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Dr. Jeanette Son, DMD

General Dentistry in Wilmington, DE

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2601 Annand Dr Ste 8,
Wilmington, DE 19808
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6.9 out of 10

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by Jessica Coxe On 10 September 2015

Dr. Son is the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL dentist I have ever met. For whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to buy a Groupon for my boyfriend to get a cleaning and so they could check out his infection. Turns out he needed all of his infected teeth removed and they said it would be $60 a tooth and he agreed to that and did it then and there. Apparently HALF WAY through the extractions, the procedure "changed" and she increased it to $120 a tooth. Completely unprofessional and only in it for the money. She didn't even write him a prescription for antibiotics OR pain killers. The worst thing is she left one of his infected teeth in and now it's causing him problems! She does not care about her patients, just their money!

by Teresa Z On 11 March 2015

So yesterday was my first appointment after leaving Dr. Son. My experience would be she is definately all for the money. I have NEVER had a single cavity my entire life and when I went to Dr. Son she claimed I had FOUR cavities. I was shocked. I left the office that day advised to schedule an appointment to fill my cavities and never went back. Ok, fast forward 6 months I went to a new dentist because I swore that Dr. Son could not be right and turns out SHE WASN'T. New dentist says absolutely no cavities and I have beautiful teeth. I WILL NEVER ever go here again and my whole family has left the practice with me to go to a new dentist who doesn't diagnose fake cavities. Never trust a first opinion, dentists lie too!!!

by Kris Stadelman On 8 March 2012

Dr. Son drives me crazy!! I'm over 60 years old and she treats me like she's my mother- always worried about my teeth and how I do (more likely, do not) take care of them. She treats my teeth like they were the Crown Jewels. She LOVES teeth and teeth care. Every visit comes with a lecture-I've learned more about teeth than I ever wanted to know! It can be a little overwhelming, but you know she cares. No shortcuts for Dr. Son! Her prices are quite reasonable and she is extremely gentle... so, what the heck, enjoy the lecture and be confident that your teeth are in excellent hands. Thanks doctor.

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