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Dr. Richard Petrilli, DMD

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9.8 out of 10

Verified Patient Reviews

by Chris Reynolds On 7 October 2017

Had to go in for a Root canal. They Had me in within a week of my inicial call. The office was more like a Spa Visit , than going to the dentist. Staff is kind and gentle On the gums. Defintely will be going back for many years to come .

by Madi Thomas On 31 August 2017

The best dentist and staff ! Wouldn't go anywhere else.

by Ricardo Miro On 11 August 2017

Don't leave Apopka. Thanks for your services for the last 10 years, and your professionalism, staff and your location.

by Debbie Stone On 2 March 2017

Can't actually say I love going to the dentist..lol but I do look forward to getting my teeth cleaned and do not fear going to the dentist anymore! Best staff hands down Darren and Abby are awesome!!

by Melly Mel On 13 October 2016

Love the staff and experience. I would recommend to anyone!

by Sabrina Wesa On 18 May 2016

What an amazing time I had today getting my teeth cleaned by Darren. He made me laugh so much. He was incredibly fun, professional, and very knowledgeable as to what is best for me and my teeth. Today is my birthday and he even sang happy birthday to me and gave me a Yankee candle to blow out. It was a very nice personal touch along with incredible professional attention. He deserves a huge raise & bonus! Thanks Sabrina

by Mary Bedford On 16 October 2015

Great experience from the moment you walk in the door to walking out. Dr. and staff are very skilled and organized.

by Sally Brubaker On 15 October 2015

Dr Petrilli has been my dentist for about 8 years. He has filled teeth, done root canals, replaced many OLD caps and gave me a great new smile in the process. He is caring, kind and very good at what he does. I have had lousy teeth my whole life and I've seen some very good dentists. Dr Petrilli is the very best and all of the work he has done on me has been virtually pain free. His office apparently follows his lead because they are good at what they do. The front desk, Abby, keeps everything under control and does all she can do to make a visit to the dentist a pleasure and she does it with a smile. If I was asked to rate Dr Petrilli's office on a scale of 1-10 they'd get a 20 from me.

by Clinton Acosta On 13 October 2015

Dr Darren explain everything you need to know. Good atmosphere from the receptionist to the doctor. Feels welcomed. A+.

by Edna Gomez Betty Rivera On 31 August 2015

Excelent dentist !! I recommend him to everyone. Great customer service and a very cozy office.

by Marie Rofhok On 21 August 2015

Dental health is priceless. Dr. Petrilli and his staff live up to their mission statement: " Providing Extraordinary Care For Extraordinary Patients". You feel special from the minute you walk in into their office and under their care. I recently moved to Orlando and tried another dentist but was totally unhappy with the conditions of the office and staff. Dr. Petrilli was highly recommended by a family member and I had to travel to be under his care. Well worth the travel. Dr. Petrilli's very knowledgeable, caring, and professional, as is his staff. Bravo, Dr. Petrilli! you're a winner in my eyes.

by Mike Lee On 20 August 2015

Had a broken tooth prepared for a crown so I now have a temporary crown until the permanent one is made. That was yesterday and today my mouth feels completely normal even with the temporary crown. Great job Dr. Petrilli and staff.

by Alma Spence On 28 May 2015

Awesome team! Dr. Petrilli and his team demonstrate top notch customer service!

by Jimisue Langen On 6 May 2015

Love love love this dentist. Very honest and matter of fact. I'm new to the area and went to him for a second opinion, all I can say if he ever leaves the area I will follow.

by Donna Darby On 17 April 2015

I found Dr. Petrill's dental practice to be very relaxing, professional and not at all like going to the typical dentist. He has all the state of the art technology used in dentistry, he's very knowledgeable and courteous and I loved the decor and lightening. Dr. Petrilli is a top notch dentist who cares about his patient's and you will not be disappointed.

by Monty Murdoch On 3 April 2015

If you are looking for a dentist for adults, I would recommend him. I do not think he does kids.

by Carolyn Seagraves On 15 November 2013

I had my first visit yesterday, and it was a pleasant experience. Everyone was very nice and professional!

by Allysa Gornall On 23 July 2013

I have been dentist phobic for years. I am so happy I came into your office. I am actually excited about the coming in for my visits! Thanks to everyone in the office for being patient and delivering terrific care.

by Amy Pitts On 13 July 2013

I always feel comfortable when I'm with Dr.Petrilli and his staff. Since I'm a wimp when it comes to needles, Dr.Petrilli takes his time sneaking it in. I always feel at ease. Best dentist in my life!

by Jennifer Goodman Sternett On 20 February 2013

I really had a wonderful experience at your office today! I am so thankful. :))))

by Gabrielle Wilson On 17 October 2012

A phenominal dentist who is exacting and proides superior service. I am grateful to be fortunate enough to be a patient. Dr. Petrilli and staff are genuine and caring.

by Cyndie Chase On 30 October 2011

The best Dentist and Staff! I highly recommend Dr. Pettrilli to all my friends.

by Esther V.

I really appreciate the individual quality attention and service. Also, there is no or little wait time beyond the appointment time.

by Janet G.

After three years of suffering, finally went to see Dr. Petrilli. Within seconds I had a diagnosis, his staff arranged my surgery, had all my appointments made and the pain is gone . His patience is outstanding !!! I have had to have several adjustments to my bridge and on every occasion, he has been so kind and never makes me feel like my issue is not important! Dr. Petrilli and his entire staff rock ! If you are not happy with your current dentist... You need to meet Dr. Petrilli !!!

by Joanne H

The office staff is wonderful. Very helpful and considerate. Dr. Petrilli is absolutely the best dentist I have ever gone to. I would recommend Dr. Petrilli very highly. Fast quality work.

by Joe L.

Had my regular check up and cleaning this past week. Excellent visit as always. Bernie did a great job.

by Jeff P.

My first visit to this practice. You become aware that there might be something different when you first walk in. The lighting is low and soothing, the chairs and couch are comfortable. The waiting room is small but you soon realize why, I wasn't in there very long. When you go to the back you notice that everything is neat and clean. It even smells clean. The decor is a cross between an Italian restaurant and a spa. Nice lighting, wall murals a waterfall on the wall and televisions in every room (I'm not a fan of the Today show however :) ) I was greeted by everyone in the place practically and seated very quickly in the dental chair by the hygenist Bernie. She is a very nice lady and spent quite a bit of time explaining what she was doing and why. After we got through with the procedures, I never had digital X-rays before, I met Dr Petrilli. He reviewed what had been done during the exam and told me what needed to be done to repair my issues. Very professional young man. After seeing him I was taken to the desk and waited awhile for them to do some paperwork for me. The young lady, Bekah, reviewed with me the options that I had, what the costs would be and what needed to be done first. They do use referrals to various other Dentists for specialty work but they seem to maintain control over the whole process, even making the appointments for you. This was my first visit as I said but if the rest of the experience is as pleasant as this, I have found a great Dental office.

by Donna D

Awesome!! Wish I lived in Florida to relax at my favorite dentist's office on a regular basis!!

by Cyndi M.

Perfect. Got me in and took care of everything in a few minutes. No more pain. Awesome! Thank you!

by Celeste P.

I was very satisfied, didn't have to wait, everyone is very polite,friendly,and smiles on their faces.

by Dennis M

Very impressive personal service...I've had a lot of dental work over the years and Dr. Petrilli is one of the very best I've encountered.

by Jeanne D.

I've had crown work many times and they were always drawn out and very weary for me. But once the temp. crown was taken off and the new permanent one positioned it only took a few minor adjustments and Dr. P. was finished. I had never gotten out of a crown apt. so fast and I wasn't tired out from the sitting and adjusting. The 2 office girls said to me as I came into the front office, You're all paid and free to go. Never had that fast service before, either and it was just great. Everything I have done in this office is fast and courteous and before I know it I'm out the door. Never feel the injection before Dr. P. starts his work and he is so kind when he talks to you.

by Hilda H.

I had to change a bridge today...Dr. Petrilli was very professional, gentle and fast. I did not have to spend hours to do this procedure. I received excellent service from every one who took care of me. I am thankful to every one and especially Dr. Petrilli.

by Ian R

Over the years, and I'm not anywhere near 'young' anymore, I've had quite a few dentists. Having lived in multiple states I can say that Petrelli's is by far the best experience and work I've ever had. First class from start to finish. Even when extremely held up due to traffic I was able to call and they moved me back without issues and I was seen promptly when I arrived. Try them, you wont be disappointed.

by Danielle W.

Came in really nervous because trips to the dentist make me nervous. From the front desk to the back rooms and even the doctors everyone was incredibly kind and supportive. They would let me know ahead of time what was happening next and what i could expect. Very thoughtful and helpful service

by Jeanne D.

