Dr. Joanna Green, DDS

Dr. Joanna Green, DDS

General Dentistry in Wilmington, DE

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4901 Limestone Rd,
Wilmington, DE 19808
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7.3 out of 10

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by Anonymous On 22 December 2016

It was very expensive and not very pleasant staff ,

by Silas M. On 22 December 2016

This dental office will force you to pay for procedures upfront that are covered by your insurance company. That happened to me and it took 4+ months for...

by John M. On 22 December 2016

My family and I went here for roughly 2 years. I have Delta dental which pays $1500 per family member and we are a family of five. Between my wife and I we...

by Nic W. On 10 August 2016

Don't bother making an appointment online as they will call you to 'verify' details and if you don't call them back fast enough, they'll cancel your...

by Linda E. On 12 April 2016

Very kind and thorough

by David F. On 5 January 2016

I was very impressed to learn from her that, in addition to performing regular dental work, her office could take care of my periodontal issues as well. Overall, I was impressed by this office.

by Sandra M. On 9 July 2015

Great people, very friendly & cared about "ME"

by Paul F. On 1 May 2015

Everybody in the organization is professional, courteous, and friendly. I was impressed with each staff member with whom I interacted. Dr. Green did a thorough exam, explained everything including x-rays, and offered expert advice as to my treatment plan.

by Steven S. On 10 February 2015

received a call at 10 minutes to 2 asking if my son was coming to his appointment and he had already checked in at 130 his appointment time. I had stated that he has broken tooth They told him I called and said he wAs other problems on the paperwork on line broke into the preston problem and rest of the shoes in his me now and send him to in coral please the way things were right and stated that he has broken tooth need text told him I called and said he was having other problems which I never called I did it all online and it specifically says broken tooth. they did not even address that issue they addressed everything else and referred him to an oral surgeon see about getting a tooth pulled and root canals I was not pleased with the way the office was run today.

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