Dr. John Jazayeri, DDS

Dr. John Jazayeri, DDS

General Dentistry In San Clemente, CA
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San Clemente, CA 92672
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About Dr. John Jazayeri, DDS


General Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontic Dentistry Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Chipped Tooth Dental Disorders Tooth Discoloration Toothache Cavity Gingivitis Grinding of Teeth Gum Disease Tooth Abrasion Tooth Abscess Tooth Decay Tooth Loss Tooth Demineralization Sleep Apnea Tempormandibular Joint Pain Dental Crowding Dental Spacing Crossbite Misaligned Teeth Open Bite Overbite Underbite Tooth Attrition Snoring Crooked Teeth Orthodontic Disorders Cleft Lip and Palate Broken Tooth Loose Teeth Tooth Damage Facial Fracture Cleft Palate Ankylosis of Tooth Gaps Between Teeth Protruding Front Teeth Overjet Cleft Lip Pediatric Airway Difficulties Facial Asymmetries Malocclusion (Bad Bite)


Dental Bonding Dental Crown Denture Repair Lower Dentures Porcelain Veneers Restoration of Dental Implants Teeth Whitening Upper Dentures Composite Fillings Dental Inlays Dental Onlay Root Canal Simple Tooth Extractions Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning Dental Veneer Dental Hygiene Services Bracket Braces Nightguard Dental Implant Partial Dentures Prophy Jet Air Polishing Cosmetic Oral Evaluation Extraction of Wisdom Tooth Ceramic Dental Braces Clear Dental Braces Fixed Orthodontic Correction Glow in the Dark Dental Braces Gold Dental Braces Metal Dental Braces Mini Dental Braces Removable Appliances Retainer Therapy Retainers Surgical Orthodontics Orthodontic Aligners Cosmetic Procedure Cone Beam 3D Imaging Digital Impression System Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances Athletic Mouthguards Orthodontic Procedures Bite Adjustment Spacers for Braces Springs for Braces Clear Ceramic Braces Snoring Prevention Facial Bone Fracture Repair Dental Brace and Headgear Non-Surgical Bite Correction Non-Surgical Orthodontic Procedures Dental X-Ray Temporormandibular (TM) Therapy Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment Invisalign®


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General Dentistry

DI Rating 8.7

Accepting new patients

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