Dr. Benjamin Fiss, DDS

Dr. Benjamin Fiss, DDS

General Dentistry in Chicago, IL

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919 N Michigan Ave,
Chicago, IL 60611
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9.6 out of 10

Verified Patient Reviews

by CW On 22 December 2016

I can honestly say Dr. Fiss cares about his patients and what's best for their overall health. He's reviewed with me many times the best options to approach my dental needs. His wife is also a wonderful, sweet presence in the office.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

I love this man, best in the world, I would know I've been every where like Dallas.. Great bed side manner and no he didn't even come to my bed to give that manner. I trust no one else to be in my mouth just ask my wife, go to Dr Fiss you won't regret it

by Andrea Lee On 24 September 2015

What's incredibly special about Dr. Fiss' practice is that he has cultivated a strong family among his team. This is evident from the real relationships that are on display through joking, prodding, spats, care, and the long tenures that his staff hold. This translates to exceptional care for the patient and a welcome space to return to, even for the sometimes-unpleasant act of going to the dentist.

by Johnathan Williams On 16 September 2015

I came to Dr. Fiss through a referral from my previous dentist after moving back to Chicago. I really liked my previous dentist so the bar was set high. Dr Fiss and his staff are a perfect mix of friendly and professional. Cleanings are high quality and pleasant. Recently, I decided to have my old veneers replaced. This was a big decision, but after 2 years with Dr Fiss, I knew I was in great hands! His professional experience, guidance and attention to detail provided a huge level of confidence in this investment. After the entire process has been completed, I still cannot stop smiling. I feel more confident in my profession and I am personally thrilled.

by Connie Clancey On 14 September 2015

I have been a patient of Dr Fiss for a few years now. He and the rest of the staff are very professional, and truly the very best at what they do. I couldn't be happier with the care I have received and the attention to detail. I am always nervous when I go in for appointments, but the staff and Dr Fiss quickly put me at ease and talk me through each step so that I feel comfortable. I am sure that he will be my dentist for many years to come.

by Robert Frye On 9 August 2015

It's the most pleasant experience my wife and I have ever had in a dentist's office. Dr. Fiss doesn't only care about the appearance and the cosmetic aspect of dentistry, even though it's critical to him. He really cares about the overall health and will insist upon referring you for a procedure if it's critical for your gum health. My wife and I have lived and had dentist work done in 3 countries and really think Dr. Fiss is the best dentist. His advice is the best available...anywhere....His work is phenomenal (and we've had major reconstructive and cosmetic work done by him). In a country where so much importance is placed on teeth, he stands alone.

by Clayton Gardner On 17 June 2015

My parents, brother, sister, and other relatives and friends have been patients of Dr. Fiss for basically our entire lives. I have been coming to him for my entire life, for everything from standard teeth cleaning to dental caps/crowns for trauma I had experienced in my front teeth (the most visible and delicate teeth to fix!)...and Dr. Fiss and his staff have executed perfectly on every front. My teeth literally look perfect, as though I have never had or needed any dental work in the first place! Dr. Fiss, his secretary, dental technicians, and all other staff members are 100% focused on the patient and are totally transparent and upfront about everything, from procedure costs to expected duration of treatment plans, what to expect every step of the way, etc. He literally treats his patients as he would if he were operating on his children...that's how you know you're in great hands! Best dentist in the country, in my view -- and every other patient I know of his would agree.

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