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9.9 out of 10

Verified Patient Reviews

by Jorge Gutierrez

Mesa dental is my new spot! I was looking for a new dental office within network and I was really impressed with how well reviewed this office was. Upon arrival the office waiting area is nice and wide with TVs and a mini fridge that offers water. The front desk was really nice as I expected but the great customer service continued through my visit. I was impressed with the dentist taking the time to review my X-rays and giving me a run down of my dental health. Overall 5 stars. I've been here twice now and o know I'll continue to come. I have even referred three people here because I truly feel this office cares about customer service! One thing I noticed about this office that I have started to dislike about my last office is that they are honest about what you need without pushing sales... Also, they have have plenty of parking and the 163 freeway entrance is right out of their parking lot.

by Danielle Urka

I cannot begin to describe how incredible this office is!!! I have seen many dentists in my life... but Doctor Qadeer and his staff are by far superior! Amazing people and fun environment! That’s right... I said fun! Haha I would recommend them to anyone! Especially those who have had bad experiences or fear visiting the dentist. They are incredibly gentle, informative and pressure free! Not to mention the work they do is amazing! I kid you not when I say that this office has changed the way that I feel about visiting the dentist.. and I feel so SO fortunate to have found them!!! Thanks Dr Q and team! Much love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

by Cyrus La Rosa

Seriously, the best dentist I've ever been to. And literally a jaw saver! My other dentist recommended I get the bone on my jaw shaved down for a crown. That didn't seem right to me, so I decided to try another dentist and it was the best decision. Dr. Qadeer was able to make my crown without any bone shaving! Saved me thousands and my jaw. Can't thank them enough.

by Carissa Rapp

Mesa Dental is awesome! I have been searching all over San Diego for a good dentist and office and I have finally found it! They don't try to upsell you on other services and Amy does not kill your mouth when cleaning your teeth. They were so friendly and made my experience comfortable and convenient. I will definitely WANT to go to the dentist again. Thank you all for an awesome experience!

by Martha Lagunas

I LOVE MY DENTIST!!! I needed a lot of work done, and I'm so glad I carefully chose Mesa Dental!! They are worth every penny!! If you're going to make an investment on your teeth, I 100% recommend Dr. Qadeer! He is extremely professional, caring, and his facility is super clean. I could go on and on about how satisfied I am with my dentist, just his attitude alone makes you want to come back. You'll know what I'm referring too, once you experience GREAT QUALITY DENTAL CARE yourself. I wouldn't look elsewhere! Dr. Qadeer is the one!

by John Dodds

Mesa Dental is the very best! The Dr is a perfectionist which makes for an outstanding Dentist. They do things with compassion and I actually look forward to going to the dentist for the first time in my life! This place is by far the best... I have had bad experiences with other dentists my whole life and those bad experiences are non-existent at Mesa Dental. I highly recommend this place. I am so glad I found them! Thank you Mesa Dental

by Ryan Tassone

Best experience I have ever had in a dentist office. Dr Qadeer and his staff are all so friendly and professional and you get a sense that when you're there you're not just a customer, you're a great friend or even a part of the family. If you're the type that gets a little anxious being in a dental chair, no need to worry here. Totally pain free experience and very comfortable feeling knowing you're in good hands.

by Robin Warkentin

I've been overwhelmingly impressed with Mesa Dental. Dr. Qadeer helps me feel at ease, is careful and very gentle - something super important for those of us who hate to get our teeth worked on. I've had a crown put in elsewhere with great discomfort, and was really surprised to discover that with a good dentist, it doesn't have to be that way! Dr. Qadeer is highly professional and cares a lot about the quality his final product - your dental health! He leads a friendly and knowledgeable team who all seem super happy to work alongside him. It's a very positive, respectful environment.

by Christina Zuniga

Yaay!! I needed to find a closer dentist and definitely scored here! Very friendly staff. They take very good care of their patients. Had to get my very first root canal, which was nerve wrecking, but they kept me at ease by explaining everything as they went along. It was such a painless experience I actually was falling asleep!! Dr. Qadeer is a great Doc, definitely recommend!

by Maria Davis

The staff are always very helpful and professional. Everything is state of the art. I'm so pleased with the customer service! Everyone remembers you. You are not just a dental record to them. All the staff, and I mean all the staff ask how you are and what's new in your life. They listen intently and have a conversation with you. They do definitely care about your dental health and well being. I would definitely recommend Mesa Dental to anyone looking for a great staff and dentist. By the way, the dental work done is excellent! :)

by Kristen Forney

Everything about this place makes me feel good. They're in my network, the support staff is friendly, competent and thorough. Dr. Qadeer is extremely good. He explains everything clearly, does perfect work (a situation where I appreciate OCD) and is fun. He and the staff are always humming along to the music on the radio, making me want to join in. I'd recommend this place to anyone.