I was more than satisfied with the treatment I got this week. The new crown fit so good after just a few adjustments and Dr. P. is so kind and speaks so nicely to his patients. I am thrilled that we are going to do the porcelain crowns starting on April 19 as I've wanted this for a long time. It feels good to be taking care of myself after being a caretaker for so many years. When my grandchildren were small they got the best care from me, then my parents needed help as they got older and eventually passed so now it's wonderful to be my time. Thanks for the great girls in your front office that I already like so much. Sincerely, Jeanne

by Anonymous

Dr. Petrilli and staff actually make it enjoyable to practice regular dental check-ups. The professionalism of the Doctor throughout the staff and front office folks (especially Abby) make insurance claims a snap to deal with. Dental work is done right the first time

by Betsy L.

Called first thing Monday morning with a toothache and was able to snag an 11:30 a.m. appointment. Staff was exceptional and informative. Felt very at ease. Thank you from a member of the "I'm afraid of the Dentist" group.

by Kelli M.

Friendly staff. Excellent service.

by Brad M

Please see Dr. Richard Petrilli for your dental needs. He is the best. I have been to Dentists in Canada, Hawaii, Illinois, Germany, California, New Mexico, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Dr. Petrilli and his staff are the most outstanding I have observed in my over 55 years of memory of dental work and maintenance. You owe it to yourself. You can tell when people like their work and work together as a team. That is what you get when you walk into their office. Where else would you rather be?

by Cyndi M.

Well there is no doubt why your office is rated number one in Apopka. It should be in the USA! First, the attention I received on each tooth was amazing. Never has a dental office coded each tooth. I didn't even know that was done. Second, the technique of cleaning the teeth and the learning experience you get from Darren on how to brush why to floss was amazing. I never thought of white blood cells needed to better your health immune system by flossing. Third, Darren, the staff and Dr Petrilli were so nice. My appointment time was kept. And the office is beautuful! Everything was 1st class. How they explained everything with x rays, and going over costs. Wonderful experience. I already recommend a family of 6 and a few couples to your office. Thank you. Cyndi Morrill

by Margaret C.

Courteous staff.Dr.Petrili examined and adjusted my piece very proffessionly.Highly recommendable.

by Donald W

Although this visit was for a simi-annual cleaning, I had a minor problem with a molar that Dr Perilling took care of while I was there.

by Shirley C S.

Your practice provides the best overall service! As always Bernie does great work. Overall, I feel my dental maintenance needs are always handled well and I value the high quality work that your practice provides. ///Shirley Smoak

by Penni H.

Darren cleans my teeth every 6 months and he knows my fears. He takes him time and listens to my concerns. He tries to be as gently as possible and I can honestly say I no longer have the same fear of visiting the dentist.

by Charles K

One of the best dentist offices I have gone to.. inviting, calm surroundings, love the TVs in each room, but most of all, Dr. Petrilli is a kind and understanding dentist who obviously knows his job. I am in the middle of having a crown done on one of my teeth and it is absolutely painless. I don't know why I was nervous when I first went in. He is the best dentist I have gone to... A+ I also have to mention his hygienists and office staff, as they are "top notch", too.

by BOB J.

Everything smooth and on time. Hygenist very considerate of my comfort.

by David Z.

This is work that i have been putting off since moving. The staff was very friendly and this was a pain free event. Everyone was courteous and made sure I knew what was going on during each step.

by Anonymous

I am appreciating Dr Petrilli more and more each time I get work done. He uses such care with all the work he does.

by Patrick R.

I especially like that the appointments are always done on time. Other doctors always make you wait well beyond the appointment time.

by Gail E B.

I arrived a few minutes early and the main part of the office was locked. I was told by a waiting patient that the staff was still on lunch break. A large sign posting this and when staff would return would have been nice. I might have left, had this person not informed me that I could wait in the entry waiting room. The TV was nice, but there was no reading material which i would have preferred. The dental assistant, Darren, was very nice and professional, but i found the back rooms rather dark and depressing. The front area was much brighter and nicely decorated. Dr. Petrelli was efficient and seemed thorough when evaluating my teeth, and treatment needed. However, I think that Dr. Petrelli could have made more of an effort to get to know me a little more. He seemed rather too clinical and rushed. I expect that he may have been called away while working on another patient and that this would explain his need to be brief in getting to know me, I hope.

by Gregory H

Always a pleasure seeing the Dr. Petrilli and he make seeing the dentist fun and takes care of his patients.

by Laura H.

I went for a new patient appointment only so far. But having a true phobia of any dental work, I haven't been to a dentist in a very long time. From the front desk to the technician to Dr. Petrilli himself, every person was polite, professional, and caring. I felt as though they went above and beyond to ensure my comfort was of the utmost importance. Dr. Petrilli was so gentle while checking my gums that I didn't feel a thing! My next appointment is for a cleaning. I would highly recommend this dentist!

by Mary M.

Dr. Petrilli's office is by far and I mean far better than any other I've been to. I'm 60 so I've seen many Dentist in my day. You will love it there. Everyone there are nice and polite. It's the cleanest and most well decorated I've seen. You'll be happy if you give them a try.

by Janet P

As always, Dr. Petrilli and his staff were courteous, professional, and compassionate while providing care to me. They put my worries at ease and together we came up with a working plan for my ongoing dental situation. I am thoroughly satisfied with the service provided and look forward to seeing Dr. Petrilli and his staff.

by Hilda H.

Dr Petrilli as usual was professional, friendly, kind and quick and so was every one at the office. I had a pleasant experience. Thank you Dr. Petrilli and my thanks to all the staff.

by Joseph S.

Bernie did a fantastic job.

by Barbara P

Very professional. Always do a great job.

by Jennifer C.

Darren is the best hygentist I have ever come across and the reason I keep coming back!!

by Jody M.

This was the 1st visit for something other than a cleaning. Office was efficient as always. Got me right in, had crown done and was on my way. This is truly the most pleasant dental office I have ever been to. Appointments are on time, staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. Always recommend Dr. Petrilli's office! P.S. Thought the "goody bag" for the crown was a very thoughtful touch, had everything I might need (though my lottery ticket wasn't a win)

by Anonymous

Best dentist ever!

by Myrna J.

Friendly, capable, and professional staff. Have been going here for many years and love it.

by Barbara S.

I called Monday morning Abbey was able to get me in that afternoon which was great.

by Mary B

I am very pleased with the service obtained from Dr. Petrilli and his staff. Dr. Petrilli assessed my situation, gave me a clear description of what was needed and a plan to accomplish it. His skills are excellent and he takes pride and care in his work. His staff is also very skilled and are easy to work with. I am happy I found this practice.

by Kim R.

Everyone in the office goes above and beyond to ensure the experience is top notch.

by Steve S.

Finished my implant/crown. Very proessional throughout, I always felt comfortable and confident in the process.

by Michael M

I have been very happy with Dr. Petrilli's office. I like my hygienist. I say "my" because I have the some one each time which allows me to develop a relationship.

by Brian S.

I had a filling fall out. I was new to Dr Petrilli's office. I new I would probably just be looked at and scheduled for later. They took all new x-rays, Dr Petrilli took the time to look at my problem areas, and, they had a cancellation on a cleaning and immediately took care of that for me also. I hated Greenberg dental, and had not had my teeth cleaned for quite some time. I am a very happy patient and will continue to go to Dr Petrilli's office.

by Tim A.

I hate going to a Dentist. But I would highly recommend this Dentist every one was outstanding. Love the ladies at the front entrance.Thank you. The lady cleaned my teeth was awesome. All I can say is Thank you so much. See y'all next week

by Bernie P.

Always afraid the DDS will "create" work to do. Dr. was fast and polite, told the truth.... no work required. See you in 6 months. Plus Rebecca at the front is a bonus to deal with!

by Sharon K.

My only issue was that I had to wait 20+ minutes for my appointment. Other than that, excellent

by Roderick J.

Professional and friendly bunch. Recovering from stem cell transplant, they explained my procedure throughly, and going forward, sent my medical doctor a heads up of what will be done and meds to be used. With my condition, I like that they're reaching out to work with my oncologist concerning the best results for me! First impression are important, and this staff is on point!

by Judy B.

I'm a cry baby about going to the dentist, but this dentist is wonderful. They are very understanding about my dentist anxiety.

by Terri H.

I would highly recommend Dr. PETRILLI's office.

by Lisa S.

Everyone in the office is friendly and approachable. I feel comfortable when there. My appointment today was prompt and efficient which means a lot to someone who is on a tight schedule!

by RUTH N.

I was glad they could work me in so quickly. No pain and on my way.

by Willie R.

Bekah and abby are the most wonderful people! Docs cool as well.

by Mike And Norma P.

Appointment was for cleaning only. Did not see Dr. Petrilli.

by Amie D.

