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Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Dawn Silfies, DMD

We signed up for her because we thought a person with 30 years of experience has knowledge, but this arrogant person knows nothing about dentistry. Small office, dirty absolute unsanitary conditions like in Africa and a dirty untidy person.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Dawn Silfies, DMD

I am bring my wife to this dentist and she made our life hell. We come for all mouth restoration because on the phone she say that she is very smart and she can do this and she is very artistic. We drive from Florida to Illinois and spend a lot of money. She with her lab guy Paul did many impressions and we wait so long but they did crowns not right the first three crowns did not fit. Three months they working on three crowns and completed only one. But even this one is not cemented good only one side is cemented. First she did not want to make temporary crowns until permanent but after long fighting with her they're did them but she leave cement everywhere. When we complain about this she hit with dental instrument couple times and laughing. Its very pain and many blood it was around implant where they did bone grafting When she work on implant she couple times lost abutment in mouth and Dawn again laughing and say good you don't swallow this. We ask her why you joke like this and she says I am just teasing her. She never sanitize her instrument we bring alcohol in a bottle because she just put abutment from implant in mouthwash and also crowns. She don't want to use autoclave machine because she say she don't have time. We say we come one hour before to use it but she don't want it to do. When she work with implant she cross threaded because she work rough and fast. She tell many bad things like. I don't know why it is pain and go to your oral surgeon and let him change. But its was only her fault because she is rough and aggressive. In office they not wear the mask when we ask them do this they say they was vaccinated and it is their rules that they don't want to wear the mask. I totally not recommended Dawn L Silfies as a dentist if you don't want she broke your life like ours. They should remove her license. She shame dentistry of America.

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Estrella Dental

I DID NOT WRITE THIS REVIEW > great staff dulce bianca and loreyda friendly staff ^ This Review above was made directly by The Dentistal Assistant From ESTRELLA DENTAL, DULCE !! IVE NEVER WRITTEN A REVIEW IN MY LIFE UNTIL DULCE TOOK MY WORDS N FRAUDULENTLY PUT IT UP AS MY REVIEW of how  great my experience was. IVE NEVER BEEN SO VIOLATED IN MY LIFE!!! THIS IS MY TRUTH because it seems like this dentist does not give a crap about what their dental assistants have been doing. As a new patient, Estrella Dental gave me documents to fill out electronically on my phone. I was having an issue going to the next page to fill out the Information. I asked for help and an employee named Dulce asked to see my phone. After a few minutes I asked for an update because it seemed odd that she had my phone for so long. She said "oh it's lagging but I'm just finishing up, I know it can get confusing" and she continued on & finishes up. I felt in my gut that something was off, but I let it go. 3 weeks later, I find a notification on my phone stating that my google review is helping many others!!!! (DISCLAIMER: I NEVER WRITE REVIEWS) Because Dulce had my phone for so long, I 100% know for a fact that she wrote a review stating how great their service was under my google account. This is extremely disturbing and NOT OKAY!!! Dulce, Bianca and Loreyda are the 3 names that are being used in the comment that they wrote under my Google Account. I also see over 200 comments with a similar kind of review, mentioning those same exact names or with a few more added to it.  It seems to be very suspicious, that all of these reviews are all very similar and mention the same employee names as providing such great service. Writing a false review and using someone else’s name is wrong and unethical on so many levels. It makes me wonder who else they've done this to. This needs to be investigated!!!! (Which I did and they said THIER CAMERAS NOT WORKING AND HAVNT BEEN WORKING FOR YEARS THUS WHY THEY HAVE NO PROOF N CAN NOT DO ANYTHING !!!!) This is bs! (I WANT JUSTICE) I have never in my life seen a business with so many reviews mentioning the same names of multiple staff members with similar comments and style. If I did NOT write my own review, how many other people are they writing fraudulent reviews under? What these individuals are doing is unprofessional, fraudulent and not to mention they've invaded my privacy! Who knows what else they did with my phone!I'm all about Reviews especially when choosing the right businesses. The fact that they did this to me and used my name…my account…taking words out of my mouth that AREN’T TRUE AT ALL...makes me furious!!! Reviews to me are EVERYTHING. This is how I choose WHO I WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH…especially if they'll be working INSIDE MY MOUTH! Not to mention the service was NOT at all great! NEVER IN MY 36 years of life going into dentist office do I ever see anything crawling around. Of course not up until I go into Estrella Dental. There was a creepy looking bug crawling around while I was waiting to get seen on the chair (that was at 3:57 p.m.) I have a whole video recording the bug just roaming around and also the lady trying to kill it, I believe it was the manager Sevina that came in and tried to spray it with water from the dental equipment. It is disgusting and unprofessional to use dental equipment to kill a bug. Someone at this disgusting business also went into my phone to my google account WITHOUT my consent, invaded my privacy, and gave this business a 5 star review using my first and last name, stating completely FALSE comments that were NOT written by me. I am EXTREMELY FURIOUS Anyone who looks up this business and the google reviews can see how obvious it is that there is something fishy going on with so many five star reviews and the style of writing, names mentioned, etc.  in almost every single review that is written. I cannot speak for others and can only speak for myself, but I can assure you I never wrote this review and something needs to be done about this. My TRUTH MEANA EVERYTHING TO ME..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr Nasir Ahmed D.D.S

Dr. Ahmed is the best Dentist in the Elgin Illinois arwa. Highly recommend for all your dental needs..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Bilus Poles

Dr. Bilus Poles is one of the good dentists I have come across, but the establishment, 1st Family Dentists Aurora Il, that he works with have given me a vert bad experience. These guys cheated me by keeping me unaware of the bills until a paper statement was sent to me, Their customer handling is by far the worst I have experienced when it was a exceptional situation. They lost my trust and hence my family as a customer..

Best Dentist In City - Dr. Kalpana Kaveti, DMD

Dr. Bilus Poles

Amazing doctor. He did amazing job with my crown, root canal and also implant. I was very nervous with my implant because few of my friends had bad experience with other doctors. His surgery was smooth and no issues ever since. Thank you Dr. Totally will recommend to family and friends..

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