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12:40 PM-9:10 PM
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12:40 PM-9:40 PM
2 12:40:00 21:40:00
11:40 AM-5:40 PM
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DI Rating 7.6


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Patient Reviews

By: Gina Forston
on April 26, 2018

The Doctor is a wonderful as well as the two sweet ladies that work with him in the back they make u feel relax an not scared at all. I gave this office a 1 star due to the dig bats that the doctor has working up front the ladies are the worst ever . Theres an old lady she Remmbers nothing I guess maybe because she's like 100 yrs old or somewhere close to it you talk to her it's like beating a dead chicken. she knows nothing about computers except the basic from 1969 . An it's now 2018 so u can image when u talk to her on the phone ur on the phone for an 1 hour cause she understand nothing . Put it this way I was suppose to have work done on one of my teeth they tried to charge me without checking with my insurance first mistake one the next mistake is that she said it would take 7 week to hear back from my insurance not true took 8 day cause there not open on Saturdays she gave me some stupid story how they have to check the mail who does that anymore I had my insurance fax the apporval over to the office . I made an appointment. Call to follow up this mad women tell me she didnt get the fax put it this she got it she just couldnt remmber where an how to find it. Enough to dirve a sane person mad an the other lady I don't know what her purpose is maybe she's just there to make the other dig bat feel better they are the worst ever if he was to replace them the office would be better. Long story longer My Son an myself are no long going to this doctor it's just the bad out weigh the good. These two ladies are a nightmare usually it's the denist is the reason why most people won't go back but not this time .BEWARE OF DIG&BAT

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