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By: Christy S
on June 21, 2017

Absolutely terrible! We were scheduled for a consultation with the other dentist, when we got there and they said he was required to have a cleaning in their office. I said, no, we were only coming in for a consultation with the dentist for one tooth that was short. Our son has a heart condition and had to be on antibiotics 24hrs prior to being to a cleaning. The receptionist then told us that if we wanted to see the gentleman dentist then we would have to wait after 2 other people. I asked why, we were scheduled at 10:40am, is he behind schedule. She said no, they had us scheduled with katie. I said no, we scheduled with the other dentist. But whatever, we would go ahead and see katie since she wasn't busy. They took an x-ray and took us to the room. Katie, the dentist, was in the room waiting. We told her the concern of the short tooth, she asked if there were any other teeth that were bothering him. My son told her that just the wisdom teeth coming in were hurting. She asked if the tissue hurt, and he told her yes just around that tooth that was coming in. She then went into a big lecture about wisdom teeth. I let her go on with it until she was saying we needed to schedule to have them removed. I stopped her, and said we are not here about the wisdom teeth. She didn't listen to a single thing as to why we were there! I tried to tell her again, we are just here to find out about that short tooth. She then started back about how he said that the wisdom tooth hurt. I told her, he said it was the tissue, because you asked. She doesn't listen! Then she wants to argue, very horrible. I told her we are leaving, you don't want to listen, you just want to schedule to have wisdom teeth removed. And they aren't even in yet. We walked out, and I asked for the office manager. I put my husband on the phone as I went in to speak with the office manager. I told him start to end what happened, and he said nothing. He then gets up out of his chair, tells me Get Out, we won't charge you for anything. Tells us to leave and escorts us out of the building. No apology for any of this offices screw ups. 1.scheduled him for a cleaning, not just a consultation. 2.scheduled us with the wrong dentist. 3.not telling us it was for a cleaning so that he could have his antibiotics. 4.telling us we have to wait behind 2 other clients if we have to see the man dentist. 5.the unprofessional woman dentist This entire visit was a waste of time! Don't waste your time or money, Katie will just want to have you in for additional procedures which is more money for her. She is not there for the clients concerns.

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