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Patient Reviews

By: Jesse Guzman
on September 30, 2017

I wrote a review last week for Universal Dental Center in Fort Lee i gave 5 star i said i was very happy with everything they did a fantastic job i also said that i was finished with them that was my last day Saturday September 23rd 2017 but to my surprise my wife said my smile was great but what about your bottom i said what do you mean she said your teeth are beautiful on top i told her my teeth on bottom are good she said I know but can you make them whiter i don't know i'll have to call Universal Dental see what they say so i call them they said no problem they said we'll make appointment to whiten your teeth on the bottom also they ask me when was last time you had your teeth clean i told them it's been awhile they said will take care of that at same time so i made appointment for September 29th 2017 once again a fantastic job i didn't know they did whiting and cleaning so i'll be going there for my work on my teeth for now on i have no complaint who's ever is reading my review just want you to know how satisfied i was i'm not trying to bore you you're about to spend X amount of dollars and you want to go somewhere where you won't be ripped off and you will be happy Universal Dental is the place. I'm going to tell story about being ripped off.I had a dentist for 18 years i thought he was reasonable dentist he's in Fort Lee I don't want to mention is name which I should but things are being taken care of so I don't want to jeopardize it anyway he did implants a terrible job he knew i didn't have enough bone now remember this is someone I knew for years anyway he did the implants they fail I was one pissed off guy the things that went off in my head I had to hold myself back i'm sure you know what i mean I just spent all that money I'm talking about thousands of dollars That's the reason why I can recommend Universal Dental and why I gave them 5 star Anyway I was in the gym and ask this person I only him from seeing him in gym he had great smile I ask him can he recommend a place where i can have implants he said yes but you have to be patient if you want the implants done right I said okay go Universal Dental; Center in Fort Lee you'll be happy there I said thanks I went and was very happy By the way i am 69 years old and it's never too late for a lovely smile Thank you to the entire staff at Universal Dental

DI Rating 3.9


How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Dehran Duckworth
on November 13, 2014

I have been a customer of Dr Ueda for over ten years, and he seemed thorough and good but has always been good also at finding reasons to get me or my wife back in there to spend money regularly. My wife and I started to become suspicious after spending thousands of dollars with him so the last time he told me that I had another pressing issue that should be dealt with the following month, I let it go for almost two years with no problem. The other day I went to him to repair a broken filling that he did a couple years ago for $215 assuming it would be in that range but possibly more expensive, and he waited until he had shot me with novocaine three times to tell me he now charges up to $600 for a filling, and this visit would be up to $800.....to repair a broken filling he had put in. I said I would not pay that and offered $400 to which he laughed. He suggested I take my X-Ray and go to another Dentist which I did, he gave me a disc with the X-Ray. When I got to the next Dentist, they tried to open the file and the disc was empty. On top of that, the next dentist told me the tooth he was going to drill did not need repair or novocaine, however the other side of my mouth needed immediate attention, a fact he either overlooked or chose to ignore. I left angry and with a numb face and paid $80 for a blank disc and alot of lies. No way to treat a good customer, we will never go back. He had ample time to tell me his rates had gone up over 60%. You decide.

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