by Karina Grant

I really love Mesa Dental! Whether it's scheduling an appointment, taking x-rays or cleaning your teeth, the staff is incredibly positive and they do their best to make you feel comfortable. Dr Qadeer is a wealth of knowledge and genuinely cares about his patients. I always feel like "part of the family" when I walk into Mesa Dental. It's definitely a place you can trust!

by Philip Zambrano

My family has been coming to Mesa Dental for years and they will all tell you that Dr. Qadeer is the best dentist ever!I had a root canal done this morning by Dr. Qadeer. Trust me, I had no reservations, doubts nor fears because the good doctor has proven himself to be exceptional in the past. And today he easily lived up to that expectation. He and his staff are friendly and put you at ease. The doctor is gentle in his demeanor and skilled to where I don't worry about pain. This is what makes him the best family dentist!I'll recommend Mesa Dental to anyone, especially the biggest scaredy-cats!

by Linda Nguyen

Once you go here you will see the major difference between a good dentistry and a PERFECT one. This place is the friendliest, cleanest, professional, and the most welcoming dental office ever! My teeth feels very loved every time I come here. Wonderful teamwork and I fully trust them with my teeth and gums not being in pain because they actually care to make sure you're numb before doing anything else. Dr. Qadeer and his wonderful team (Benny & Jimmy at that time) let you signal them if anything is wrong. It is very considerate of them; you feel like your feelings matter. Unlike some offices where they want to get the job done without interferences. It's also a bonus because they also conversate back to you even when your trying to talk with your mouth open they totally understand you and will make you smile with all the great stories they tell you. They tell you procedures everytime. I have never left the office unure of the post care for any of my teeth. They listen and are very open minded to all your questions you can ask them without them making you feel bad about how you have taken care of your teeth before. They offer great solutions if any problems or worries occur. They take the time to make it a great experience for everyone and they make it very fun and thats when the time passes by very quickly. & They always tell their patience that we did a good job making it a great teamwork. I don't remember anytime where I look forward to going to my dentist appointments. I don't mind driving a little farther for this place it is so worth it. I'm so grateful for all the hard work that Dr. Qadeer and his staff has put in. The wonderful team they have established and the bond they have with each other it really feels like family. They enjoy their job so much it shows. Highly recommended to anyone that wants a perfect dentist place. I recommended this place to my best friend and she can be very hard to persuade but she really enjoys this office as well!

by Paul Retsch

If you had a father, mother,uncle, aunt, brother, sister or cousin who was a highly skilled and esteemed dental practitioner, surrounded in their practice by equally committed family members to your dental health, would you go anywhere else? Especially if they made their high quality services available to fit your budget? A trip to Mesa Dental will leave you feeling better than a trip to a spa. I go at least 4 times a year just to make sure I'm taking the best care of my teeth possible. See you there!

by Edmund Justin

I rarely shill for or "Yelp" about customer service I recieve unless I had a horrible experience. Today however I am posting to recommend the best damn dentist I've ever been to and I've been to a LOT. I've always been uncomfortable/terrified of the dentist and have been trying to find one who not only does good work but is gentle and who's customer care and staff makes me feel comfortable. Mesa Dental in San Diego is by faaaaar the best care I've EVER recieved. The staff is super friendly, they listen and care about our comfort and did a GREAT job! Dr. Qadeer and his staff are a pleasure to be around. Today i had an implant set on a broken molar. I still have more work to do and am actually looking forward to my next few visits. I HIGHLY recommend them for any dental work for anyone in the San Diego area. I really appreciate the care! Thank you for your service Doc! See ya soon! BIG up !

by Melissa Dela Rosa

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible experience!They are very pushy & rush everything they are doing & make you pay for something that your not ready to pay for yet! Unprofessional, rude, unfriendly & not welcoming to new guests! Dr. Qadeer was friendly but his staff need better professionalism towards guests!

by Andrew Joseph

Very friendly staff. They explain everything to you and are very caring. Dr.Qadeer is the coolest dentist I've met. I was a new patient and I'm so happy I found this place. I'm sitting in the chair now and I'm very impressed. They squeezed me in to fix an emergency filling that fell out before my business trip in two days. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else. They set the standard!

