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By: Nik D
on July 10, 2015

The staff is very good, welcoming and respectful. The offices are nice, cabin like décor, I've seen better but it's acceptable. My very first impression: There is a sign in the waiting area that reads the dentist understands emergencies happen but will need 48 hours notice of any emergency or you will be billed $50.00. I don't know about the rest of the world but for me, I don't generally have notice of an emergency allowing 48 hours notice. I concluded money is more important than good customer care and service. The dentist herself is somewhat disheveled in appearance. Personality is rather cold, distant so this would imply she is not skilled with what is considered a good bedside manner. She assessed me for dental needs, I agreed to the plan. I was billed up front which in hindsight left me tied to her until she completed the work on me. The dentist made a mistake with my care. This resulted in many visits. She even left one time when I was scheduled for an appointment. I did NOT get 48 hours notice. I also did not get an apology from her when I returned for the next appointment. At that final appointment she had me wait for 40 minutes PAST my appointment time which, if it were an emergency, I would understand. However, this practice is small enough that privacy is not a consideration and the reason she made me wait 40 minutes is that she spent 30 minutes chatting socially with her client who appeared to be a friend then moving out to reception where she socially chatted for another 10 minutes. When she finally arrived to finish the work on me, no apology or acknowledgement of her rude and poor behavior. Had I not prepaid, I would not have accepted this unprofessionalism nor would I have accepted the reasons the mistakes were made in the first place which caused me many extra visits as the mistakes were really more about the practices organizational skills. I will be looking for a new dentist because quite frankly my time is important too. This particular dentist appears to have an inflated ego and that would be fine if the experiences with her had been positive but they were far from it and too consistent to ignore.

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