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Patient Reviews

By: A Google User
on September 24, 2010

My son age 7 was taken here to get some work done. He had several cavities that needed to be filled. The first trip the doctor has a intern assistant helping her. As she was drilling she slips and drills my sons face. Doesn't say a word to me that this happens she just tells me put some Vaseline on it. I thought it was because his face was a little raw from her fingers stretching it open for over 1hr. After we get home later that night I can see the marks left by the drill. He has a mark about the size of my thumb across his face. The next morning was picture day.But I think to myself accidents happen and I take him back again. I waited for 2hrs in the waiting room. Our appointment was for 10:45 my son was taken out of school for the appointment. He was not actually seen until after 12:20. Then the doctor comes in and begins the numbing waits until it takes effect and begins to drill again. Another intern is by her side again. After about 5 mins of drilling someone comes in and tells her "mike is here" she gets up and leaves my son sitting there for almost a half hour whiles she goes and talks to mike! After we waited 2hrs to be seen! She finally comes back and begins treatment. This time she has the intern mix the filling material the other times i watched it being made so as I watched the new intern mix it I think that doesn't look right. But I'm no dentist I assume if its done wrong the dentist will notice. She finishes and we go home. About 9pm that night we are watching tv and my son starts spitting out his tooth saying momma my tooth fell out. He has no loose teeth prior to the visit. I look at the his mouth half of his tooth that she just worked on fell out!! The actual tooth! He has part of it still in his mouth. The next morning I call starting at 9am leaving messages because no one will answer the phone. I never receive a call back from them. I call every dentist in the phone book trying to find someone to fix her mistake. No one will touch the tooth and I refuse to take him back there!! BEWARE OF THIS DENTIST!!!!!

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