It's not often you can say you enjoy a trip to the dentist, but I certainly do! I went today for a routine cleaning. The staff is friendly, efficient, and very thorough. Highly recommend Dr. Petrelli!

by Sean c.

My visit today was superb, learn a lot about flossing the right way, and how it has a lot to do with your health, the staff was excellent again, Thanks

by Michelle H.

Nothing but an excellent experience at this office whenever I visit.

by Philip T.

The staff was friendly and courteous. Rebeca was very helpful filing out the new patient form. Dr. Petrilli is a real professional with a great demeanor. I look forward to visiting again.

by Michael R.

Very Pleased with all aspects of my visit!!! They were ready for me when I arrived, and finished the procedure in the time allocated. Dr. Petrilli and Laci worked very well together and did not leave you waiting around in the chair while off somewhere else. Bekah and Abby had everything ready to complete my visit, down to my post treatment bag. The whole Team at Dr. Petrilli's is friendly and well organized. Makes it a pleasure for what could be an unpleasant experience. And it was Painless!!!

by Cindy H.

Always have the best experience with Bernie. Her knowledge is so helpful and she is ever so gentle when cleaning my teeth. I always recommend Dr. Petrilli!!

by Luvenia H.

My visit was for a check up and cleaning. The hygentist was very friendly and professional, which made my visit very pleasant. I will be back for more dental visits.

by Barbara b.

Bernie was excellent and helpful and caring to my specific needs.

by Diane C.

It's always great for staff to introduce themselves to new patients. That helps us become comfortable , especially in a dentist's office. Thanks

by Lara A.

After having a terrible experience at my last dentist, Dr. Petrilli and his staff were a welcome change. He is extremely gentle and made what used to be a painful experience pain free. His staff are excellent, friendly, and accommodating. I would highly recommend this practice.

by Sara D.

All the staff in this office are amazing. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and they are super conscious of getting you in and out quickly. The office is also really nice. The only setback is Dr. Petrilli himself is quite cold, but he's in with you for such a short period it doesn't much affect things.

by Judy B.

The Doc was really patient and considerate as I am mortified to go to the dentist. He was very professional. His staff is great and helpful. Love those guys. If you have to go to the dentist, I highly recommend these guys.

by Dallace K.

I never want a different dentist as long as I live. The best ever. I've had the highest quality services since the first visit. Abby and the rest of the staff are very helpful and genuine in their care & concern.

by Bill H.

Very pleased with entire visit. On-time service. Bernie did a great job and very polite & professional.

by Maria B

The staff are all very friendly and helpful, cleanliness of the office is outstanding.

by Mary M.

Quality service always. Never have to wait for an appointment they book like you're supposed to.

by Jerry R

It was as usual a plesant experience.

by Dell K.

Went in for my routine cleaning.....excellent....right on time.....they are awesome!

by Shawneen C

The entire office is so friendly and wonderful.


From the time I enter the reception area till the time I left it was a pleasant experience. my scheduled appointment was made to the minute with no waiting. I met the doctor and three of his staff and all four were very professional and personable. it was a nice treat to actually be a person it was a nice treat to actually be a person and not just a number. before I left I scheduled my next appointment without hesitation.

by Tiago M

As usually the team of Dr. Petrilli always perform as its best. Thank you so much.

by Rodger W.

I received an excellent cleaning and appreciated explanations to each process. The hygienist was professional and friendly.

by Anonymous

I recently started going to this dentist and I absolutely love it! Friendly great staff and extremely clean office. I am really glad I switched to this dentist 100% better!!!

by Dave P.

I have been coming to your office for over 2 years. I have ALWAYS gotten in on time or early. I would recommend them for all your dental needs.

by Charles K

Darren took care of me for my teeth cleaning. I was impressed with his educational presentation on how to protect my gums and the reason why flossing is important. It was informative and amusing. While I like everyone I have met at Dr. Petrilli's office, I asked to have him again in 6 months. Everything went very well. If anyone has ever had any fear of going to the dentist, Dr. Petrilli and his staff will quickly remove it. I also have to mention that the office decor is more like a spa than going to the dentist. There are wall mounted TVs in the rooms and the ambiance is awesome.

by Ashley S.

Darren did a great job on my cleaning and provided me with some useful information

by Ellis B

Great service

by Jennifer B.

I am always pleased after my teeth cleaning She is gentle and kind Thanks

by James B

I have always had great care and service from Dr. Petrilli and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

by Donna C.

The office atmosphere was pleasant and welcoming, all my questions and concerns was alleviated by the staff and the doctor. My family was comfortable and was happy, finally we found a dentist that met our needs and explained the importance of why certain procedure need to be done. It is okay to tell a patient what is needed to better their health outcome, however it's more important to explain why the procedure is needed, and how it will enhance the overall health. That was what what we got from Dr. Petrilli.

by Tina M

The staff is helpful, appointments are always on time.

by Doong K.

Awesome people that work at this office. Keeps you up to date with info on future visits. Great environment.

by Dennis B

The experience was very rewarding. First time patients, and we were treated very professionally. Dr.

by Michael h.

excellent work

by Gene H

5 stars! I like his professional, yet relaxed and competent manner in which he does his work. He is fast, courteous, and considerate of the patient at all times. And his assistants are tops! And his office staff too! I can see why he and his practice get such high praise and awards.

by Christina B.

It was great

by Betty L

Excellent, very wonderful staff!

by Connie C.

I have always dreaded my dental appointments but the lady who cleans my teeth has made that go away! She's friendly, never causes me any discomfort and very quick. Always happy when I see her. Haven' t had to see the dentist yet but he always says hello. If he's anything like his staff from hygiene to front desk, I will be very comfortable seeing him if I ever need to.

by Marcia J

Love his dental hygienist, Bernie! She is gentle and still thorough! Dr. Petrilli is very kind and skilled and the office staff are great! Nice atmosphere and I actually enjoy my visits.

by Connie B.

I have postponed dental work for way too long and now need a lot of work to catch up for my neglect. My first phone call and this first office visit showed me compassion, competence, and efficiency. I feel like they really want to help me get my dental issues taken care of with the least amount of stress. I am a real dental chicken. I trust this practice to take good care of me.

by Nancy C

Very accommodating and caring.Just recently had to have some bridgework replaced, this was done over a two month period.Anytime i had an issue they would see me the same day.Dr. Petrilli is very gentle,he wants the patient to be as comfortable as possible during the procedures.The staff is the best,all around.

by Karin H.

I have been a patient of Dr.Petrilli for years and have always been well taken care of. Last time I called was an " emergency" and I came in the same day! Recommend the Doctor to everyone.

by Murad T

The atmosphere is very cozy and comfortable. The experience feels like you are in a spa resort! The staff make you feel relaxed and at ease!!!!

by Sean C.

Dr Petrilli and staff was outstanding , I felt at home, and my family was well taken care of, great to meet him. I would recommend him to all.

by Mark D

Always very good experience.

by Mary M.

Always professional and friendly. They make going to the dentist so easy. There's never any pressure on you to do anything. They never try to upsell you here.

by Ralph D

Great Cleaning totally satisfied

by Sonia M. F.

My visit was as always a very good experience. Friendly, and professional staff.

by Suzanne M

Darren is knowledgeable & thorough. He is also a good communicator; a tribute to your office.

by Judy B.

Very professional.

by Michael R

Was very pleased!!! The Doctor and his Staff was both very friendly and helpful. Bekah did an excellent job of covering the cost of the various treatment options the Doctor came up with, as well as some insurance options to help reduce the cost.

by Jerry B.

Everything ran like clockwork, from check in to check out. Great job! Reminders were helpful.

by Anonymous

As usual, my regular teeth cleaning went very well. The staff were very attentive, friendly, and upbeat, also as usual. All in all, a really good experience.

by Beverly P.

Every time I go to this practice I am so impressed! I am a real,chicken when it comes to anything with the dentist and cleaning! I learned a lot from the hygienist. The folks who check u in and out are somfriendly and helpful! Thank you!

by Sally B

It's the very best dental office I have ever visited and believe me I've been to a lot of them. Starts at the top with Dr. Petrilli, to his assistants, hygienists, and Abby and other staff. They are all top of the line.

by Heidi S.

Everyone from the front office team to hygienists to the doctors were phenomenal in both professionalism, service, and efficiency. I highly recommend the practice.

by Thomas J

As usual, top-notch dental work by Dr. Petrilli. Highly professional, yet genuinely personable and always a pleasure to talk with. All staff members are equally friendly and helpful. The environment of the office is comfortable and relaxing...extremely soft chairs and sofa's in waiting room. I have been a patient for over 17 years, and I can honestly state that over the 64 years of my life, Dr. Petrilli is the best dentist I have seen over that span of time.

by Edward G.

