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Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Holmes Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Holmes did invisailgn on my teeth over 12 years ago. I paid for a whole set, he gave me half. He said teeth bleaching came free, refused to do it, but did 5 years ago, but asked me to remove my bad honest review, when I asked again. My retainer is on only 7 teeth, 3 top, 4 bottom; & would go on twice as long, as invisailgn, but it's now forever, because I still have gaps; my teeth will shift back as they were. He said he would whiten my teeth when my retainer came off. Twice yearly, after invisailgn he would say come in for me to check your retainer to see if it could come off & everytime said no, I asked for the whitening, he would say no, come in again when retainer is off. After about 3 years told me my retainer is for ten more years maybe forever & said I don't understand this? I did, you lied, & left my teeth yellow & to rot. He has now breached his contract, in 2023; he's mad about the whitening & review. I have had pain & four chipped teeth, one front tooth was crooked/misaligned, it chipped off & now my teeth been filed. My retainer came off 12 years later. Renee just snipped a piece off & left cement on my teeth; when my teeth get capped they can remove it & charge me, too. Renee said I didn't need my teeth wire & it's too misaligned to put back on & my teeth wouldn't gap more, these were the only three teeth together & did two months later, they gapped & it hurt. I already complained alot, he ignored me & didn't want to resolve. I was a client, not getting favors/deals from Holmes, as he said. I shouldn't pay for your liability. He was still in charge of my wire. I have never treated you w/disrespect, lied about you, or to you. I said I needed invisailgn again & caps, already had some of the money down at Hotts, I didn't decide for my wire to get loose. You want money for caps after damaging my mouth, to reshape & fill the gaps you did, lol, & to damage more. If you were honest I would have seen an Orthodontist. She also said my teeth are misaligned that's why they chipped, I had 2 retainers. He said my teeth would chip if I didn't do braces, afterwards said I grind my teeth & tried to sell me a night guard, over my retainer at night. Then said, wear it daily. Renee said to the receptionist when billing me, it's to far me to drive, I said. They say that always & humilate & degrade me. I have had teeth bonding since & a tooth chipped in one. All he really had to do was make a mold of my teeth & send it, for unlimited trays; I gave him enough & for his fees. He gave himself more money, for being a great dentist. It's a bit, narcissistic here. He's overcharging. He even advertised on his window, free teeth whitening w/invisailgn purchase. Why, did you treat me differently from everyone? She said she would cap my teeth for money. So I could drive? They falsified my medical records, breached contracts, false advertisement, malpractice, etc. All I knew was to complain & count your losts, they knew this, so they didn't care about my service, no-one took responsibility, instead seeked attention, power, & being a victim, not a bully. Never rely on anything someone says. Actions speak louder than words. Get everything on contract. I never got a copy, when I asked he said it's all electronic to "Trust Me." Renee said to "Trust Me." None of you had the right to gossip about me & violate HIPPA. He didn't keep contracts or promises, just a file & payments; he brags he does great. He did himself a favor, not me. Renee treated me just as bad. I hope this comes back to you & I hope God brings light to all this & justice. You're malicious when someone points out the bad care they recieved, that's your fault not mine. You said you were done w/invisailgn & satisfied, brought staff in, to brag; you didn't care about the damage, results, or my satisfaction; completely not usual braces dental work just humilation & stomach pain. Then retaliated against me. This is favorism, shallow, & you have fun that you controlled & hurt me & took advantage of me, cause I never embarrassed you, but had to say please, thank you, & respect you..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Michael Stronczek, DDS

Friendly staff and Dr. Stronczek took extra time explain each step of the implant process that was happening currently and what the process’s of the next 9 months..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Steven Butler, DDS

The very BEST dental experience!!! Painless, easy, quick- No stress!!!.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Nathan Bojrab, DDS

I've always been happy with Dr Bojrab and his staff..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Tooth Acres Dentistry Fort Wayne

I would save your $ and go elsewhere. I went in to have a tooth filled and they sure did fill it in and when she was complete I heard an unusual noise and felt like she chipped it and the hygienist actually cracked the tooth. The dentist came in said it looks good. Sure enough went to another dentist said it was cracked. If a filling was just done it shouldn't have a huge gap in it like this. I would assume with student loans and trying to buy a new practice needs to make the $. I notified Dr. Fisher and she never even responded = UNETHICAL DENTIST..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Lakewood Family Dental

Many of our nursing home residents are referred to this dental practice because they are one of the few that accept medicaid. Medicaid patients deserve far better than this place. The staff told us that they could not examine our resident in his wheel chair, and would not examine him unless he could transfer to the exam chair without assistance. Ideally, we would have enough staff to spare a CNA to come along, but in reality that is not possible with staff shortages. From the moment we walked into this place, we felt unwelcome. Felt like they were in it for the money. Would not recommend..

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