Dr. Steven Shandley, DDS

Dr. Steven Shandley, DDS

General Dentistry in South Barrington, IL

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33 W Higgins Rd Ste 800,
south barrington, IL 60010
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Verified Patient Reviews

by Emma On 22 December 2016

He is the most awesome Dentist! I am so pleased to be a patient, and I am sorry that I did not know of Dr. Shandley during my time here in Schaumburg. I had my first root canal, and it was a pleasant experience. I will recommend him and his staff to anyone. He shows compassion. Had I treated with him prior, I would not have encountered the past dental issues. Thank you again, Dr. Shandley and staff.

by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

Beautifully clean teeth!

by SSSR On 7 October 2016

Extremely gently with dental fillings. I did not even feel a thing when he injected the anastasia and I dint have to take ibuprofen that night for soreness as there was very minimal pain/soreness. He does dentistry like an artist. He made sure the bite was right before I left, so I did not have to visit him again to adjust my bite, which I have had to do quiet a few times with my previous dentists. Explains things very well.

by Ernesto Vaughn On 24 September 2015

He is the finest dentist in America! He has shown my wife such kindness, he gentle with us and is amazing, he cares.

by Courtney Sikes On 22 June 2015

My neighbor went here and recommended them to me. I could not imagine going anywhere else. I have told many people to go here and they have also become patients. Dr. Shandley is the nicest guy.

by Sue M On 15 May 2015

Dr. Shandley makes you feel like you can really go to them and ask for help with anything. Usually people are intimated by doctors and they're so busy and have such little time, understandably. But I don't feel that way with Dr. Shandley at all. He's wonderful.

by A. Ballard On 23 February 2015

The office is very well run and very efficient. I'm very impressed with them and how Steve runs his office. He has genuine concern and caring for his patients.

by G Adams On 2 February 2015

I've been going to Dr. Shandley for so many years. He is wonderful and so is Liz, who does my cleanings. Everyone there is fantastic. The office is also beautiful and perfectly clean.

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