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By: Jason McCleskey
on June 27, 2015

The worst Dental Office ever. Don't go here. My wife cracked a molar and it was infected and she was in an enormous amount of pain. We called to see about cost and explained the issue and we were told to bring her in straight away and they will definitely take care of her situation and make it better. We went in and they took X-Rays and the dentist came in for 2 minutes, looked in her mouth and said that he "couldn't do anything except give her a script for antibiotics" (which we told them we had already started her on the day before) and then he left. My wife came back out into the waiting room in tears and I asked if I could talk to the dentist and they said he is unavailable. I asked, "aren't they going to at least numb it or extract the tooth?" and they all looked at me and said that there is "nothing they can do". Unbelievable! Also, while my wife was back there, I asked the receptionist if they accepted the insurance we will have next month for future visits? (I was not aware of the incompetence at this time). The receptionist said "we are not in their network but we can submit the paperwork to the insurance no problem". What she didn't say was that if we went down this road, our insurance would charge us double for going outside of the network. Directly after leaving, I took her straight to "My Dentist" up the street and they extracted her tooth, numbed it and gave her something for her pain. "My Dentist" was awesome and totally affordable. Jay Lynn White Dentistry tried to charge me $100 for doing nothing and they straight out lied to us over the phone. I handed back the prescription to the receptionist and I did not pay and will not pay and they will lose in a court of law. Business comes first with them and patients and dentistry comes last. Don't trust them, don't go there and avoid them like the plague if you value your health and your pocket book. They suck and I would tell the world if I could. Way to suck Jay Lynn White Family Dentistry or should I say Family screw you over and try to take your money!!! Go to "My Dentist" instead. They actually care about patients!!!

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