Dr. Edward Weinstein, DDS

Dr. Edward Weinstein, DDS

General Dentistry in Wilmington, DE

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2390 Limestone Rd,
Wilmington, DE 19808
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9.7 out of 10

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Verified Patient Reviews

by John Lloyd On 6 August 2015

Great dentist!! His staff is friendly and his office manager is great. I switched many years ago and am happy I did.

by Heather Mergenthaler On 6 August 2015

Dr. Weinstein and his Dental & Office Staff are very professional and they exemplify excellent customer service from the first phone call to schedule an appointment to the dental procedure and follow up.

by David Salerno On 6 August 2015

Dr. W unfailingly produces artwork. He's so much more than a dentist. Trust him!

by Helen Forwood On 5 August 2015

I started using Dr. Weinstein several years ago when the dentist I had seen since childhood retired. I tried other dentists, but never felt that my dental care was their top priority. With Dr. Weinstein, I do feel this way. The office staff is friendly and very accommodating. I had a toothache on a holiday weekend, and Dr. Weinstein and one of his office staff met me at his office the middle of Saturday afternoon. The experience of my first crown, though not exciting, was uneventful. I highly recommend Dr. Weinstein!

by Kara Schilling On 21 July 2015

I've been going to Dr. Weinstein since I was in college, so at least 15 years. I have never had anything but the best experience. In fact, they are out of network and I still use his office. I find the staff is wonderful. I recently starting bringing my 2 year old there also. I cannot say enough good things about his office and the dentist, himself!

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