I am always very satisfied with the service and professional staff. Thank you.

by Marge H

Bernie is the best!

by Vanessa W.

My co-worker recommended him. I haven't been to the dentist in years because of bad experiences with them trying to pressuring me into a whole bunch of work that I really don't need. He was quick didn't recommend any dental work that was not necessary and I could tell myself what I needed. Staff was really friendly and very aware of if they were causing any stress. I didn't have to wait long at all. I'm actually looking forward to my cleaning and getting the tooth I need fixed done.

by Rachel M

Excellent service!

by Bruce C.

Everyone was very professional and happy.

by Cassie A

Worked with me even though my insurance was giving me issues trying to update my information . Nice office and staff.

by Leo S.

Dr. Petrilli performed a comprehensive examination and determined the best course for my specific needs. Additionally, Becca was outstanding on check-in/new appointment processing.

by Dorothy B

Always great , very caring and attentive, not pushy

by Troy B.

The title, should be all this review needs. But let me elaborate it is a great place, exceptional staff, with an amazing dentist. The environment as well as the service they give to the customers. Is just above & beyond...nobody really likes the thought of going to the dentist. But everytime I'm there... if my home had a dentist in it, it would feel like Richard Petrilli's office. Cause they always make you feel like you're right at home.. and for that I thank you. Here's to another 20 plus years!

by Robert J

Got an e-mail.

by Marilyn S.

The staff made sure I was comfortable during my cleaning since I have neck and back pain.

by Anonymous

Darren is wonderful and makes me feel so welcome and comfortable each time I come in for my cleaning. He makes it a much easier process and he actually got me to stick to a habit of flossing!


Dr. Petrilli was very professional and took time to answer all my questions. Bernie, my hygienist did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth and made me feel very comfortable.

by Bradley S

Everyone is very pleasant and they are honest with you. The best dentist I have been too.

by Celena F.

I was seen very quickly based on emergency needs. Front and back office staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. No complaints from me.

by James W

The technician is always professional and tells you what to expect so there are now surprises.

by Linda M.

First visit went wonderful.Linda

by Diane B

Bernie is gentle while cleaning my teeth. She is very respectful as well. I've gone to Dr Petrilli for several procedures over the years. He respected my "dental anxiety" and sees to it that I am comfortable during procedures. The entire office staff is THE VERY BEST in the industry! I have referred others to Dr Petrilli because I am confident he will give them the same best care that he gives me!

by Esther V.

My visit was very professional, courteous, and thorough. My appointment time was absolutely honored. The problem was diagnosed and explained to me, and the doctor prescribed a remedy. The visit was actually pleasant, a very unusual comment to make about a visit to the dentist. In fact, I have never had an unpleasant visit to Doctor Petrilli's office.

by Barbara S

take great care of patient

by Elizabeth V.

Derrin did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth. I can't remember a time when my teeth/mouth felt so clean after a cleaning. He was very knowledgble, and I enjoyed talking to him about the best methods to care for my teeth. I look forward to my next appointment with him. My husband and I are very happy with Dr. Petrilli and his staff. We have talked with several of our friends about our positive experiences here.

by Karen H

No longer fear visiting the dentist!

by Ronald V.

Dr. Petrilli is always there to help when you have a problem. He is a true professional. He is great. Darren is great and gives a great cleaning. The best I have had. The staff is very easy to deal with and customer focused. My wife and I are very satisfied.

by Steven P

Richard is a great dentist and his staff is very friendly, always there to help you with all your needs.....The office is very clean and gives you a warm feeling when you arrive....

by David D.

Very pleasant indeed! Dr. Petrilli is a great Dentist who listens to the patient and takes care of him/her with great attention.. . . . I can have anxiety sometimes but with their relaxing atmosphere and knowledgeable staff the whole office really made me feel good that I had chosen the correct Dentist. : ) Thanks All

by Anonymous

Always a pleasure to go to their office for either a routine checkup and cleaning or for more involved procedures.

by Jacki S.

Dr Perilli and staff provide great customer service and dental care to adult and elderly clients. The staff is friendly, cordial, and caring.

by William H

Great service. Fast, friendly, and took care of my issue perfectly.

by Valorie G.

Time went fast because of the person cleaning my teeth had me engaged in conversation/ Listening to him and it made the experience pleasurable.

by John D

Always fast friendly service!

by Carole G.

This was my first visit and I was very pleased. The office is comfortable and the staff and Doctor were very friendly and professional......and on time. This office came highly recommended by friends and my visit proved them right.

by Melanie S

The office has a very calming atmosphere and the staff are very friendly and caring. I did leave feeling perplexed about my recommended treatment plan since it was not what my last dentist had said I needed done. So now I'm confused about what really needs to be done in my mouth.

by Gail S.

New crown, virtually no pain. Temporary stayed in all two weeks. And, great dental hygienist. Staff up front always very helpful. Very happy.

by Theodore P

Best office visit ever.

by Ellen L.

Dr. Petrilli and Debbie and also the ladies up front took very good care of me today 2/20/17!! When I came in to get a crown on one of my teeth. Each one made sure all my needs were met.

by Susan N

Dr. Petrili and his staff are very kind

by Doug I.

Amazing staff, very attentive to your need, and they show that they truly care about your health

by Steven K

The office provides a friendly atmosphere making your visit as comfortable as possible.

by John T.

They were able to give me my initial visit, cleaning and fill a cavity all in the same visit!

by Jeffrey S

Great dentist office.

by John T.

Great doctor. Very helpful staff. Made sure i understood everything. Good Job!!

by Arnold H

Had teeth cleaned by a most efficient hygenist I have ever experienced.

by Nadine W.

Had my bi-annual cleaning done today and am 100% satisfied! The cleaning was thorough and painless, and the hygienist was very considerate of my comfort throughout the procedure.

by Suzanne D

Awesome dentist and staff. Wouldn't go anywhere else!!!

by Russ K.

(Cleaning only) Darren is competent, thorough, and friendly. The crown experience and 2nd visit to replace was unexpected and inconvenient, but handled professionally (as always). Entire staff are hospitable and friendly. Thank you for making a "Dentist appointment" comfortable.

by Richard E

Great people, great dental care.

by Cassie B.

My thanks to the entire staff. It's no wonder why your office is number one! Thank you for fitting me in.

by Anonymous

Referred to Dr. Petrilli by my mother. Very friendly people. I am assuming I was seen by Dr. Petrilli, but since this was my first visit and he didn't introduce himself...But, otherwise all was good. Thanks

by Rodger W.

Work was professionally done and was pain free. I was very impressed that the numbing injection was pain free.

by John K

Thank you repairing my lost tooth in one day. The fast service was very appreciated,

by John O.

I didn't see him. Just in for a cleaning.

by Tom K

Everything was great. Everyone answered all my questions and did what they were doing in a very professional way. Subsequent Appts were handled extremely well.

by Richard R.

Appointment was scheduled promptly. No waiting. Professional and efficient. Dr. Petrilli is highly effective, very quick/efficient and his staff is well trained.

by Elizabeth K

I'm very pleased with Dr, Petrilli's practice. Everyone is very friendly and capable. The cleanliness if the comfy facilty is apreciat, as well.

by Kimberly S.

I had a great visit yesterday! I had a filling fall out a couple weeks ago. I was amazed at the time it took to get me in and out of that chair! I lest work at 1:30 and was clocking back in at 2:30 with a brand new filling. Thank you all very much:)

by Anonymous

Pleasant first time experience

by Alli G.

Dr. Petrilli and his team were highly recommended to me from several friends/neighbors. I was pleasantly surprised and happy to know I have a wonderful "neighborhood dentist".

by Charlee W

Dr. Petrilli has been my dentist for years. He has always been caring and thorough with my complicated dental care.

by Courtney N.

I filled out new patient paperwork and thought "they probably won't even read all of this", while filling out past experiences, discomforts, etc. First thing, as soon as I was seated in the dental chair, I was told they read and are aware the dentist gives me anxiety (which means they read the paperwork). They were all super friendly, offered me a blanket, and explained everything they were doing. Not once did I feel judged about my dental hygiene, etc until the dentist made the comment before I got a numbing shot, "I saw on your chart you have had plenty of work done, a lot actually, you should be used to this by now. Not sure how you aren't." That made me feel a little uncomfortable and silly about being nervous also a little awkward about my dental hygiene. Other than that one incident he was very friendly, conservative and efficient with his work. He did me a huge favor by fitting me in for the small filling that day so I didn't have to commute back the next week. I left a great dentist due to moving and it seems I have got lucky and found another. I was very happy with my first experience.

by Anonymous

Friendly staff. Had an emergency and they were able to get me an appointment quickly.

by Johanna J.

