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Thu-Nga H. Ortega, DDS, MAGD

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About Thu-Nga H. Ortega, DDS, MAGD

Professional Statement

Dr. Thu-Nga Ortega, practices in Fairfax, Virginia. Her practice is tailored to patients who have a very high desire for quality cosmetic and comprehensive dental care. Dr. Ortega is trained in providing preventive and conservative dentistry to create natural, beautiful smiles. She is often known for being very conservative with crowns which are called onlays (where tooth structure is conserved and not prepped away the way crowns are at most practices) She also performs complex surgeries to remove wisdom teeth, places implants, performs gum surgeries and provides full prosthetic implant restorations as well as providing sedation dentistry services. Along with Cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry, Dr. Ortega has been known in Fairfax as one of the most experienced dentist in geriatric care. She has been serving the geriatric community of Fairfax for over 20 years. Dr. Ortega sees only one patient at a time to ensure close monitoring of her patient's dental needs and performs cleanings herself. She spends quality time getting to know each patient's needs before proceeding with treatment. She places the patient's care and comfort above all else. Her team of talented and professional staff is happy to provide excellent quality of care in a comfortable and welcoming environment! It is no wonder patients travel from afar to come and see us. They are loyal and know that we will always be provided the best services for them and their family and friends!


VCU/MCV School of Dentistry - 1995


General Dentistry Periodontic Dentistry Prosthodontics Pediatric Dentistry Endodontic Dentistry Sedation Dentistry Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Chipped Tooth Dental Disorders Tooth Discoloration Toothache Cavity Gingivitis Grinding of Teeth Gum Disease TMJ Tooth Abrasion Tooth Abscess Tooth Decay Tooth Loss Root Canal Tooth Demineralization Sleep Apnea Tempormandibular Joint Pain Dental Crowding Dental Injury Dental Spacing Dental Trauma Misaligned Teeth Open Bite Physical Disability Dental Bone Loss Tooth Attrition Crooked Teeth Orthodontic Disorders Mouth Conditions Tooth Avulsion Cracked Tooth Stained Teeth Dry Mouth Canker Sore Abscess Loose Teeth Teething Tooth Damage Burning Mouth Syndrome Trigeminal Neuralgia Tooth Abnormalities as Seen in Diabetes Oral Lichen Planus Thrush Traumatic Injuries Tooth Decay Caused by Acid Attack Obstructive Sleep Apnea Tartar Buildup Central Sleep Apnea Receding Gums Tender Gums Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome Clicking of Temporomandibular Joint Traumatic Dental Injuries Motor Vehicle Accident Mucositis Upper Airway Obstruction Tooth Displacement Bulimia Tooth Pulp Inflammation Occlusal Disease Receded Lower Jaw Receded Upper Jaw Oral Mucous Membrane Disease Tooth Malformation Traumatic Ulcer Trismus Oral Infection Acid Reflux Tooth Discoloration (Resistant to Whitening) Tongue-Tie Anorexia Teeth Grinding


Dental Bonding Dental Bridge Dental Crown Dental Extraction Denture Repair Lower Dentures Porcelain Veneers Restoration of Dental Implants Teeth Whitening Upper Dentures Composite Fillings Dental Inlays Dental Onlay Root Canal Root Planing Simple Tooth Extractions Teeth Scaling Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Dental Veneer Dental Hygiene Services Invisible Dental Braces Conscious Sedation Dental Implant Molar Endodontics Prophy Jet Air Polishing Cosmetic Oral Evaluation Oral Surgical Procedures Tooth Extraction Retainer Therapy Retainers Orthodontic Aligners Cosmetic Procedure Porcelain Bridge Porcelain Crown Porcelain Dental Inlays Scaling and Root Planing Teeth Extraction Ceramic Dental Crowns Palatal Expander Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Crown Lengthening Gum Graft Surgery Gum Surgery Dental Cleaning Dental Filling Porcelain Fixed Bridges Teeth Polishing Dentures Dental Restoration Power Teeth Whitening Dental Examination Dental Sealant Fluoride Treatment Periodontal Treatment Smile Makeovers Limited Gum Surgery Complex Tooth Extraction Periodontal Exam Impacted Tooth Removal Dental Prophylaxis Pediatric Dental Exam Porcelain Dental Onlays Orthodontic Procedures Gum Disease Treatment Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy Root Canal Retreatment Bite Adjustment Panorex FMX Dental Procedure Oral Sedation Snoring Therapy Fluoride Varnish Invisible Aligners Pocket Depth Measurement House Call Nobel Biocare Implants Sapphire Whitening Dental Gum Flap Surgery Osseous Surgery Cancer Screening Dental Infection Treatment Rotary Endodontics Airway Stenting Pocket Reduction Surgery Excisional Biopsy Removal of Implants Geriatric Assessment Cosmetic Dental Procedure Laser Lingual Frenectomy Laser Maxillary Frenectomy Dental Care for Children and Adolescents Invisalign Invisalign Teen Orthodontic Treatment, Early Orthodontic Treatment, Adult Non-Surgical Gum Treatment Implant-Supported Bridge Implant-Supported Crown Implant-Supported Dentures Dental X-Ray Cosmetic Contouring (Dental) Tooth-Conserving Dentistry Botox Cosmetic Botox Snap-On-Smile e.max Temporormandibular (TM) Therapy Arestin Dental Prophylaxis, Adult Dental Prophylaxis, Child Cosmetic Contouring (Dental) ClearAligner Sleep Apnea Treatment Tooth-Borne Denture Opalescence All-on-4 Orthodontic Treatment, Adolescent Abscess or Fluid Incision and Drainage Tooth Preparation for Dental Crown Denture Consultation Recement of Temporary Crown Non-Extraction Treatment (for Dental Crowding) Clear Retainer Braces Debanding Desensitizing Therapy (Dental) Pinhole Surgical Technique Denture Impression Essix Retainer Recement of Permanent Crown Invisalign® Invisalign Teen® Botox® Injection Trèswhite Teeth Whitening Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique Arestin® Therapy Lumineers® All-on-4™ Procedure Opalescence® Tooth Whitening System Invisalign® Consultation Invisalign® Impression Botox® for Chronic Migraine Empress® Restoration Abscess or Cyst Drainage or Aspiration Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Treatment Dentistry for the Handicapped Amalgam Filling Removal Geriatric Nursing Home Care Removable Partial Dentures (RPD) Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments Destruction of Benign Skin Lesion


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