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by Stephanie Fox on September 26, 2016

Great care for my husband! Aggressive response to his cancer.

by byron jackson,jr on September 17, 2016

The service here is not top notch. I heard good and bad about this and didnt know what to expect. When i first get in the hospital usually the nurse demonstrate how nurse call button work. She showed me the button and left. I tried it out later and it wasnt working. I had to leave my bed twice to ask about a new button before something was done. Then the guy next to me was bleeding because stitches broke. He called twice and nobody came. I walked outside to see what the hold up is and i see nurse with no sense of urgency walking toward the room after 5 mins has passed. He just got out of surgery and back. Then i asked for water cause im light headed and really weak when i walk. Eventually i just walked to nurse counter and asked where the water was so i could do it sense they couldnt after i asked twice. They were happy to tell me where to go so they continue to be lazy and sit on there butts. Then my mother and two sisters was on the way so i asked for one more chair. Why it took me asking 3 times then having to go to nurse desk and ask where they keep extra chairs my self for them to finally get one and me complaining abiut their customer service. Then i guess they had no rooms available so they did the guy x ray in the same room i was sharing with someone else and the doctor just placed a lead apron on bed and said im about to do a x-ray put this on. Didnt even wait or ask if i had it on before she walked of and just did the x-ray immediately after. Im just shocked. They have smart doctors and the facility to do alot but they lack care for patients, customer service, and passion about what they do.

by Tracie Tate on August 23, 2016

I retired recently and called for a follow-up appointment because my knee which they had performed surgery on was hurting. My provider was no longer there but I was able to get an appointment about 45 days out. Today, I look at my phone and have a text message from TOL telling me that my appointment has been canceled. When I called the front desk, they told me the nurse canceled the appointments because the provider was not going to be there that day and that she had called everyone to offer them a new appointment date...SHE DID NOT CALL ME! I have no missed phone call and no left message. I of course tried to call and reschedule because that's the only option I have and was able to leave a message instead of being able to speak with someone. I wonder how long before I get a call back...? Last time I left a message, I never received a call back. I called back two weeks later and was transferred to the nurse (I got lucky that time). Don't cancel an appointment unless you have rescheduled one or have at least contacted the person. I'm probably going to have to wait another 45 plus days to get an appointment----BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! If you want to make the MHS better, start with caring people who actually care about the patient and not how long it will take them to do something like...work.

by Richard Beaman on August 5, 2016

A team of the most professional medical staff I have ever seen saved me from total paralysis. Thank you Major Mike Dirks, MD - Chief Neurosurgeon, Captain Dan Coughlin, MD - Senior Resident Neurosurgeon and all the other nurses, doctors, medics, hospital corpsmen and medical technicians. I'd also like to thank the UH-60 Black Hawk MEDEVAC crew who transported me from Ft Belvoir to Walter Reed. LikeShow more reactionsCommentShare

by Mary Smith on January 31, 2016

Delivered my son at WRNMC(then Bethesda Naval MC) in 2007. The real kicker for me was my postpartum night nurse "Brenda." She berated me when I called for help after being transferred to the postpartum unit when my son started crying. As a, new 1st time mom, having just given birth, I was totally shell-shocked & not too sure what to do. She yelled at me when I asked for help. It's not like I didn't try to sign up for 1st time parenting classes either thru the hospital. Good luck in someone calling you back! Also, remember this is a teaching hospital, don't be surprised if about 10 different junior ob-gyn wanna-be's ask if they can be present during exams & delivery. As a young military spouse, if you have the option of going to someone else out in town, I would certainly consider it. While I encountered some very kind & professional people during my experience at WRNMC, between the lack of privacy & poor treatment by that one nurse, this wasn't a very happy memory for me & I regret not going to another hospital & provider. Also, b/c this is the military & it's essentially impossible to sue the military, I've heard several cases of people having botched surgeries & procedures, ending up scarred for life, & having no legal recourse. You get what you pay for, or for that matter, do not.

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