by Mike McC

In March 2012, I went to Mesa Dental for two crowns on my very front, top teeth (old sports injury). Trust me, I would not give a vendor 5 stars unless they earned 5 stars. That's how I am. From my first visit to Mesa, I was treated very respectfully and with an overwhelmingly friendly attitude - from each and every staffmember. They are attentive to details, truly interested in your physical appearance, and willing to explain the required procedures as well as cost/benefit of discretionary services. They work with great partners (I was referred for a root canal) as well. They were flexible in scheduling, and I was always seen by the dentist on time with no delay (series of 5 or 6 appointments). I am now a lifelong customer of Mesa Dental, and I would recommend them to any family and friends. My mouth is healthy, and my very prominent two front teeth look really amazing.

by David Salinard

This is a great place. Excellent staff and solid dentists. They put together a quality treatment program for me, walked me through the whole process, and made sure I understood everything every step of the way. The support staff and dental assistants are great and they were even very understanding when I had to make a last minute appointment cancellation and didn't charge me for it. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist in San Diego.

by Keyonjola Beasley

They always have accurate results , work to their best ability & more , they are very generous kind & loving people who love the career field that they are in. They always make sure their patients leave with a smile & very well satisfied with the work they have done. Since I've been coming here for my dental care, they shown me & family compassion, honesty , respect , hard work & dedication to our needs of care. I love it here.

by Maria Perez

I had an amazing experience with Mesa Dental. I came in for a cosmetic fix. I had a crown done a few years ago that looked awful (traditional military handiwork) I decided I would go with a porcelain replacement. It was a multistep procedure that left me with the perfect smile. It looks completely natural and I don't feel that grating sensation I had with my first crown. Great Experience!

by Summer Smith

They always get you in and it super fast. I've only ever had to wait once and it was because they were short staffed. Still done in less than two hours. The Dr gave me info on medicine for my fever blister when I had one and he couldn't work on me. He remembered that I hate the dryness of the gause in my mouth (gives me cringing heebie jeebies) so he limits it. We cut up and tell jokes. It's a super comfortable atmosphere. I dig them.

by Scott Bme

Every visit is Great!! The staff are friendly, the work stations are clean and best of all I am never in any pain or discomfort while being worked on. The Dr. Qadeer is fast, efficient and courteous. They all answer any questions that may come up with the best of attitudes. There has never been long waits in the lobby and they are flexible with scheduling. I recommend Mesa Dental to everyone.

by Arthur Crolls

I have been a patient of Dr.Qadeer for several years and I must admit he is one of the best dentists I have seen out there; honest, caring and patient. I had two fillings and a crown done by him and no complain. What I love about his work is that he explains everything from X-rays to treatment plan in a way you understand. I have referred all my coworkers and friends to his office and I would always do so. Great quality work.

by Genevieve Valdez

I would strongly recommend Mesa Dental to anyone with children. We were greated with a smile and positive energy. Ismael not only made my daughter comfortable he educated her in way she could understand her exact words were he was sweet and it was fun. I also received very good information in how to take better care of my teeth. I felt very welcome by all the staff. We are looking forward to coming back! t

by Barbara Abeita

Always the best...can't imagine going anywhere else!!!! You will actually laugh and enjoy your visit at Dr. Qadeer's office....maybe you thought those types of dentist offices don't exist, but they do!!! The dental work is done with care and precision. I recommend this office to any and everyone : ) thanks dr. Q for taking care of me and my family.

by Madline John

Coming to this dental clinic was the best decision I have made, when my friend had recommended them to me I didn't imagine how good they are; the doctors there are highly professional and generous. They afford all the sufficient time and knowledge for consultation. Dr. nasery was kind and gentle, he removed all my fears and made me a perfect crown without feeling any pain or discomfort. I will recommend all my friends to come here too.

by Mary Victor

I am so glad I found Dr. Qadeer. I was staying with my Aunt in San Diego when my front veneer chipped. I couldn't bare to smile. I was so self conscious. The professional staff at Mesa Dental got me that week to fix my smile. Dr. Qadeer was so easy to work with under my time constraints. His repair was perfection! I would highly recommend Mesa Dental. They know their smiles! Mary V.

