Dr. Steven Fishman, DDS

Dr. Steven Fishman, DDS

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737 N Michigan Ave Ste 2110,
Chicago, IL 60611
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Verified Patient Reviews

by Francis Baumgart On 1 April 2017

Best dentist in the city! I look even better than when I was younger and I owe part of it to Dr. Steve. Fran Baumgart.

by Anthony Bowker On 20 March 2017

Steven Fishman has cared for my teeth for twenty seven years. His staff have always been welcoming, personable, and concerned for my comfort, and I've always felt that my teeth receive the benefit of the latest in dental-care technology, as well as Dr. Fishman's superlative skills. I'm hopeful that he will practice for twenty seven more years so I will never need to find a successor.

by R S On 19 March 2017

Dr. Fishman has been my dentist for over 30 years! I started going to him when I was in my teens, continuing to this day, and I am grateful to have such an awesome dentist. Visiting his office has always been a positive and pleasant experience. Dr. Fishman and his staff are friendly, professional and will do whatever they can to help. They are also very patient, answering all my questions regarding procedures and costs whether I’m there for a routine cleaning or other procedure. Dr. Fishman has a great “chair-side” manner; his genuine concern and gentle wit make me feel at ease no matter what’s going on with my teeth. He is very knowledgeable, with years of experience in his field, and as a patient I have complete confidence in his process. If I have any concerns, he will follow up with me after my appointment to check on the results and if I have an issue he will make time to see me. I know part of having healthy teeth is genetic, as well as brushing and flossing regularly, but I can honestly say I have never had any major dental issues and I attribute it to the superb ongoing preventative care I’ve received from Dr. Fishman and his dedicated staff over all these years!

by John Smith On 1 March 2017

Trips to Dr. Fishman's office are as comfortable as a trip to the dentist can be. The waiting room is outfitted with an oversized plush chair, which you can sit in while you sip your complimentary coffee and snacks. He must have civil clientele since the chair is still in good shape. I had a full set of crowns done by Dr. Fishman. Dr. Fishman speaks of the science behind the crown process, talking of ratios of canines to bicuspids. But on having him to work on my teeth, I believe he is more of an artist than a scientist. His satisfaction is based on the excellence of your aesthetic and functional smile. If your are just stopping in for a cleaning, you are also in for a top notch job. Stephanie is the sole hygienist, and she does a great. She seems to have a passion for cleaning teeth. She takes her time on the cleaning so that you leave with smooth, shiny, perfect teeth

by A Google User On 19 March 2012

Steve and staff are as good as dentistry gets. I even actually (sort of) look forward to my visits! Steve has saved my teeth, my bite, and has great music too...what more can a guy ask for? Seriously, go to Fishman now. His staff is great and he is great.

by Tom Napper On 19 March 2012

I recommend Dr. Fishman to everyone I know. His gentlemanly approach to dentistry trickles down to his outstanding staff. The main reasons I recommend Dr. Fishman are for his kindness chairside and his fantastic work. It is truly amazing. I have the most amazing dental work I have ever seen in my mouth. People think I have great teeth. Little do they know that what I really have is a great dentist. I have been under the kind and gentle eye of Dr. Fishman for the past 27 years.

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