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Dr. Heather Stamm, DDS

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1960 N. Ogden Street, Suite 260,
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Dental School - Creighton University, Doctor of Dental Surgery


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Verified Patient Reviews

by Melissa Haberern On 18 October 2017

I would never go to this dentist. They are like used car salesmen. The dentist said I needed braces when I didn't. Also, the are fraudulently billing me for a service that I did not authorize. I have been disputing this for a few years now with no resolution despite the office manager telling me they would resolve the issue. They decided to send the account to collections. Sorry but I don't pay con artists and people that fraudulently bill. I have a way better Dentist in Cherry Creek who told me my teeth are fine and that I do not need braces.

by Daran Thach On 6 October 2017

My first experience here 10/17 was excellent. Sharon my hygienist was stellar and knowledgeable. My exam was highly comprehensive and informative. Dr. Garrison is intuitive to needs, intelligent, and pragmatic. Lastly, the facility is comforting, convenient, and clean. 5/5.

by Ryan Forster On 26 September 2017

The dentists and staff are a great team and work so well together. The people I've shared them with are very happy - which is huge considering how much everyone "loves" going to the dentist... :)

by Kevin Dominguez On 7 August 2017

I was in for my second visit with Stamm Dental and my dental Hygienist Jenn was amazing as usual. She is very personable and makes my experience there very enjoyable. She doesn't just clean my teeth, she makes sure she tells me what she is doing and give me recommendations on how to properly take care of my teeth. I highly recommend Stamm Dental and Jenn as your dental hygienist.

by Dena Samuels On 7 August 2017

Love Stamm Dental! Brooke is the best. I've had extensive work - both dental and ortho. All staff are incredibly gentle, and all are perfectionists so no matter what the process I went through they always made sure I looked normal by the time I left! So so grateful for their care and attention to detail! I couldn't recommend Stamm Dental more highly!

by Maggie M. On 22 December 2016

This was easily the best dentist's office I've ever been to. Everyone was friendly, the hygenist and dentist were extremely knowledgable, and I left feeling like I had a reasonable long-term plan for my teeth. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

by Kristin F. On 8 September 2015

Dr Stamm and her team are caring, professional and amazing.

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