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198 Thomas Johnson Dr Ste 6,
Frederick, MD 21702
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Dental Disorders Tooth Discoloration Toothache Cavity Grinding of Teeth Gum Disease TMJ Tooth Abrasion Tooth Abscess Tooth Decay Tooth Loss Root Canal Tooth Demineralization Tempormandibular Joint Pain Dental Abnormalities Dental Crowding Misaligned Teeth Tooth Attrition Impacted Teeth Cosmetic Conditions Tooth Avulsion Stained Teeth Sensitive Teeth Gingival Diseases Misshapen Teeth Canker Sore Broken Tooth Excessive Tooth Wear Halitosis Loose Teeth Plaque Buildup Teething Tooth Damage Cosmetic Peridontal Problems Dental Tissue Neoplasm Facial Fracture Facial Trauma Facial Pain Jaw Fracture Tooth Abnormalities as Seen in Diabetes Hypodontia Teeth Noneruption With Maxillary Hypoplasia and Ge Clicking of Temporomandibular Joint Plaque Worn Down Teeth Facial Laceration Odontoma Joint Pain Facial Irregularities Odontogenic Lesions Teeth Noneruption With Maxillary Hypoplasia and Genu Valgum


Dental Bonding Dental Bridge Dental Crown Dental Extraction Denture Repair Lower Dentures Porcelain Veneers Restoration of Dental Implants Teeth Whitening Upper Dentures Composite Fillings Dental Inlays Dental Onlay Root Canal Root Planing Simple Tooth Extractions Teeth Scaling Dental Veneer Dental Hygiene Services Nightguard Dental Implant Partial Dentures Dental Brace Oral Cancer Screening Six Month Smiles Tooth Extraction Extraction of Wisdom Tooth Retainers Scaling and Root Planing Teeth Extraction Ceramic Dental Crowns Crown Lengthening Gum Graft Surgery Gum Surgery Dental Cleaning Dental Filling Dentures Dental Restoration Dental Examination Dental Sealant Fluoride Treatment Mouthguards Periodontal Treatment Gum Disease Treatment Non-Surgical Gum Treatment Implant-Supported Bridge Implant-Supported Crown Implant-Supported Dentures Dental X-Ray ClearCorrect Invisalign® Zoom!® Teeth Whitening ClearCorrect™ Invisible Braces


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Frederick Dentists

DI Rating 9.4


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Terribly disappointed but also relieved
on February 5, 2022

Dr. Ersan was witnessed referral multiple patients in a row for root canals, including me and my kids (a second opinion said no such procedure was needed). At another visit, suddenly my kids and I all needed braces. Really? My teeth are clean and straight and my kids\' are still growing and have no medical need for braces (looking pretty isn\'t a medical need). After multiple tooth chip repairs between my child and myself, the material used did not last very long. I asked about whether they had better material that would last more than a few months. The assistant became hostile. The dentist didn\'t say much about it other than it was what they had. Today she sent me a letter stating she would no longer provide services to me or my children because I questioned the chip repair materials, I didn\'t follow through with her referrals, and someone said I was hostile at a visit over 6 months ago. She\'s not making money off of me because none of us has cavities, have braces, or needs root canals.

DI Rating 9.7


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Meg
on December 22, 2016

Incredibly competent and patient, caring dentist. Her office environment is peaceful and soothing, and full of the latest technology. She is gentle and calm and professional. I'm so glad to have found her practice!

DI Rating 8.8


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Charles Westbrook
on March 11, 2020

Dr Kim fixed my smile with top notch skills. His personality is a equal to his results and his price is about 1/3 that of Celebrity Dentists in Buckhead. I also consulted the big names and was more than impressed with Dr Kim\'s credentials and he really delivered.

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