Dr. Aram Abramian, DDS

Dr. Aram Abramian, DDS

General Dentistry in Tucson, AZ

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295 W Valencia Rd Ste 1287,
Tucson, AZ 85706
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Verified Patient Reviews

by Rachel C. On 22 December 2016

This place is great. Fast friendly and very clean. The staff is very kind and never makes my daughter feel ashamed about her dental issues like cavities or...

by Angelica J. On 22 December 2016

Brenda was the friendliest dental hygienist I've EVER met!!! She explained exactly how and why my daughter needs to floss (in detail, not generically to "be...

by Yesenia U. On 22 December 2016

Love bringing my son to this office. Staff is very attentive. Enjoy how Brenda keeps him entertained as he is getting his teeth cleaned. Started bringing...

by Judith U. On 22 December 2016

What great service I had last week. Dr. Coston was amazing, efficient and friendly. I didn't even feel the work done on my molar. Her assistant Scarlett...

by Ana G. On 22 December 2016

Very pleased with my son's first dental exam! He was treated with patience and friendliness and his exam wasn't even long. Even got a fun goody bag for it...

by Kim C. On 22 December 2016

Got a new insurance provider and this place is close to the house so thought we'd give it a shot. Took my 15-year old daughter for her annual cleaning....

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