Dr. John Zalesky II, DMD

Dr. John Zalesky II, DMD

General Dentistry in Denver, CO

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820 Clermont St Ste 310,
Denver, CO 80220
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8.3 out of 10

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by Joel Featherstone On 30 October 2013

Dr. Downs is an awesome dentist with a super friendly team. I recommend him to anybody I know in Denver.

by Wojciech Mis On 3 August 2013

After my former dentist messed-up my bridge I went to see Dr. Le. First she marveled how good job my former dentist did and took bunch of close-up pictures of my teeth. Next meeting she intimidated me with large pictures of my teeth by pointing to every nick and scratch and told me that she is perfectionist and needs to fix them first. She put a price on this work at thirty four thousand Dollars. Since those nicks and scratches were there for long time and don't bother me I wanted to get my bridge done first. She refused to do it so I went to another dentist who did my bridge for a fraction of Dr. Le's price and he didn't even mention those nicks and scratches that most likely will outlive me anyway without causing me any problems.

by A Google User On 15 December 2011

Best in town

by Matthew Berkus On 21 March 2011

Arguably, one of the best dentists in Denver. Dr. Downs and Dr. Lee are both great and the staff is warm and friendly. Use of advanced technology is a nice touch (digital x-rays, etc) and makes the process of seeing the dentist so much better. They are very straight forward and complete in their treatment recommendations and don't recommend things you don't need just to push their bottom line. Dr. Downs has done some amazing work for patients; if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, do so; it is 21st century dentistry.

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