Charles F Guelakis, DDS

Charles F Guelakis, DDS

General Dentistry in Cheshire, CT

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1122 Highland Ave,
Cheshire, CT 06410
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8.6 out of 10

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by Moe Halil On 9 November 2017

The best dentist to take out teeth. Felt very welcome. I recommend Dr. Gulakis to anybody that needs their teeth removed.

by Rose Bruce On 11 September 2017

Dr Guelakis and his staff are simply the nicest people I've met, I highly recommend this office!

by Miss V DIY On 5 July 2017

i am submitting this on behalf of my boyfriend - not because he wants me to but because i want to . So last week he called this dr's office last thursday 6/29 asking the secretary if they took state insurance and so the bitchy ass snooty secretary had a hair across her ass that day and decided to say to NO! to my boyfriend in the most condescending manner that you could say to someone . Oh im sorry -- are you better than everyone else on earth ? and by the looks of it -- i see im not the only one who thinks that they are rude and snooty .

by Lisa Ward On 13 June 2017

It's a blast from the past upon entering the office. But I loved that. I was welcomed and taken promptly. Dr. Guelakis was so easy going and funny. I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled and one was so impacted I still was out in less than an hour. I wish I had this experience everywhere. I highly recommend this office.

by Diane Rajkowski On 5 January 2016

Such wonderful people in this office. Dr Guelakis is one of the nicest people and they got me in right away. I had a very painful tooth that I needed pulled and everyone else, even though I told them i was in pain, told me I had to wait 2 months for the next appointment. It was close to Christmas and Dr, Guelakis got me in with in a week. The women that work for him are just the sweetest people. I would definitely recommend this office. Diane R..Lulu is not my real name but I wanted them to know who I am. I really appreciate their help.

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