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By: Ashley B.
on September 13, 2017

This is by far least favorite dentist... I am very uneasy about dentists and thought that I'd give it a chance and this person ruined my teeth.... he didn't understand my mom when she was explaining clearly other work she got done prior to her appointment... and he messed up my dads teeth as well... I don't post negative reviews because if I have something I don't like I think it's a waste of time to write about it but this place made me feel like I need to warn others... I went in for a specific problem and they proceeded to do a cleaning on me but the cleaning the did was different then I have ever seen before he used a hook to scratch my teeth and it was PAINFUL...( I HAVE A HIGH PAIN TOLERANCE) and that's just the cleaning. Then he said I had five (5) cavities and needed (1) Root Canal let me explain the problem I went in for was a hole in my tooth from a filling that had fallen out that's the tooth he said I needed the root canal on.... he told me to come back for the root canal in 2 weeks so I could get approved for it that was all ok with me. Then he filled three of the five cavities I went through the drilling fine and then went home. That night the teeth he drilled on and filled started hurting so so so so bad the WORST pain I have ever felt.... also he over filled two of them together and now I can't floss between those teeth and there was a huge chunk of filling stuff cutting my gum... so I went back a few days later to get it fixed he proceeded to take out my (3) permanent fillings he did and put antibiotics stuff in my tooth then filledThem with temporary fillings and put me on an antibiotic pill for 10 days it was ridiculous and I am pretty sure all the pain was because he drilled to deep on my teeth I don't even believe that I had cavities in they didn't hurt at all before he did them now one of my teeth he filled isn't filled all the way and the other two are over filled and I can't floss between those teeth... he said if the pain is still there at all that I will have to get root canals on ALL of them including the one I went in for so ( My diagnosis went from 5 cavities and 1 root canal to 4 root canals and 2 cavities ) I am never going back to this dentist NEVER EVER it actually gives me anxiety to even think of going back it was a nightmare and they made me wait like 3 hours. Both times it took almost my whole afternoon.... this whole thing was a nightmare and I am 17 years old and I am scared to tell my mom that I need to go to a dentist because this whole thing makes me so sick to my stomach... My father went for a cleaning same thing with him they used a hook then his teeth were in a lot of pain he told my dad he had 3 cavities when he started then after without telling my dad first he went ahead and filled 6???? Without my dads knowledge which seems like it should be illegal to me but that's my opinion he also had a problem with them over filling his teeth and can't floss either.... My mom was telling the dentist that she had two fillings that had fallen out and her last dentist refilled them and she just needed them filed down more smoothly and he kept telling my mom over and over that the fillings were there and my mom was like yes he filled them but they are sharp and he was like no your fillings are there... we were like super confused that we couldn't even communicate with him. On a side note we asked him about getting my wisdom teeth checked before my insurance won't cover it anymore and he said he didn't know what we were talking about and that he didn't know how to check if I needed them out....? Please know what you are walking into when you go to this dentist. ***UPDATE**** Tooth I went in for originally cracked two days ago.... I went into a new dentist yesterday and he did my root canal and I had no pain at all.. and he said he needs to redo my fillings that the other dentist did because they aren't done right and that I probably didn't even have cavities in those teeth to begin with or the other two that I supposedly had. So BEWARE THIS DENTIST WILL LIE FOR YOUR MONEY. My business has officially been taken else where and thank you very little for ruining my teeth.

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