My visit was for a temporary crown. The Tech did a great job of making me comfortable for the procedure. Dr. Petrilli did a great job of injecting the gum with novo cane. The entire procedure was comfortable ...a good experience, considering we are talking about "dental work."

by Joe T


by Chris Q.

Best experience I have ever had for a teeth cleaning the two times I have been there - only thing I would change is the angle of the TV so I can see it better! :-)

by Mary Ellen L

My visit was terrific! The staff took very good care of me! Darren did a great and painless job of cleaning my teeth! Dr. R. Petrilli gave me a great exam! Thanks to everyone, who took part in taking care of me! I appreciate it very much!

by Cindy H.

As always, Dr. Petrilli and staff are so gentle and kind when performing this type of work. Highly recommend Dr. Petrilli to anyone. Bernie has been my dental hygienist for years. She is very knowledgeable and thorough. I go 3 to 4 times a year to have my teeth cleaned and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Great group of people!!

by Carlton H

Great service. The doc is very personable.

by Lisa H.

I had a cleaning appointment with Bernie today. She is really awesome! She does a very thorough job and is very gentle and kind. The office staff is always professional and very friendly. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

by Victor W


by Beverly P.

We just moved here and I was looking for a dentist to replace my fabulous dentist and hygienist in MD! I had a dental cleaning, which was great! Office is very friendly and I met with Dr. Petrelli, who seemed very caring. Think I found our families new dentist!

by Nicole L

Everyone at that office is so great

by Cathy S.

As always, prompt, professional, and, gets right to the issue without over selling or scare tactics so common with other dentists.

by Ricardo M

No question!

by MARY B.

I was impressed with his concern and prompt attention to my issue. Called yesterday and was seen this a.m.. He assessed the situation and put me in touch with a surgeon for removal of problem teeth in order to be fitted with a temporary bridge followed with a permanent one. Felt very comfortable and was informed what to expect and a payment plan. Look forward to my next visit. I would recommend his practice to my friends.

by John D

All of my experiences have been the best dental care I have ever had. Everyone is so pleasant to talk with and very professional as well. Would gladly recommend Dr. Petrilli to anyone needing dental work.

by Dave P.

Service was great. On time as always. It was an emergency appointment It was expensive for a person on social security but I had to have the work done. I am pleased with the job performance.

by Sharon K

Wonderful visit as always!

by Louis S.

I was afraid since it had been a year but everything was fine. WOW I was surprised.

by Maria M

My dental hygienist was amazing. Thank you so much for the teeth cleaning!

by Tom H.

I am always treated very well. It almost feels like family.

by Anonymous

What a beautiful office- more like a home than a dentist office. The entire staff and the Dr Petrilli were amazing!!

by Mary F.

Very professional and friendly atmosphere !

by Sharon H

Everyone was very helpful and caring. This was my first visit in many years but was a pleasant experience. Thanks for all your help in getting my appts scheduled and explaining what costs were involved. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New Year

by Brian H.

Great office!

by Esther V

I have always been extremely satisfied with the quality of service rendered by Dr Petrilli's office.

by Tom W.

I hate the x-rays and tend to gag. The tech was very patient and helped with a numbing mouth solution. Very helpful scheduling follow up visit. I usually hate going to the dentist because of a very painful youth experience but this practice is very patient aware and puts me at ease.

by Allysa R

I always have a positive experience at Dr. Petrilli's office. I have had a horrible dentist phobia for years but this office has changed my view of dental care. His staff is amazing! I am very glad I found Dr. Petrilli.

by Kristin P.

One of my old crowns came loose and needed to be recemented. Got an appointment for that afternoon, and I was in and out of the office very quickly. Dr. Petrilli and his staff are unfailingly professional, upbeat, and welcoming, and if a visit to the dentist can be called fun, this was definitely it.

by Melody L

Warm and friendly office staff, everyone there goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and appreciated. Dr. Petrilli is a master at putting any fears of discomfort to rest.

by Marge H.

Tip of the hat to the world's best dental hygienist! I really appreciate your gentle touch and taking time to explain things along the way.

by Brett S


by Joann H.

From the moment I called to verify my insurance benefits until the moment I walked to my car with my clean teeth the experience was great. The office staff is extremely courteous and helpful. The dental hygienist was friendly and very thorough. Always a good experience.

by Elvera G

always have good appointments. staff is wonderful.

by Lisa C.

I have always gotten my teeth cleaned regularly. But it has been awhile since I have gotten a real good cleaning of my teeth. Additionally the hygienist provide me with information on why it is necessary to do things as part of my own teeth cleaning.

by Elnette A

Great service and great customer service. I really enjoyed my visit.

by Jim H.

A caring, concerned, and gentle professional. Gives patient a detailed description of each step in the procedure prior to starting.

by Anonymous

I Love this place, as much as you can love a dentists office.

by Ronald V.

First, l want to thank the Doctor and his staff for seeing me for the emergency I was having with my teeth. I agree with all his reviews that he cares about his patients. I am a new one and he saw me quickly because he was concerned with my problem. He and his staff surely showed service and focus . Thank you again.

by Carl G

Darren did a great job as always. Thanks, carl

by James Z.

Was excellent !!!!!

by Carl S

As usual, a good experience - staff is very professional, and friendly.

by Ethney J.

Very professional. Did an excellent Job . I have gone to other Dentist here in Central Florida before & I believe you are the best. THANK YOU.

by Lauren B

Best cleaning experience ever!! Love Bennie

by Lisa C.

I am very pleased with this dentist and his staff. The office is clean, the staff is very friendly and the dental assistants are very competent. Dr Petrilli is friendly, answers questions, provides solutions and overall is thorough and very competent.

by Margaret M

Was in the office, Tuesday, November 17, 2015 for my 2ce a year cleaning. Darren does my cleaning. He was most helpful & knowledgable on the questions I had. Dr. Petrilli did see me for a few minutes to adjust a crown that was irritating. So far all is well & I appreciate the courtesy & friendliness of all the Office Staff.

by Craig M.

Felt more like a resort than a doctor's office.

by Robert R

Fast quick and painless crown replacement

by Johnnie K L.

Excellent customer service. Very kind and caring staff.

by Kevin L

He was able to mend a little bit what he thaught was unfixable

by Tyrell J.

The staff is always very friendly, helpful, and professional. I always feel at home. The office has a very inviting, relaxing, and comforting feeling. My dental experiences here are completely different from any other dentist office I've attended in the past.

by Joe L

Going to Dr, Petrilli's office is always a pleasure, great staff, nice office. Like i say "its almost like a spa day" - very relaxing atmosphere. Great dental practice.

by Lisa S.

I always have a great experience at Dr. Petrilli's office. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is very nice, professional and friendly. They also strive to get you in by your appointment time which, as a self-employed person, means a great deal to me!

by Caitlyn C

Everything was awesome. I was running 15 minutes late and they were still able to get my appointment in. Always great service, thanks everyone!

by Caron M.

All of the staff are very professional and pleasant. During the cleaning you get a detailed lesson on dental care.

by John F

Bernie did an excellent job.

by Gail G.

Very professional and friendly. Love that they have the newest technology.

by Richard N


by Chuck K. K.

I have no complaints on the dental services I received. Everyone treated me with kindness. I felt comfortable and not stressed. The entire office has a soothing atmosphere. Subdued lighting and furnishings added to the calming effect I get there. Front desk folks at check out are wonderful folks.

by Anonymous

Entire staff very professional, friendly and accomodating.

by Suzanne H.

From the warm look of the decor, the comfortable seating and the friendliness of the staff, this is by far the nicest dental office I've visited! Not only are the employees and Dr. Petrilli kind, but they are all knowledgeable and professional. Additionally, they work with insurance companies and do their best to make the financial component palatable. I am very satisfied and will continue to patronize Dr. Petrilli's office, and I will recommend him highly to my friends and family!

by Anonymous

First class care and attention. Excellent staff, Dr. Petrilli very skilled!

by J. L.

Chipped a bottom tooth late on Friday afternoon. Scheduled me for Tueday at 8am. I came in dentist (Richard Petrilli) assessed the situation, and was able to do a filling. Was walking out of the office by 8:40am. Excellent fix and very fast. Have been with this practice now for about ten (10) years-only good things to say. Recommend them to everyone.

by Anonymous

Entire staff very professional and accomodating.

by Michelle B.

This was my first appointment and they made me feel comfortable and welcome. Every person I interacted with was professional and knowledgeable. Most importantly, everyone was kind. I can't say enough good things.

by Anonymous

I was made comfortable immediately by his staff, and it got even better when I met him. He and his staff listened, answered my questions and offered information. I am definitely looking forward to being a patient there :)

by J S.

Very caring and gentle.

by Kevin K

Service was great. The Staff Was Very Nice.

by Betty C.

