Dr. Debbie-Ann Bailey, DMD

Dr. Debbie-Ann Bailey, DMD

General Dentistry in Apopka, FL

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1140 Rock Springs Rd,
Apopka, FL 32712
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9 out of 10

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Verified Patient Reviews

by Nina B. On 22 December 2016

LOVE Dr. Bailey and her staff. I've been a patient for what seems like forever. They go over and above the call of duty for their patients. I recommend them...

by Lue N. On 22 December 2016

Very positive experience . The Dentist is very nice, staff very accommodating, Ms Alison went above and beyond, she even made an appointment for me to see...

by Enrique A. On 22 December 2016

Wow! The best dental office I've ever visited so far. Wonderful staffs, especially the doctor herself Dr. Debbie-Ann Bailey. I would love to see them again...

by Hope R. On 22 December 2016

All of the staff in this Dentist office are so friendly, compassionate and kind. Dr. Bailey is the Dentist I had the pleasure of having her work on my...

by Pam W. On 22 December 2016

The staff was vas very kind and caring. But if you don't have insurance, ask for pricing Before you proceed with services. This dentist Was suggested by...

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