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10211 Dupont Circle Dr W Ste B,
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
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By: Brenda Moore
on September 21, 2022

I paid in 2 cashier checks 18 thousand $. For all on 4 implants. Just bottom. I had issues the first day I wore it. It took 7 months to get them and 6 more months of appts. During these 6 months I\'m telling Them that they made them to small and several other problems alone with an one inch space on both left and right sides.\"Where I should have teeth\". Dr.Nelson and Dr.Roe both decided they were not going to fix them right and informed my dentist to close me out. My teeth can not bite my food into because they don\'t cut. My teeth tare my food but can\'t bite it into. Im forced to use my knine teeth to grind my food up because they did not make my teeth the right size for my mouth. I have cuts on painful bleeding overly exposed gums that don\'t go away . They own the lab that made the implant I paid 18 thousand dollars for.

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