Dr. James Liu, DDS

Dr. James Liu, DDS

General Dentistry in Denver, CO

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1580 S Columbine St,
Denver, CO 80210
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4.5 out of 10

Verified Patient Review

by No! No! On 12 January 2017

Recently moved in the area thought I would stick to same type of franchise only to find this was very disorganized, unknowledgeable about insurance information and way overpriced. Went in for a cleaning (prior year only spent $126 for procedure) came out only to have more work completed for no reason. The place had my chart mixed up with another patient and told I would be paying a certain amount less than $200 that day only to get billed for over $700 later. Dr. Liu used tools and medications I had never received ever in the past and showed no remorse. I thought I would save myself the drive from going back to my Westminster's comfort Dental office but after this experience, I'd rather take that long drive than to deal with this type of unprofessionalism again. Very glad my transfer paperwork didn't go through electronically now I can go back to my old dentist and reap the benefits and not a loss.

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