Excellent office. Would highly recommend. Great dentist and staff!

by Leah G

Very friendly!

by Maryann s.

So appreciate this Dentist . 1) I am in my 50,s I have top dentures and about 12 natural teeth on bottom . As a child , I had no dental work done . When I was in my late 20,s and working full time I finally got dental insurance , so I went to get my teeth fixed. I swear I had a root canal in every tooth on top and then breakage , and just none stop troubles until I had to just get them all pulled. Dr Petrilli does NOT make me feel bad about what I do have left and is helping me save those bottom teeth . He does not judge . As you never know ones situation. 2)Another story . My daughter , I took care of her teeth as a child. On her own she took care of them as well. Due to insurance she went to find a new dentist .. Went to one who told her she had many cavities , cost to fix was going to be high .. WHAT . She always took care of her teeth .. She went to Petrilli for another opinion . Never telling him what the other dentist said . He told her she had Beautiful teeth . NO cavities. Some cleaning needs to be done So , he was the one she has be going to and who we both send friends and family too. And EVERYONE working for him are just nice people.

by Michael M

I always enjoy my six month cleanings with Darien. He makes the time fly by.

by Kent T.

Always great service!!

by Don E

Excellent service. I snapped off a front tooth and they got me in for temporary assistance in 4 hours. Abby contacted the oral surgeon and set up the appointment the same day.

by John P.

I just went for a cleaning/checkup but everybody was professional, friendly and did their job very well. Darren has been my hygienist for at least a couple of years now and he always does a great job.

by Teresa M

I actually enjoy going to Dr. Petrilli's office. It's a calm environment with scenic murals and pleasant smells. My hygienist is friendly, fast and gentle. Highly recommend.

by Steve S.

I have been a patient for several years. Great service, modern tools and techniques, friendly staff.

by Anthony L

Staff is always friendly and helpful.

by Marys P.

I came to see Dr Petrilli to get a second opinion. The right side of my face was hurting badly after my dentist adjusted my occlusion four days ago. Over the past two years my dentist was unable to keep me out of pain and I was weary and unsure of what I should do at this point. I called Dr Petrilli His front desk person got me in to see him that day. He saw me on time. He spent at least 20 minutes with me and laid out a simple and easy treatment plan for me to follow. I felt I couldn't have been treated any better!

by Betzy S

Very friendly and efficient staff!

by Diana T.

The person who did my cleaning was very professional. She also took the time to explain what I could do to prevent gum disease.

by Jose M

Dr petrilli and the staff were very courteous and professional. I didn't have to wait very long to be seen. I did find the lighting in the offices a bit dark and I noticed that the office sliding glass window that separates the front waiting area is kept close even when patients are waiting. This made me feel isolated from the office personnel. I had to wait in front of the glass and tap on the glass to get their attention. It just seems a little impersonal. However, once you get into the office area the reception is excellent.

by Patrick R.

The doctor was very professional, Explained what was about to happen and then went about his task quickly. He kept me calm and filled me in on what was happening. He made sure I understood what was next on the agenda and got me an appointment.

by Susan N

Dr Petrilli and his staff are kind and very good at there jobs.

by Marie E.

I have been afraid of the dentist since having a bad experience some time ago. I would still go but the anxiety of it was terrible. After moving to Apopka 10yrs ago I found Dr Petrilli and I no longer have that fear, he is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend this office to anyone. The staff is extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, they always take the time to answer any questions you may have and to make you feel welcomed. Overall this practice goes above and beyond any I have EVER seen (and I work in the field) -- if your looking for a personalized, caring, experienced Dentist this is the place for you.

by Clinton A

Honestly, looking forward to my next appointment. You don't hear that often from dentist office. Kudos to Darren.

by Stephen B.

Very responsive and professional Clean and comfortable office and surroundings Staff couldn't have been more helpful. Very competent I would recommend this office to my friends and family.

by Barbara P

Even though I have always been nervous about going to dentists - even just to get my teeth cleaned -- it is always a wonderful experience when I come to your office! You and your staff are always extremely kind, efficient, and excellent at what you do! I would certainly recommend you to my friends!

by Cheryl W.

I am always apprehensive about going to doctors, dentists, or anything of the like. They make me nervous and uncomfortable. However, I must say that Dr. Petrilli's entire staff from the the front office to the dentist himself helped me feel comfortable and at ease with why I was there and treated me as though I'd been going there for years! I will definitely be recommending friends and family.

by Cynthia N

Excellent cleaning -- "Idid not feel a thing".

by Bruce C.

I was treated very well when I walked in until I left. From the check in to check out was a very pleasant experience. All the personal were very knowledgeable and answered all my question.

by Sally B

Awesome as always.

by Richard R.

Excellent dental cleaning

by Natalie C

Always very professional . Explains everything, every step of the way.

by Kimberly S.

Very good! Everyone is very professional and nice:)

by Sally B

Awesome as always. Best, friendliest dentist office anywhere. Techs are really good and Dr Petrilli and Abby are an awesome team. Can't be beat!

by Cheryl Moore

Very pleasant, calming surroundings. Unlike any other doctor's office I've ever been in. Very kind, helpful staff. Very happy my daughter recommended them. I believe I've found my dentist for life!

by Maria B.

You can't find a better dental office, everyone is friendly and courteous all the time, very clean, and of course DR. Petrilli is gentle and very caring, he also does outstanding dental work

by Mary B

Thank you for your excellent service.

by Steve Swederski

Everyone at the office is very friendly and excellent at their jobs. Excellent experience at Dr. Petrilli's office. From when you arrive through exit everyone is friendly, efficient, and performing quality work.

by Sue B.

I just had a temporary crown put on today, am very satisfied with the work of Dr. Petrelli, thank you

by Carol V

I always have a great experience at your office. Everyone is great...pleasant, helpful and thoughtful! Thanks for a great experience every time I am there (except for the shots)!

by Bernie Piekarski

Easily the best dentist and dental staff in Apopka, if not the entire Central Florida and Orlando metropolitan area. Courteous, friendly and efficient. Absolutely the best dental hygienist there is. I highly recommend them!!

by Andrea W.

The hygienist was very thorough, gentle, and knowledgeable. He told me many helpful things about taking care of my teeth and gums.

by Lee B

great as always 20 years plus with dr. petrilli...

by Kaitlin Gurecki

Love the staff and this dentist!! For years I constantly had thousands of dollars of dental work shoved down my throat (and let's be real my teeth were not that bad) when a nearby dentist tried to quote me $1000's of dollars for multiple fillings and crowns (same with my husband who never has dental issues) I was in tears. I decided to try one more dentist for a second opinion. Dr Petrilli was so kind and amazing. Turned out I needed 1 filling!!!!! And my husband 1 crown!!! Now I've had more work done but after having kids my teeth did get worse. He has never done any treatment I wasn't comfortable with and I've always gotten great pricing and payment plans if needed. He's even squeezed me in a few times within an hour of calling to fix a bite after a filling. Do I still get nervous getting in the dental chair? Of course, I'm scarred for life because of awful previous dentists. But I always leave with happiness which I never could do before!! Oh and Abby at the front is amazing!!!!

by Betty L.

Punctual and to the point. Not overly friendly.

by Frank H

Awesome as always, as in the last 7 years anyways.

by Richard Withers

Dr. Petrilli and his staff are great! Very professional, short waiting time and excellent dental work. They really do care about their patients. A+++ in my book!

by Frank D.

Always a great experience.

by Michelle H

Bernie was wonderful as always! So are the girls at the front desk, always friendly and very helpful!

by Linnie Garcia

Darren did my teeth cleaning and did a great job. wow cleaning he provided me with good information to know about taking care of my teeth and it also served as a great distraction. Would highly recommend this dentist to anyone.

by Marcie J.

I look forward to my dental appointments! The entire staff is kind and efficient. You can watch tv during your short wait if you arrive early. I was chilly in the waiting room and the receptionist offered me a blanket. Bernie always does my cleaning and she is gentle and always does a great job.

by Mary M

They treat everyone with respect.

by Jacki Sandler

Always professional and friendly service. Dental review is thorough, cleaning is gentle, staff is friendly, and at home dental care tips provided.

by Dave C.

I would not change anything… not only is the service superbly top-notch, the enthusiasm and the positiveness of everyone in the office is absolutely excellent. I will not ever look for another dentist as long as I can possibly help it!

by Neal Q

Darren is the ultimate professional when it comes to Dental Hygienists. Not only is he superb at his job, thorough yet gentle, but he understands and explains dental health in ways that no hygienist ever has to me in the past. I now truly understand why it's SO important to floss at least daily. I've been very impressed by this practice overall as well. From the friendly front desk staff to the professionalism and expertise of Dr. Petrilli. I highly recommend this practice to anyone searching for a dentist in the Apopka area.

by Edmond Makepeace

Outstanding dentist - professional, compassionate, talented, kind! Great staff! Compared to the other dentists I visited in Apopka and Altamonte Springs this is THE BEST!

by Ilene W.

