Jeremiah Lance Harris, DMD

Jeremiah Lance Harris, DMD

General Dentistry in Athens, AL

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1005 W Market St,
Athens, AL 35611
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by Sheila Gilbert On 25 July 2017

I have worked in Dentistry for 32 years, not at this office though, so I know a top notch office when I see one! I have had my grandson at 3 offices, trying to get his treatment done, but the other offices couldn't see him for a month or two. This office got him in within a week! Dr. Harris is awesome, and my grandson did perfect under his care!

by Summer Ferguson On 5 April 2017

This office is top notch. Everyone made me feel completely comfortable from the moment I walked in. Katie has a special way of helping the patients be at ease and Dr. Harris was courteous enough to follow up and make sure everything was healing well. Having 3 wisdom teeth and a molar removed without anesthesia could not have been a better experience. I've definitely found my go to for the dental care I neglected for so long, thanks to all the staff!! I'm not sure of the validity of the previous review, but if that is the case I think that's all the more reason to give 5 stars. The patients who are there on time shouldn't have to wait longer due to someone's lack of planning ahead.

by Erin Greenfield On 2 December 2016

Today my father was refused service for being 20 minutes late,he had a tooth abscess and was up all night in extreme pain.Thankfully Clay Davis,a dentist right next door at 107 Hne street was able to see my dad.The bad tooth was removed 10 minutes after entering the office. They showed great concern instead of being rude and refusing service like Dr. Harris's office. Thank heavens for Clay Davis!!!

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