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First off, I'm not a plant. I'm going to go ahead and give this a preemptive five star rating, even though I'm in the middle of treatment I'll update it if things change during my treatment. They're that good. I can't speak for Invisalign, because my teeth are pretty bad, and I had to go with the Insignia Damon Clear system. These aren't your parent's braces - The incisor uppers are clear, and I think the new system has some of the lowers clear, too. This is great when you're being interviewed on national news or doing other major public speaking, and eliminates the potential embarassment of wearing braces. Which, yes, kids, still exists when you're 32. They're also a practice that tries to avoid pulling teeth unless it's medically necessary. We can debate amongst ourselves as to whether that's good or bad, but I like my teeth, just not the shape they're in right now. Drs. Bagden and Coffelt are exceptional orthodontists, which to me means three things: 1. They have done extensive planning work to ensure that they can do the job right. They use computer modeling to analyze the required shifting of each tooth needed to correct a problem. They and the patient care coordinator walk you through each step of the process so you know your own status. 2. They appear to hire staff, from the front desk and the patient care supervisor, to the technicians based on friendliness and openness, significantly above average technical competence, and the ability to know when a question needs the doctor to answer because something just seems "off." 3. Drs. Bagden and Coffelt spend time with you. They run a busy practice, but that extra two, three minutes makes all the difference. You have the chance to share and bond and become closer, and trust is always important when someone's stringing chunks of metal and wire in your mouth. They're also really excited about the work that they do. I love having the opportunity to ask them why they're doing A instead of B or C, and seeing the smile on Dr. Coffelt's face as she describes exactly why she came to the conclusion she did. Billing is clean and well-organized, charts are descripted and coded in detail. And theygive you a chance to brush your teeth when they take the wires off - it's the best feeling ever. In an ideal world, everyone should be able to do what they're passionate about. At Bagden and Coffelt, I think we've found a little piece of that ideal just down the street.

by Dustin Muniz on February 20, 2014

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