Everyone in this office, from the front desk to the hygienist and dentist are wonderful. My cleanings are pain free. They give great advice and help with any insurance issues.

by Iori H

Great customer service and all stuffs are nice and friendly.

by Sharon Kochlany

An extremely professional and caring staff! Going to the dentist used to be threatening and anxiety provoking. Going to Dr. Petrilli's office is not!

by Glenn S.

Nobody really likes a dentist, but Dr Petrilli and his staff are an exception to the rule. I like his work, and the work of all his technicians.

by Jefferey H

great dentist

by Georgiana F

Timely, professional, and efficient dental services! I visit quarterly to stay on top of preventative cleaning. I appreciate their thoroughness to keep my teeth healthy!

by K H.

Bernie is the best. Office is very clean and professional.

by Christina D

Very wonderful!

by Hsunshine

We have gone to Dr. Petrilli since he started his practice. That is a long time. He is excellent and definitely 5 star. We have since moved but now drive 35 miles to stay with him. He is worth the drive.

by Deborah R.

The office is very comforting and friendly. Had a thorough exam and then cleaning. Everyone makes you feel at ease and very professional demeanor. Gives some very sensible suggestions for keeping teeth and gums healthy

by Jeffrey H

Will I can't give an excellent because I was not given a goody bag on my last visit, after having a crown put on.

by TayTrigger ASMR

Love this dentist and office staff! Everyone I met has been exceptionally kind and polite. I had a bit of anxiety when getting my work done and Dr.Petrilli was very patient with me and helped me calm down. The work on my teeth isn't complete yet but I am very satisfied so far and extremely confident in my choice of dentistry. The office itself is clean and relaxing. Even the chairs are much more comfortable than any other I've felt. The wait is never longer than a couple minutes. Overall I am completely happy!

by Diane D.

Dr. Petrilli's staff members are competent, organized, friendly and helpful. His office has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. They make me love going to the dentist!

by Dell K

Had cleaning, excellent.

by Michael Robertson

Recently moved to the Central Florida area, and went to Dr. Petrilli to get a second opinion regarding some work that the first dentist I had tried said that I needed. Dr. Petrilli and his staff were very friendly and helpful. He came up with some options to take care of my needs, and at a very reasonable cost. I've already schedule my appointment to get the work done and feel I have found my new dentist in Florida. They have a very nice facility, and I repeat a Great Staff!!!

by Matt S.

The staff is EXTREMELY friendly and attentive. I wouldn't consider going to another dentist ever again. They called, texted, and emailed reminders of my appointment which is very helpful. Darren is the best person I've ever had clean my teeth!!!!!

by Heather C

Always professional and friendly

by Max Haider

I have had two bad visits to this office. In both visits combined, I think I was with the dentist for around ten minutes. I cannot really speak about his capability. I barely know who he is. I really want to get dental work. I want to fight my gum disease and get my fillings done. I'm not as sure about a crown, but I'm willing to try. But I cannot go back to Dr. Petrilli after being ambushed twice by the billing manager. At first, I wasn't sure I was supposed to get a crown until the billing manager told me. When I tried to ask about proper maintenance of a crown, the billing manager told me not to chew nails. I couldn't get any serious answers to my questions, but I was expected to blindly pay for things that my insurance did not cover. I decided to get orthodontic work finished first and maybe find another dentist.I finished the orthodontics, but Instead of finding another dentist, I made a second visit when there was a little pain in my teeth. Almost the entire visit was waiting. The dentist barely spoke to me. Maybe I was treated this way because I hadn't received my previous treatment yet. The hygienist told me I could sign up to get my fillings finished before scheduling other work. The billing manager said she would set an appointment without saying what it was, and when I asked, it was the crown again. When I asked why the billing manager wanted to schedule an appointment for something different than what the hygienist said, she offered me a happy pill. The billing manager told me my occasional pain was due to the lack of a crown. The one thing I remember the dentist saying to me was that the pain was caused by food getting into gaps caused by gum disease.This is why I have bad teeth. I used to have a dentist I could trust, but no insurance. No I have insurance, but no dentist. I can tolerate physical pain, but I cannot tolerate being treated like I'm buying a used car instead of scheduling a medical procedure. After waiting, barely talking to the dentist, and talking to the hygienist, I was prepared to sign up to get my fillings and get going fixing up my dental health. The trust I had in this office was destroyed when I got back to billing. I don't want anyone my dentist's office lying to me or giving me a hard sell. Is that an unreasonable expectation?

by Richard S.

As a new patient to the office I found everything associated with my visit and experience to be exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend this business to other prospective patients.

by Michael H

It was a very thorough exam and cleaning. We were very pleased.

by Sandy Osteen

Dr. Petrilli and his staff are the best I have ever had. I loved my dentist in Tampa and was sad that I had to find a new one when I moved. I had used another dentist prior to finding Dr. Petrilli, and I have been thrilled with the treatment I have received since I changed. Best move I have ever made. Thank you Dr. Petrilli and staff for taking such good care of me and my husband.

by Rick E.

Responded quickly to my emergency.

by Sharon K

In and out - my idea of a great visit.

by Anon 39256

I'm 32 years old and I have been to dentists office in Maine, Virginia, and Florida my whole life. Mr Richard Petrilli was the best experience I've ever had. I got an 10 minute education during my cleaning that was like a $1000 college course on what teeth are, why they rot, how to prevent it. Discussion included PH balance, acidity, Bacteria control, bacteria proliferation strategies, foods that exacerbate/inhibit cavities and how the tooth works from the inside out. How to floss, why flossing works, when it doesn't. How to select an appropriate mouthwash and why we care. It was the most illuminating experience I should have had before. I've been to 10 dentist offices and this one was the BEST. Come here if you want to not worry about your teeth.

by Richard L.

As a new arrival in Florida I did not have a family dentist. I chipped a tooth and called for an appointment. I got an appointment the next day and the tooth was repaired at that time, GREAT! The staff were friendly and Dr. Petrilli was very professional. We have now a new family dentist.....

by Lee S

I've had nothing but good experiences here. The office staff is outstanding! As of course are all the hygienists and assistants as well as the Dr.

by Do Your Thang!!

This is a great dental place, they do dentistry not sales... It was amazing!

by Andrea W.

Everyone was very friendly and competent. Dr. Petrilli did a very complete, yet gentle examination. He was very thorough.

by Susan N

Dr. Petrilli and his staff are wonderful.

by Beau Beauchamp

It was a couple of years ago, but the office staff was HORRIBLE. Dr. Petrilli was nice but the front office staff actually told me that I was not welcome there as a patient. They gave me a price for a crown and I asked if they would give me a better price because the work was going to paid for out of my own pocket. You would have thought I had insulted them by asking for a discount! The front office staff should be fired. If I had been the dentist and I found out my front office staff had terminated a patient because they asked for a discount I would have fired the staff member. Terrible customer service. Never went back.It takes years to find a customer and only second to lose one. Dr. Petrilli needs to keep this in mind as his front office staff alienate new patients. Dr. Petrilli may be a good dentist, but he's a terrible businessman if this is the kind of staff he surrounds himself with.

by John B.

From the staff to Dr. Petrilli, everyone at this office was absolutely awesome. The doctor spoke WITH me to AT or TO me. Listened intently as I asked my questions and provided answers I could comprehend. Thank you everyone! I have found my new dentist!

by Taylor H

Excellent prompt service. Gentle cleaning. Great results.

by Charles Keogh

I am in the middle of having a crown done by Dr. Petrilli. I found Dr. Petrilli's office and staff to be quite nice. The reception area is inviting and the exam rooms have TVs to distract you. His office staff were very nice to me. I had my teeth cleaned in his office and I received full mouth radiographs. I was treated very well. I initially did sign a form stating that I understood my treatment and costs and I am aware of why they do that, having been a supervisor over a nuclear medicine department in a hospital. My insurance doesn't cover crowns, so I am paying for the service. I think Dr. Petrilli's office and staff are top-notch.

by Melissa H.

I went in for an emergency, broken tooth. This was my first visit and I was treated as if I was family. I had concerns that were addressed even better than I could have expected. I would highly recommend Dr. Petrilli and his staff!!

by Anonymous

They always been very helpful in taking care of my teeth issues. I have been going to Dr. Petrilli over 14yrs now. The staff is very friendly. I have always had the best experience there. I know they will always give me the best advice for my issues that I had presented to them. Thank you for your good service..

by Clint Comes

Simply the best staff and practice!

by Debbie S.

