Dr. Gregory Grossman, DDS

Dr. Gregory Grossman, DDS

General Dentistry in Denver, CO

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910 16th St Ste 711,
Denver, CO 80202
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by Erin Frazier On 14 October 2015

The Alpine Dental Health team in Downtown Denver are incredibly helpful, friendly and patient. Mariusz Borowicz is a fantastic dentist that thoroughly explains the existing condition that needs to be fixed, his process on correcting the problem, and gives great instructions on how to improve your dental health. Heidi is a wonderful hygienist that will provide multiple solutions (with demonstrations!) to a problem. They create a pleasant experience when you're expecting the worst.

by Brandon Gorthy On 24 September 2015

Dr. Borowicz and the staff are incredible. Every time I've been here I've been very comfortable with everyone that has helped me. Just after the first visit I realized how much my previous dentist didn't know or care to address about my mouth/teeth– Mariusz (Dr B) doesn't try to oversell you on unnecessary work needed on your mouth like many dentists do. I didn't realize how degraded my fillings were and he brought that to my attention on my first visit, unlike the dentist office I had been going to since I was a kid (~ 22 years, and eventually they had new management/doctors take over). I just had my second visit and my hygienist (Heidi) didn't rush my visit/cleaning like others have at my old dentist's office did. Heidi is always giving me great tips on how to better take care of my teeth– she even went out of her way to give me a sample to mitigate the painful ulcers I get every once-in-awhile from stress/late nights at work. She was very meticulous and walked me through best practices with caring for me teeth (I watched with a mirror). Who knew there was so much to brushing and flossing correctly. I feel so comfortable with everyone and without a doubt trust Dr. B and the hygienists to take care of me. Highly recommend giving them a visit. They're a little out of my way now that I don't work downtown but I'd rather make an effort to visit them knowing I can trust their expertise than go somewhere else.

by Matthew Elden On 16 September 2015

Dr. B and all of the staff are fantastic. Everybody that works in the office is very professional, clean, and friendly. Highly recommend!

by Woodsy M On 14 April 2015

Very happy with Dr. Borowicz and this office. He's a friendly and knowledgeable dentist. Cares a lot and spends lots of time to make sure your questions are answered. Great guy!

by Susan M On 9 April 2015

I used to travel to Fort Collins to see Dr. McDill so I was very excited when he opened a practice in Denver near where I work downtown. Dr. McDill doesn't practice in Denver but that's okay because he has high standards for any of his practices and I now see Dr. Mariusz Borowicz, who I love. The staff and Dr. Borowicz are very professional, super friendly, and take the time to provide helpful information at each of my visits. I just recommended them to a friend who recently moved to town and would highly recommend them again.

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