Dr. Tina Shroff, DDS

Dr. Tina Shroff, DDS

General Dentistry in Dolton, IL

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1021 E Sibley Blvd,
Dolton, IL 60419
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Verified Patient Reviews

by Chandra Corker On 15 September 2017

I have to admit that I saw the reviews left by some and was leary on going to this office. However I wanted something near me and prayed for the best. Dr. Tina is very knowledgeable and really does care about her patients. I have had some pretty bad dental care in the past and came to her with a lot of dental problems and emotional baggage. She's direct and tells you the truth but also presents a solution to your problem(s). Dr. Tina is adamant about patient education; she may appear to be a fuss box but its really because she cares. I Iike her and look forward to receiving quality dental care from her. Thanks Dr. Tina!

by Melita Travis-Dixon On 25 August 2017

I found this dentist based off of the reviews from other patients because I was in a lot of pain and was looking for a dentist that was gentle and able to work within my budget. Also I hadn't been to a dentist in a very long time and was nervous about coming. I was able to be seen right away and I was made very comfortable upon entering the door. The next visit I brought my daughter and she really felt relaxed talking to the dentist about her dental needs. I highly recommend Dr. Shroff for your dental care. She is very compassionate about what she does.

by Timothy Booker On 17 June 2017

I've been a patient of Dr. Schroff's for at least fifteen years and I'm very satisfied with her services and performance. Sure, in the dentistry business things can sometimes become hectic and appointment times can be delayed or necessarily rescheduled, and sometimes unfortunately miscommunications will occur. But in my years as a patient of Tina's, I've been treated very professionally and she has always gone the extra mile for my care. In short, l would say she's got excellent dental skills.

by Michael Ballard On 19 May 2017

Was a little nervous about going to the dentist but dr.tina made my visit very pleasant and was very professional. Thank you dr.tina

by Charmaigne Smith On 2 February 2017

My daughter had a very pleasant experience today at the dentist office. She was supposed to have only two wisdom teeth extracted. She was very nervous because she believed that the doctor would be rough with her. However, the surgery went so well that she came out to tell me that the surgery was easy and if the doctor could go ahead and take out the other two wisdom teeth.

by Harold R. Harris, SR On 22 December 2016

Dr. Shroff was very professional and courteous. She explained everything. I feel she did not try to overcharge me. It was a pleasant experience, well as good as it could be getting dental work. I would recommend her definitely.

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