The staff is on point! I no longer dread going to the dentist and actually look forward to my cleanings! For me to say that is HUGE. good job guys!

by Margie T

After years of seeking for a good dentist , I found the right one, thanks Dr Petrelli for ur service

by Nicole Laviera

the BEST of all

by R G.

Front desk staff was just wonderful. Dr. Petrelli is very nice, not very social, but nice and gentle. His assistant was also very nice and she was a little more talkative which was absolutely great!

by Steven K

The staff is friendly. The office environment is welcoming. Dr. Petrilli is attentive and explains procedures in laymans terms. A great dental experience.

by John Kirkham

I'm surprised to see the negative reviews. Both my wife and I have gone to Dr. Petrilli for two years and we think both he and his staff are wonderful. I had a root canal done with him (the second part) and the process was very quick and easy... I had heard horror stories about root canals over the years, but this was done very fast and virtually pain free. It is true that Dr. Petrilli moves briskly, and doesn't waste time on idle chit-chat, but I like that. Frankly the less time I spend in the dental chair, the better. And I couldn't be more pleased with his office staff, including the billing personnel. They were fast, friendly, efficient and showed genuine interest in you as a patient. I mentioned that my wife and I were celebrating our 25th anniversary, and a couple of days later, we got flowers in the mail from his office!I unreservedly endorse Dr. Petrilli and his staff and will recommend them to all my friends.John KirkhamLongwood, FL

by Ralph D.

Much better than my previous dentist that I had gone to for many years very through cleaning and annual check up

by Anonymous

Best dentist and staff I've ever had.

by Michael Johnston

Rude front desk staff, lots of fine print forms, and gotcha's posted on the walls. Do yourself a favor and find another dentist. There is good reason for this office to be rated 12th place out of 14 dental offices in Apopka.Ignore the obvious shill reviews. This office should be rated much worse than it is.

by Rex C.

A pleasant experience as always.

by Ruthven J

I was much pleased the very first time I came to you as a patient, hence my recommendation of you to my wife and others. Yesterday's visit was no different and a fitting testimony to your very high level of professional care and courtesy toward your patients.

by A Google User

When I had my baby, the office sent me flowers for congrats! It was totally unexpected! What a warm and friendly practice! I always have a wonderful experience everytime I visit! Definitely recommended!

by J. Elvis M.

The first and only Dental Office I ever went to where the staff is helpful with any questions and also gives you options for every procedure. So that you can make an informed decision based on your needs and budget. The Doctor is honest and takes the time to hear your concerns. Thank you

by Kelly P

I recommend Dr Petrilli to everyone. The hygienist Daniel is awesome!

by A Google User

I was disappointed that he will not see the whole family. I was told that i needed a molar root canal and he could not do that either. Referrals start using up all my insurance, i suggest a dentist that is more well rounded.

by Kevin C.

Dr. Petrilli and his staff were incredibly professional and courteous. I really don't like going to the dentist, but this was a totally different experience. Dr. Petrilli a lot of time with me, explaining his diagnosis, and the procedure he was recommending for me. He is clearly the most experienced, knowledgeable, and skillful dentist I have ever been to. I'm recommending him to all of my friends and family.

by Maria B

Dr Petrilli and his staff are the best as far as excellent customer service, cleanliness of the office and the other rooms. Also he especially does excellent work on all dental procedures.

by Kristin P.

I had only a very short wait to before I was in the chair. Bernie, the hygienist who almost always cleans my teeth and does the x-rays, was, as always, lighthearted, charming, and informative throughout my visit. I saw Dr. Petrilli briefly, since I have no big problems with my teeth, probably because I've received such good care from him and his staff for several years now.

by Jerry R

Every thing was normal. By that I mean the appointment was on time,the personnel were pleasant,professional and competent.

by Valorie G.

Nice Office Space!!! I felt at home, Ease with the X-Rays, wonderful and professional impression of Dr. Petrilli, and can't say enough about the amazing staff. So good!!! looking forward to many years with them.

by Edith M

Service was great and my hygienist was awesome.


MY experience was terrific. Darren was most professional, courteous, and adroit at his profession. A great experience.

by Charles K

I had my teeth cleaned with Bernie. She is such a wonderful dental hygienist. She is kind and a cheerful person. I can tell she likes working in Dr. Petrilli's office. I feel confident with her working on my teeth. She makes me feel comfortable when I am there and she does a nice job on my teeth. I was comfortable during the cleaning and experienced no pain what-so-ever.

by Raymond T.

Experience was fine , just trying to figure out how I can afford this work. Someway need to cut some of the amount off and have a decent payment plan. Thankl you.

by Arthur S

Great experience as all ways. He has been my dentist for the last few years.

by Richard W.

I've been going to dentists for 69 years. Dr. Petrilli and his staff are the BEST!

by MaryAnn S

The one thing I really like is that Dr Petrilli does NOT make you feel uncomfortable , no matter your teeth situation.

by Alma s.

The staff is always so friendly, professional and personable. Hands down the best dental place I've been to.

by Carla R

Darren is Great!!!! He is always friendly and courteous. Darren takes his time with my cleaning and very informative about my oral hygiene. I always look forward to my 6 month follow up. I also love the ambiance of the office always relaxing and cozy.

by Michael H.

I am very happy to have found Dr Petrilli & his staff. Although I am on top of my dental hygiene, I dread going to the dentist....and have felt this way since I was a kid that wore braces for 2+ years. That 'dread' has all but disappeared, as the entire staff does their best to make you comfortable. I highly recommend Dr Petrilli!!

by Michael L

Short wait and quick analysis of broken tooth on short notice.

by Linda R.

Friendly, excellent trained staff. And Dr. Petrilli as always is very professional.

by Stephen S

best dentist ever been to

by Larry P.

I travel a great deal for work, making appointments is difficult. I needed 2 appointments for different work to be done. They worked to put them together at a convenient time. They make going to 5he dentist much easier.

by Marcia J

Dr. Petrilli and his entire staff are all kind and extremely proficient. The office is quiet and pleasant and I would not go anywhere else.

by Tim S.

Dr. Petrlli and his staff are awesome. Treat people kindly and professionally. I see how they have won so many awards. Best Dentist Ever!

by Sharon S

Doc was very efficient - started before my appointment time and got me out in less than an hour.

by Gail S.

Office staff was very helpful with setting up the appointment and assisting with getting past X-rays. Had an annual exam and a cleaning. Darren, the dental hygienist, was very thorough and gave clear instructions. Dr. Petrilli was thorough, worked quickly and made recommendations. I felt very comfortable there and felt like I was being well cared for.

by Dorothy B

Great dentist, great personnel they are tops

by Jody O.

A very fine first visit. Great Staff!Jody

by Jody M

Office staff is always friendly and accommodating. Both hygienists I have had have been informative and professional, did a great job. I highly recommend Dr. Petrilli and his staff!

by Dennis H.

great cleaning and appointment was on time

by James B

excellent staff; excellent service.

by Daniel D.

I'm new in town and I just found this Dentist. One word.. Awesome! Everyone is so polite and friendly. I came to set up my regular cleanings and to get some new dentures made. They are very professional and also make you feel very comfortable while you are there. Would recommend to all my friends.

by Gil H

I received a temporary crown last Thursday and the appointment went great. I can get a little anxious sometimes, but everything went smooth as usual. I look forward to getting my permanent crown in a couple of weeks.

by Gregory H.

It is always a pleasure going to see Dr. Petrilli. His staff is really customer service oriented and they treat you like family. They are really professional and take the time out to explain to you what is going on and what the treatment should be to make sure you have a complete understanding of what needs to be taken care of.

by Deborah S

A doctor that explains the best way that is excellent for you.

by Janett F.

Waiting time is minimum to none. Dental hygienist, Bernie is excellent. She answered all of my questions, pleasant, & is friendly. In the past I've had such anxiety with dentist office, but I'm so happy with this office. Everyone is professional, the office runs smoothly, & I like the ambience.

by Anonymous

Caring, comfortable surroundings with a very competent dentist!

by Angela B.

My appointments are always prompt, excellent care, and friendly service.

by Brandy H

I can't say enough good things about this office. Bernie is the BEST!!

by Christopher G.

Best dental service Provided by fantastic staff of professionals. I had a root canal & temp crown, no pain. Your in good hands with these folks.


Bernie did a excellent job cleaning my teeth. She was very thorough and gentle. No pain!! THANKS.

by James B

Excellent as usual. Very satisfied.

by Deborah S.

Great staff coordinates care. Dr. Petrelli does a great job and he is quick. Does it right the first time.

by RUTH N.

My crown fell out and I called and within 1 hour, I was setting in the chair getting it taken care of. Great group of professionals

by Marie R

Dr. Petrilli and staff, made me feel very welcomed. Everyone was professional, warm and caring.

by Gale H.

As always outstanding