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Dr. Benjamin Fiss, DDS

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9.7 out of 10

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Dental School - Northwestern University



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by Kathleen Wheeler On 8 October 2017

Dr. Fiss and his team are fantastic. They make going to the dentist a great experience. All of the hygienists are fantastic, gentle and thorough. Dr. Fiss listens to his patients and always has a cheerful disposition. He is the best dentist in Chicago.

by Stephanie Ernst On 30 September 2017

Dr. Fiss did my veneers. They are perfect and beautiful. He made me feel comfortable and his work is impeccable. Dr. Fiss is incredibly nice and very funny to boot. I now look forward to getting my teeth cleaned. I highly recommend going to Dr. Fiss for veneers.

by Kyle Siemers On 20 September 2017

I was recommended to this practice from a family member and immediately recognized that Dr. Fiss and his team are truly exceptional. First, the positivity, expertise, and professionalism is astounding. The administrative team is extremely diligent about reminding patients of upcoming appointments and maintaining a consistent (but very flexible) 6 month check-up cadence. Furthermore, Dr. Fiss's practice shows remarkable competence in handling all insurance related activities - which is a breath of fresh air to know you are in good hands. Jodi specifically makes sure none of her patients ever have to deal with insurance related headaches. Overall, this dental practice met all expectations upon my first visit and has continued to exceed those expectations with each subsequent visit. I will continue to go see Dr. Fiss and the rest of the team for as long as I am in Illinois (and maybe even further!)

by Maureen Garanzini On 25 August 2017

Dr. Fiss and his team go above and beyond every time I am there. I care very much about my dental health and know how hard it is to find a great and completely trustworthy doctor. I'm thankful for finding them as they go above and beyond each time I visit!

by Jen On 2 July 2017

If you want a highly-skilled, caring, attentive dentist call Dr. Fiss. He sees what you need, listens to what you want and gets the job done, beautifully and efficiently. The hygienists are exceptional. I actually look forward to having my teeth cleaned. And the office staff, especially Jodi, have done an amazing job creating a warm and welcoming environment. At Dr. Fiss' practice the entire team is committed to providing you with the best dental care experience possible. I highly recommend him.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

Dr. Fiss will not admit a mistake. He is sarcastic and will say something looks great when it obviously doesn't. My last dealings with him were very disappointing. I will not be returning.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

Too little details on reasons for specific treatment and pricing.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016


by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

My hygienist, Kylie, was amazing! Very kind, thorough and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. My interaction with Dr. Fiss was brief. He was very direct (semi-harsh) about the state of my teeth and recommended that I return next week without context. After I told the hygienist that my interaction with him made me more uneasy, he came back and let me know it's for a consultation for cosmetic work and a nightguard. No one has ever made me feel like I needed cosmetic work to my teeth done before, and he went straight to veneers, which is one of his specialties. I'm going back next week to meet with him one-on-one; perhaps I will have a better experience at that time. One other thing that seems to happen at every dentist I go to, but I'm still hoping to be pleasantly surprised some day, is that he was terse with his staff. The experience wasn't bad enough to turn me away, but it wasn't as positive as it could have been.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

I travelled from Miami FL just to see Dr Fiss and have a follow up trip to complete work with him, specifically for this purpose only. His knowledge and expertise is unmatched. I have tried other dentist only to be disappointed by their less than adequate service when compared to Dr Fiss. I will only trust him to perform my dental work. You can trust that Dr Fiss will give you honest recommendations and the highest level of service possible. I hope he never retires!

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

Excellent and informative

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

Maybe his a good doctor but scolding your patients because they have too many issues with their teeth is not good. The reason why patients went to the dentist is because they wanted to take care of their teeth with your help but, maybe it's his style.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016


by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

Don't let my wait time fool you. I showed up early so I could turn in new patient information. His staff is awesome! I highly recommend!

by Cory L. On 22 December 2016

Everyone in the office was exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. I never thought going to the dentist would be a positive experience, but these guys really have their act together. I will definitely be back.

by Sean C. On 5 April 2016

Very nice guy that know his line of work.

by Anonymous On 23 February 2016

Best dentist in Chicago!

by Marc S. On 23 February 2016


by Kristina B. On 5 February 2016

Dr. Fiss was excellent! He took his time to address all of my dental and emotional concerns related to my dental issues. To top that off his staff was also excellent and courteous. Definitely the best dentist I've ever been to.

by Patrick H. On 19 January 2016

Scheduled a new patient visit with Dr. Fiss for a Tuesday morning. I didn't realize that the new patient visit with ZocDoc only schedules a consultation so if you want to get a cleaning on your first visit as well consider writing that in a comment or giving them a call. Thankfully the person before me was a no show so they offered to do the cleaning then. Also, don't bother filling out the zocdoc online check-in forms because they can't import from that system. Instead print the forms off of their website under the new patient section if you don't want to fill them all out before your visit. For the actual exam, the dental hygienist was great and thorough, and I really appreciated that they didn't try to sell me any procedure or product, but they did suggest a few things I might want to consider down the road. Dr. Fiss was very friendly and enthusiastic, especially about patient education (he wanted to show me the effects he saw on my teeth of brushing too hard as well as some light grinding probably at night), and suggest a range of future options including low cost alternatives.

by Cheshi P. On 9 January 2016


by Brittany K. On 29 December 2015

He's amazing !

by Suvankar B. On 31 October 2015

I must say Dr Fiss and his staff were great .. They detailed me about the dental care and my problems with my teeth . It was really a great experience today and will strongly recommend others to visit Dr Fiss for any dental treatments .

