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Clay Clay Reese, DDS

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by Christy Gabardi On 9 August 2017

Myself and my girls ages 9 and 7 have been seeing Dr. Reese for almost 3 years now. She is fantastic with my girls! She did sealants on my oldest daughter and was so patient with her in helping her to be comfortable. All of the hygienist have been extremely great during cleanings. Dr. Davis is also fantastic! I have seen him for TMJ problems. Both dentist have great concern for their patients. I myself do not have dental insurance, and they have been really generous when it comes to billing concerns. I have recommended Dr. Davis and Dr. Reese to several people!

by Becky Harrell On 27 May 2017

I know this review is about to get lengthy, but I promise you'll want to read this if your thinking of coming here. My husband had a horrible toothache and had been up all night, literally all night. The tooth had two visible cavities on each side, and had already turned grey, wich tells me the tooth is dead. This was Friday May, 26. Knowing the weekend was coming I had to find a dentist fast to get it out, and get him out of pain. I came here, and found Dr.Reese. He was close to home and could see him on short notice. I called and explained my husband needed a tooth EXTRACTED and I would be paying with cash, I needed to know the cost. She said, "worst case scenario $240", I then asked "what is best case scenario?" She replied, $173. So just to fill you in, my husband lost his job and our money is really tight right now, so it's important we get what we pay for. We did not. I took him, signed him in. They took him back. I spoke with a wonderful receptionist, that happens to be an amazing lady. I'm feeling confident that when he comes out, the nightmare pain he's in is over. Wrong! He's done and I meet them at the counter. The nurse begins telling the receptionist to charge for a partial root canal, I immediately interrupt and realize the tooth is not gone, and also realize that is not going to fix his problem, and above all we could not afford this. I voice my concern. The receptionist asks my husband if they discussed the costs of the root canal, he says no they didn't. My husband hasn't seen a dentist since he was a child and had no idea what they were talking about, becuase they were not clear with him about price or options, and he had been awake for nearly 48 hrs in unbearable pain. He let them numb his mouth, he closed his eyes and had faith that they were helping him. The cost for the partial root canal was $240, I believe, and he was to come back in two weeks and pay $1200 that we do not have to get the root canal finished and the tooth filled. I was livid! I wish I could have went back with him. I said we had the money to get it out, now we don't because you have put a partial band aid on a much bigger problem. All in the name of them to make a buck. Wich I told them would be fine if we had dental insurance, which she knew we do not. The receptionist asked what I had come prepared to pay, the nurse tells her $240, and I then replied "that was worst case scenario, and reminded her of our conversation. They only charged $173 for the partial root canal, that we do not have the money to finish. And since I paid it, we no longer have the money to get the tooth pulled, and my husband is still in extreme pain as I write this at 3AM in the morning. I could not be more disappointed. I figured at a minimum, the tooth could be abscessed and we would have to give it a go with antibiotics and pain meds until it could be pulled. Which he was given both yesterday but the pain meds aren't helping. If the tooth was removed he would be asleep pain free right now, and wouldn't need pain meds anyways. And by the way the tooth is dead and grey, to truly have fixed it, it would need a crown, which is at least $1000 more. The root canal and fillings would only last a year at the very, very best. I know, I went down the same road when I had dental insurance, and the dentists that I seen made a lot of money giving me false hope and crowns that came out anyways. I am highly dissapointed. I hope this helps someone else out there. And saves someone's pain, money, and time.

by Jody W On 23 September 2016

Great experience, feel great once you step into the office and love the prompt service. :)

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