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377 W Palmetto St,
Florence, SC 29501
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Robert Wayne Scott Dentists

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How Patients Feel


Patient Reviews

By: Libby Ball-Beaver
on September 30, 2015

I had my extractions and \"new dentures\" here. I came back for my \"second\" set, as they recommended. I waited until I was the last person and they were about to close. I was patient, but asked what was going on??? After the girl checked, they hadn't even made my teeth yet!! I couldn't believe this, as they aren't cheap! I live in Florida and drove twice to this place. The first experience wasn't to bad, but the second, ha! Six months later the front tooth fell out! Not being able to afford a dentist, I glued it back in. It worked. Then about 1 year after that the other front tooth fell, out..six months later the other front ones slowly, one by one had to be \"glued\" back in. DO NOT GO HERE!!! All they care about is the $$$$

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