with braces super comfortable. There staff is extremely kind and they take the care of your teeth very seriously.Complete Dental Care is 100% dedicated to the success of their patient's procedure and will do everything in there power to guarantee the best results on your orthodontic needs. I would definitely recommend this place for all of those who plan to get braces in the future.

by Ashley Avila On 21 September 2015

The staff is really friendly. I like how my teeth turned out to be, they look way better that before. They did a great job.

by Bianca A. Perez On 16 September 2015

My 7yr old was referred here by our regular dentist because my son had difficulty relaxing when he tried to do his procedure. I called the dentist office and set an appointment for October 6th since that was the earliest they said he could be seen. I received a call yesterday from the Dr. Rosen asking if I could bring my son in around noon time. I of course jumped on the opportunity to get it out of the way sooner. So we come in a bit earlier since its our first time. I fill out the "paperwork". They were laminated forms and I was asked to fill them out with a dry erase marker. (Thought that was weird. ) We get called back and they did X-ray's on his teeth. Dr. Rosen explained that the 2 teeth that were supposed to receive baby root canals need to come out and that she will clean out his other tooth and crown it. Then tells us she needs us to come back later because she won't have time to finish his procedure before her assistant needs to leave. What???! I'm like why ask us to come in early and ask us to come back again later?! Annoyed we left. My son left his stuff animal at home and was asking if we could go get it for him so I didn't make a big deal out of it. We come back and I walk back with my son and Dr Rosen told me to leave the room during the procedure. She doesn't allow parents to sit in the room. I made like I left and hid behind the curtain so my son wouldn't act out and I could make sure he was OK. When he finished pulling his teeth she immediately sat him up. He of course was upset and crying because he was in severe pain and was bleeding profusely. No follow up instructions or anything. I had to ask all the questions. She had a panicked look on her face when she saw how much he was bleeding. My son had blood on his shirt his arm and all over his hand. I had to ask her to give me a bib for him. Oh and she finished his procedure in 20 minutes...... Not sure why we had to come back. There was more than enough time for her to finish everything the first time around. Horrible experience. My poor son was so upset and she was very insensitive towards me and my son. I can't get back to my regular dentist fast enough to let him know how horrible our experience was. I would never recommend this place to anyone especially for children. If your child is scared of the dentist there's no doubt that they probably be traumatized after a visit here.

by Mohit Shahu On 17 August 2015

I would highly recommend Dr Wiseman for braces. I love the staff and I was treated very good. This staff is very friendly and I love my smile! Thank you to Dr Wiseman, Mike and all of the staff at complete dental care.

by Giselle Martinez On 17 August 2015

I highly recommend going here, they took great of care of me for my braces and do it quickly too! My smile looks great!!!

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