by Seyed Jalil

I came in to Mesa Dental to have a root canal and cavity taken care of. Dr. Qadeer took excellent care of me! The entire staff is caring, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. During the procedures Dr. Qadeer explained everything that he was doing to me step by step to ensure that I understood what was going on. He also constantly checked on me to make that I wasnt feeling any pain or anything. My experiences have always been positive at Mesa Dental! Dr. Qadeer and his staff are also great with children! I bring my children to Mesa Dental whenever they have any dentistry needs. Dr. Qadeer has a passion for his work and it shows!

by Alex Khoury

Wow, Mesa Dental is sooooooooo GREAT! I was looking to get a cleaning to start out the new year, and i decided to try Mesa Dental for my first time. I had the best dental experience coming in. I am definitely making this my permanent Dental office. All the staff were very friendly, especially Benny, the assistant that helped me out with the cleaning. I would strongly recommend Mesa Dental office.

by Benjamin Franko

Dr. Qadeer is the best dentist in the world! I have had the worst care in the world before so I can honestly say this about Dr. Q! He is the most gentle, kind Dentist AND person! I have referred SO many people to Dr. Q and I will continue to do so as long as he is practicing :-) Dr. Qadeer is who you want to see if you are afraid of dentists and you want Phenomenal care!! You really won't regret it if you choose to see him! You can ask my Mom! We are 2 generations going to Dr. Q!

by Alex Erlenbush

Absolutely love the personalized touch at this place! Professional. Clean. Friendly! These guys rock!

by Edwin Brumendorf

Wow, I'm actually beyond impressed by what Mesa dental did for my grandmother. It definitely took a long time for her treatment to finish, but Dr Qadeer had explained it that it was gonna take this long from the beginning. Ok, so I took my granma to like three different dentists, including the one that she had been going to for 17years, because her denture was loose & wiggled when she talked it was hurting her gums when she ate bread or something. Two of them told her to see a specialist cause she had no bone for the denture to hook to. Anyways, we came here cause my coworker told me to see this dentist, cause she wouldn't go anywhere else, but here for her dental work. I gotta say, we definitely made the right choice. So the dentist recommended to put these metal posts implants in her bone & then hook the denture to these & it will keep the denture really tight. Maaan,  thanks for technology. It took like 8 appointments, between the surgeon & here, but as of Friday she is seriously pretty happy. My granma is 77 years old, & I didn't know how she might take this whole treatment, but she handled it very well! Ever since she got her teeth done here I have became patient of Dr.qadeer. I really love this guy's honesty as I was told to have bunch of stuff done but I came to Him and he recommended I get one tooth done so it doesn't break! These folks are great here.

by Tarek Alfaraj

I had the best experience with Dr Nasery. I was so scared of dentists before him. His extraordinary gentle approach has totally transformed me. He performs beautiful cosmetic dental work - my unsightly front teeth is now bright white and straight - a really natural result. Thanks to the team there you won't ever want another dentist after Dr Nasery

by Forugh Latif

I went to Mesa Dental to get two crowns done on my front teeth. I was referred by a co-worker who has been going there for many years. I have been to many dentists throughout my life and I am sure that I will go nowhere else but Mesa Dental. Dr. Nasery and the staff were awesome! The crowns are perfect Dr. Nasery was so detailed and I never felt as if he was rushing, which made me feel he really cares about his patients. I can't even tell they are crowns because he did such a great job without any discomfort. Thanks Dr. Nasery!

by Nicole Wolf

I absolutely recommend Dr. Qadeer at Mesa Dental and his staff. He is the first dentist who was able to help me overcome my fear I had due to my traumatizing past experiences at other offices. I love the family-like atmosphere at Mesa Dental and appreciate the effort to make me feel comfortable. Everyone is very friendly and reassuring. Dr. Qadeer also takes care of my kids' teeth and has done a great job with them too. He is the first dentist they actually like going to, which is quite an achievement. We have been going to Dr. Qadeer for several years and couldn't be happier.

by Mahna Pourshaban

It is always an intimidating experience to go to the Dentist, you never know what you are expecting. As a student with limited funds I decided to try Mesa Dental. I could not be more pleased with my decision. As I arrived in the office I was instantly greeted by the receptionist, and most importantly I waited less than 5 minutes to be seen!!! Dr. Nasery and Benny were both absolutely amazing! I instantly felt comfortable and at ease with the both of them. Dr. Nasery provided me with honest and comprehensive information about the dental work that I needed. Benny made my time enjoyable at the dentist as well! FInding a good dentist is hard to come by these days. I highly recommend Mesa Dental!! :)

by Christine M.

