Dr. Farideh Daftary, DDS

Dr. Farideh Daftary, DDS

General Dentistry in Chicago, IL

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1339 S Michigan Ave,
Chicago, IL 60605
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Verified Patient Reviews

by Whitney R. On 22 December 2016

My teeth were in bad shape when I first found Art Of Modern Dentistry. I had chipped my teeth 5 years ago and also had small fillers and then they just kept...

by Molly R. On 22 December 2016

Hadn't been to the dentist in a long time and they made me feel so welcome and were so flexible with payment options. Very accommodating and so incredibly...

by Steve H. On 22 December 2016

I've been putting off getting some work done, largely because I was going to a dentist I didn't trust. A friend put me onto this place (though she goes to...

by Shym J. On 22 December 2016

I'm very surprised to see such poor reviews for a place as friendly and knowledgable as Dr. Daftary's office. I think most of these people's issues could be...

by Alex W. On 22 December 2016

I love Dr. Daftary and her staff. They are friendly, always flexible and patient with payments. Sandra always helps so much with scheduling appointments as...

by Matt Knolhoff On 23 February 2015

I just started going to Art of modern dentistry this year and I'm super happy with the level of dental care they have provided me. I came in for a wisdom tooth extraction that literally took 15 minutes. No pain at all and I was in and out, just how I like it! The staff is friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Farideh and Art Of Modern Dentistry!!

by Viviana Ostberg On 23 February 2015

Dr Daftary makes you feel comfortable and assured that your dental work is done the right way. She gives you many options so you can make an educated decision about the health of your teeth. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a new dentist to go and see Dr. Daftary.

by Margaux Grason On 12 January 2013

I had a wonderful experience at this dental office. I was seen by Dr.Grason and she was very gentle and explained everything she was doing in detail, which is very important to me. I read the other reviews and did not feel that I was being up selled AT ALL. Everything that was recommended she showed me an actual PICTURE! You cant argue with that. The hygienist was amazing as well. I would recommend this office and Dr.Grason highly!!!!

by Ned Record On 2 January 2013

On my last visit, the dentist decided that my previous dentist had done a poor job with a filling, and that she would drill it out and put a new one in. Well all of a sudden she had removed too much tooth and I needed a cap put in. She insisted I use gold because, although it cost a lot more, it would last me a lot longer. she took the impression and then put a ball of wax in the hole she drilled and said the gold would be ready in 2 weeks...this was 1 week before thanksgiving. She just said "oops, sorry...didn't think about that". Now, 3 years later, the gold filling fell out while I was sleeping (we assume) and is no where to be found. More than likely I swallowed it without noticing, and therefore literally flushed $500 down the drain. Plus now I have to pay to have the filling replaced. You can bet I will not be getting a gold one, nor will I be returning to Art of Modern Dentistry.

by A Google User On 29 May 2012

I give Lori Gross very high ratings for helping me save my teeth. The facility is beautiful with a 5 star atmosphere!

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