by Young K. On 1 July 2015

He is indeed the best Dentist I've ever seen in Chicago. I have a needle phobia so getting a local anesthesia always has been a big fear/terror for me but Dr. Fiss and all of his staff took good care of this so I didnt even feel the needle was coming in. If you have dentist phobia...I highly recommend getting the nitrous gas before... I also took it and it was super helpful.

by Tiara P. On 18 June 2015

The entire staff is very friendly. The office is so clean and gorgeous. The view definitely helped with the pain coming from my teeth. Can't wait to go back again.

by Anonymous On 17 September 2014

Dr. Fiss is very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended!

by Jeanne H. On 25 July 2014

He tried to accommodate patient about their problems in professional manner. Very friendly and welcoming as well.

by Nicole S. On 3 May 2014

The staff was very helpful and friendly. Dr. Fiss was very motivated, informative, and had a pleasant demeanor. Thank you for such a wonderful visit.

by Michael S. On 9 April 2014

He is very concerned about his patients and has even called my home for a follow-up. The most professional and skilled physician with whom I have been treated. HIGHLY recommended. I am even having my mother in law transfer to Dr. Fiss.

by Chip G. On 4 January 2014

Fantastic. Start to finish Dr. Fiss is the best. I highly recommend him!

by Anonymous On 6 July 2013

The office atmosphere is nice but not pretentious in an impressive Michigan Ave. Office. The staff are professional and friendly. Jody who runs the front desk and office is a phenomenon. Dr Fiss corrected a completely wrong diagnosis of fractured molars to worn out composite fillings with xrays. I was shown how whitening and tartar controlling toothpastes have eroded my enamel, and am thrilled about getting the four new veneers I had planned with my orthodontist after the completion of my orthodontics bit had not found the artist in cosmetic dentistry I trusted until I went obto this office. I am very protective of my mouth and an overjoyed with finding Dr.Fiss.

by Anonymous On 24 May 2013

Great consultation and first appt. The evaluation was very thorough and I left the appt with the materials that I needed to help decide on a procedure.

by Erika H. On 4 August 2012

Dr Fiss and staff are exceptional!

by Anonymous On 8 May 2012

Dr. Fiss and his staff are always very helpful. Everyone at the office is friendly and professional and they make you feel very comfortable from booking appointments, the visit itself, to planning for any follow up / subsequent visits.

by Keri C. On 6 March 2012

great check up

by Susan M. On 1 February 2012

I have a terrible fear of dentists and I wasn't looking forward to meeting Dr Fiss either. I was absolutely impressed with his patience, understanding and good sense of humor. His clinical skills are also quite remarkable. His entire office staff is also one of the most friendly and accommodating staff that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I will be a regular patient of Dr Fiss' for many years!!

by Anonymous On 13 August 2011

Great dentist, highly recommended.

by Gina P. On 17 June 2011

The most professionally run practice of all the healthcare that I have had... including the kind and courtesous staff, techniques used, latest technology, sterile procedures throughout, and incredible efficiency..and made my on-line appt on my phone while sitting in a meeting.

by Anonymous On 31 March 2011

Everyone at Dr. Fiss's office was extremely helpful and attentive. It had been over a year since I last visited a dentist and my exam, cleaning, and scheduled follow-up were all taken care of. I had expected a bit of "sales pressure" towards cosmetic dentistry given the Michigan Avenue location, and pleasantly, didn't get any. (Although, it's also clear Dr. Fiss's office would provide great cosmetic dentistry if that's what you're looking for.) I highly recommend Dr. Fiss and am happy to have found a new dentist.

by Kathleen D. On 11 September 2010

Wonderful visit - truly an office and Dentist that is willing to talk to his patients. Tracy and office staff very pleasant.

by Rebecca C. On 7 August 2010

I'm sure he's a good doc but when I was a kid I had like 4 "cavities" filled before my mom decided to get a second opinion. second opinion said the new "cavity" that dentist wanted to fill was in fact not a cavity at all and probably the other 4 weren't either, but since they were already filled there was no way to know.. So. I've been seeing the same dentist for like 10 years until I moved to Chicago. The old dentist filled one cavity, capped a cracked tooth and cleaned my teeth twice a year. A month after my last visit to him, this dentist in chicago (who I went to because the cap came off and all i wanted was to have it put back) promptly lists a slew of expensive dentistry problems I have. If he hadn't done this, I'd def. go back (he has sat. appointments and LOTS of available time slots), but I don't trust him, simply because he's a dentist probably, and I didn't like his defensive nature. That said, I'm def. biased already against dentists. I'm sure he's good and you should take my review with a grain. And always get second opinions before someone drills into your teeth.

by Michael S. On 4 August 2010

Have had some difficult experiences in the past and needed a lot of help, Dr. Fiss effortlessly put me at ease and relieved my anxiety. Can't imagine going anywhere else.

by Anonymous On 3 August 2010

I changed dentist about 8 months ago to Dr. Fiss upon recommendation from a freind. The office was very bright, and state of the art with all the latest dental options and equipment. The staff was helpful,upbeat and informative. Dr.Fiss was like a breath of fresh air, approachable, profesesional-and first and foremost listening to the needs of his patient, asking questions and informing me in understandable terms what I needed. I can't recommend this practice enough-the staff-Dr.Fiss-definitely a first class operation-I wish I would have always had this dentist. A+. Don't let my experience be the only guidepost, the office is riddled with awards, and accolades. Top notch!! DL

by Clifford S. On 31 July 2010

Always a great experience. The staff is great and Dr. Fiss is always very upbeat, positve and cheerful. He's always available and I had a friend who had a late night emergency and he opened up the office and treated him.

by Alexander D. On 24 July 2010

Great. Very friendly, quick and easy. the Zocdoc appointment dealy was great too - got in to see him the next morning.

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