It is soo comforting to feel that at last you give up yourself to a professional doctors after some bad experiances. Dr. Nasery is an amazing doctor; he explained everything to me and answered all my concerns before and after repairing my teeth, he did a great job to my teeth. Also the staff are so friendly and they help you with a smile. Good job Mess Dental !.

by Michelen Mucho

I have gotten a number of treatments done with all of the doctors at Mesa Dental and I would be lying if I said I was still afraid of the dentist! Each experience has been quite pleasant to say the least. Who gets to lay in a massage chair with a flat screen TV inches from your face while you're getting a filling? I have probably fallen asleep in the chair its so comfortable! Besides everyone in the office being so professional and friendly, each person in the office genuinely goes above and beyond so that you're in and out of there in no time, which is weird because its an office you would actually want to spend more time in! lol These sweet people deserve a raise! Now if you're a big baby like myself, lets talk about the scary pain issue. More like lack thereof! I don't know what their secret is, but I've never, EVER felt any pain or sensitivity in ANY of my appointments. Not even in my root canals! (Yes, root canalSSS) After the first root canal expecting the worst, I was so surprised to not feel anything! Not even the initial needle for the anesthesia! I even begged for topical for that shot and they laughed at me :( So I clenched every muscle in my body to prepare and came to realized why they laughed. They knew exactly where to poke the needle and how to slowly ease the injection in my gums. I was so comfortable, yes, comfortable, I wanted to take the tools and add more pressure to the scraping of my roots! I know, TMI, but I have to be thorough. In conclusion, eating a popsicle with my two front teeth hurts me more. Thank you Mesa Dental for everything, you rock! <3

by How By Howie

Mesa Dental,, located right across from Kearny High School/Mesa college, off of Mesa College Dr, is by far one of the best dentistry I have been to thus far. My purpose of visit was for a checkup. First impressions: The receptionist was courteous and was very fast in getting my paperwork entered (since I am a new patient). Then I went on to the x-rays, took about 2 minutes, it was quick. Afterwards, I went on with the teeth cleaning and FREE teeth whitening. All of this was done within 40 minutes of my visit. Dr. Ehsan Nasery has a lot of knowledge with dentistry, and really does care about his patients. Pros: friendliness, great customer service, knowledge, and cutting edge dental technology. Cons: None! They also have another location called Cabrillo Dental, near Sharps Memorial hospital in Kearny Mesa. This place calls for a re-visit once I am due. THANK YOU MESA DENTAL STAFF, you are the BEST!

by Muhsin Man

Unprofessional , absolutely no dental or medical knowledge of any kind . They need to know how to respect their customers , I don't think such dentist office can ever treat any patient ! , He also need to learn some medical terms and to have some better dental skills ! when I compare this dentist to any dentist I have seen and been to , I can touch the poor quality and the limited capability and the subnormal performance . Conclusion: Tho office overall need to follow some US guidelines and the dental association recommendations to establish a better customer review. they also need to learn what investigations to do and what not to do in order not to over charge and manipulate with the insurance.

by A Google User

I truly love mesa dental!!!! Over the years I have been afraid to go to the dentist due to my own past experiences and horror storie I have heard from other people. However all that changed when I found Mesa Dental. The staff is amazing. Each one of them make you feel like family. I had my teeth cleaned today by Ismael and what can I say- he did a fantastic job!! Very thorough and patient. Not to mention very easy on the eyes!!! Cutie Pie_

by A Google User

I chose Mesa Dental from a list of dentist, and I am happy I did. Unfortunately, I had to have a couple thousand dollars of work done. Since July, the staff has seen me weekly. But fortunately, the overall experience left me 100% satisfied. I had my final appt today and I was almost sad. All of the assistants, hygienists and dentists were amazing. Thanks Mesa Dental for getting me to like a dentist again.

by A Google User

I just moved to San Diego and was in need of a new dentist. I found Mesa Dental on a list of suggested providers by my insurance. At first I was a little skeptic but the moment I walked in, I was greated with a smile and didn't wait very long to be taken to the back. I just had my teeth cleaned by Ismael and he did a fantastic job! The last time I had my teeth cleaned this good was back in 2006. I'm not planning on moving any more and I'm so glad that I FINALLY found my forever dental office!

by A Google User

After not having seen the dentist for a few years people can get a bit scared. I was like that because I thought it had been a while since I had been. What I didn't realize until my documents were pulled was that it had been 6.5 years!!! Oh man, what a shock! But the techs and the doctor were all very kind and supportive and friendly. Now that I have insurance, I won't be a stranger any more. The state of the art facilities and the incredible people are the reason that I drive an hour and a half from HB to SD just to see this dentist.

