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DI Rating 9.4


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By: Tom Batson
on July 20, 2018

I went to the Bright Now in Buckeystown Pike, Frederick for my first dentist appointment in 2 years(gross, I know). I had no problems setting up the appointment. However, the service there I was not happy with in the least bit. I left a review on google explaining in detail, but leaving out names, why my experience with them was poor. It was just rushed and it didn't feel like a sincere environment. When I go to the dentist I want to see that they are taking their time to examine my teeth, especially if they are going to be creating a 2 year plan, which can be pretty expensive, especially with a rushed diagnosis. The following is why I am leaving 5 stars for their location in Thomas Johnson Dr, Frederick. The manager Johanna, for both of Bright Now's locations in Frederick, personally reached out to me with a sincere apology for the way the service went at their Buckeystown location. She made it easy for me to reach her and talk with her about the experience, as well. She truly is hero to me because she not only wanted to fix the issue but she was genuinely upset for me, that I had such a poor experience. After calling and talking on the issue, she asked if I'd be willing to try their other location at Thomas Johnson Dr, Frederick. When I said yes, she set me up an appointment, talked to both locations about the issue(to resolve that kind of thing in the future), and had my X-rays sent to their other location(a process that can take a while). When I went to their other location, there was little to no paperwork, everything had been taken care of previously to make it an easier experience. And at the end of the appointment Johanna came up to me and asked me how it went, and again apologized about the prior experience. I could not have asked for a better service, and am very blessed that she reached out to me to fix things. Valerie was my dental hygienist during the appointment. When she probed my gum, she took her time. She answered each of my questions in a detailed(some vocabulary that flew over my head) way. She told me tips on how to care for my teeth better, even showed me a new flossing technique! Valerie did a phenomenal job with the cleaning, as well. She was thorough and told me the facts straight, truly a professional approach which I can appreciate. Dr. Mazin examined my X-rays and by the grace of God, found a cavity that had been completely overlooked at the previous location. He took his time looking through the X-rays and found that all 3 of the previously diagnosed cavities did not need to be filled because they had yet to break through the enamel(I've had them for 4 years and they haven't changed and won't if I continue with good dental hygiene). Those "cavities" would have been filled for no good reason costing me 300$ plus out of pocket. Let's talk about the cavity which was overlooked at the Buckeystown location. This cavity in my tooth needed to be filled asap, which I was able to get done two days after the examination. If this cavity was not found, I WAS GOING TO LOSE THE TOOTH. Instead of a painful tooth extraction and artificial replacement, which was inevitable if I stayed with their other location due to the doctor there overlooking it, I only had to have a filling done. During the filling process Dr. Mazin was very thorough and explained in generic vocab so I could understand what he had to do during the filling... there was a lot of decay in the tooth. All in all, I am very blessed because I don't believe this kind of thing happens all the time. I don't have to lose a tooth and the whole experience with their location at Thomas Johnson Dr. was absolutely thorough and genuine. I will be recommending their office in Thomas Johnson to friends and family. Thank you Bright Now team! This was the best possible outcome for my situation and it wouldn't have happened if their business practice was any less sincere and their professionals any less thorough. I am truly grateful for this outcome.

DI Rating 6.8


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DI Rating 1.9


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By: Julie T
on December 22, 2016

He's the most arrogant, stuck up, sorry, excuse, for a dentist. I had a denture plate made by him and it has not fit properly since I got it. His answer is too use fixodent, well if he didn't have his nose struck up his butt he'd realize that fixodent was for fixing improperly fitting dentures. Two weeks ago I gave him my denture for repair and it was not fixed properly. Today it cracked even worse. I asked what I should do till Monday and he said people eat without dentures all the time.

DI Rating 8.8


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Patient Reviews

By: Charleene Novic
on April 23, 2018

When it comes to awesome doctors, Dr. Amy Jones tops the list! She is thorough, compassionate, personable and knowledgeable. She really listens to my concerns and I feel like a valued partner in my own health care. She is the BEST!

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