Dr. Van O'Dell, DDS

Dr. Van O'Dell, DDS

General Dentistry in North Little Rock, AR

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2501 Crestwood Rd Ste 201,
North Little Rock, AR 72116
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9.5 out of 10

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Verified Patient Reviews

by Katy Chafin On 22 September 2015

I always have a good experience when I go for my appointments. They are always friendly and treat you like family. You never have to wait very long before they see you.

by Heather Johnson On 22 September 2015

Dr. O'dell and his staff are the best. I trust no one else with my teeth.

by Ron Harrington On 21 September 2015

Pleasant experience, good value for work done. Follow up care was excellent. Staff was friendly and courteous. I would recommmend Dr. O'Dell for those needing dental work and care.

by Wendy T On 21 September 2015

Dr. O'Dell and his people do great work! They really take care of you. And Donna is the best!!!!

by Shannon Zwaan On 24 March 2015

I have had my Lumineers for over three years. They have lived up to all my expectations and more. I can't think of any cosmetic procedure that yields a more positive and permanent improvement in your appearance that is as easy and inexpensive as Lumineers. A white, bright smile and even teeth give you a youthful and healthy glow. With Lumineers you get the degree of whiteness you want and correction of minor imperfections in alignment without the constant maintenance of bleaching, retainers, etc. I am always receiving comments and compliments on my "great smile" followed by "who is your dentist?" Dr. O'Dell and his staff are wonderful to work with and have always made sure that I was completely pleased with the results. You will love working with them.

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