by A Google User

This is a wonderful facility!! I've been coming to Mesa Dental for about 5 years now and I've NEVER had a bad experience. Everyone on the staff is joyous and caring; they're ultimate concern is making sure that your dental health is in good shape as well as having a great time (as most people don't like going to the dentist). I highly recommend Mesa Dental to anyone who's dental health is a top priority and looking for a caring and wonderful staff! Keep smiling!!!

by A Google User

Best dentist ever! I can only recommend this dental office. I was terrified to go to the dentist for years, unfortunately I had to because of some cavities. Dr. Nasery and his staff makes you feel more than comfortable. On top of that I got free teeth whitening as a new patient, how can you say no? My teeth are white and my cavities filled, without any pain :)

by A Google User

I Love This Place! Friendliest Dental Staff I Have Ever Met! Not only do they make you feel welcome, but they remember who you are. They address you by your first name. They even remember the conservations you've had with them a year earlier. They make you feel at home, like you going to a friend's house. They make seeing the dentist an enjoyable experience, not an easy task.They are also professionals. They are highly skilled and very knowledgeable in their craft. They can treat and educate their clients with expertise. I find myself very lucky to have found this company.

by A Google User

After experiencing facial trauma as a child and being poked & prodded in the mouth too many times in the subsequent years, I FINALLY found the best dentist in San Diego. As an adult, I'm still skiddish when it comes to going to the dentist because of my childhood experience. Dr. Nasery is sympathetic but professional. He's very skilled at what he does. His staff is the best I've ever encountered. They are fun and friendly. Amy easily is the best hygienist I've ever met!

by A Google User

This place was so amazing. I enjoyed it alot. Everyone in here treats you like family, it's very comfortable, relaxing, and a very good vibe. They do a very very good job and of course they want the best for everybody. I recommend you try this Mesa Dental, if you don't you are missin out big time. Trust me try it and you will like it...

by A Google User

JOYCE: I love Mesa Dental! The staff are very friendly and even the Doctor (Dr. Nasery). This place would make you feel at home. They would really take care of you, especially, Aimee. Dr. Nasery very good dentist....he would really tell you in what you need to maintain the beauty of your teeth. I recommend this office to everyone. Come and see the place.......

by A Google User

I definitely recommend Mesa Dental. I loved all of the staff. They were all professional, friendly, and fun. Dr. Nasery seems like just the dentist I am looking for. Ismael did a great job with my cleaning and made it enjoyable. They all seem to really care about my dental health. After my first visit, I will be returning for years to come. Even got a free teeth whitening! :)

by A Google User

I just steped off the dentist chair in Dr. Nasery's office. It was a great experience, both the Doc and his Assitants were wonderful working on my teeth. I've been a patience since 2005 and really have enjoy every visit. They make me feel at ease, comfortable and with a great sense of how much they care for me. I enjoy my smile everyday thanks to this great team of Doctors and staff. Thank you Mesa Dental! Special thanks to Miguel for doing such a great job during this last visit. :)

by A Google User

This dental office is by far the best I've been to in San Diego. Not only am I treated very well, but everyone of Dr. Nasery's staff are very professional and they are very friendly. I would recommend this Dentist office to anyone and I highly recommend Dr. Ehsan Nasery as my Dentist of choice. Thanks guys, keep up the professional service and excellent customer service.

by A Google User

Dr Nasery's office is the only Dental office I will take my family to. I'm an Insurance agent and when asked by my clients if there is a denist I would recommend,, without hesitation I refer them to Mesa Dental. From the ladies at the front desk to the dental assitance. There isn't a better group of professionals out there. Thanks Dr. Nasery for all your help and for taking amazing care of my family.. See you for our next check-up..

by A Google User

I have no negatives :) I grew up with a fear of dentist and now in my 20's the fear is still there. As soon as I walked into the office, I felt comfortale and was welcomed by every staff memeber that passed me. During the exam, "Van Helsing" played on a small screen and majorly distracted me from all my concerns. For the first time, I am looking forward to returning to the dentist. PS Ismael is an awesome hygenist, who truly loves his job :)

by A Google User

(Translated by Google) esperiensia a nice tube all staff speek Spanish and I tried an marabilla my tooth luse perfect grasias. the doctor was funny mui(Original)tube una esperiensia muy agradable todo el personal ablan espanol y me an tratado de marabilla mi diente luse perfecto grasias. el doctor era mui chistoso

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