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DI Rating 8.2


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By: A&M
on June 9, 2018

he is a really bad orthodontist. i had my braces for about 2 years and when i asked when im going to take off my braces he said when he gets all the money. he only cares about the money. when i go to the monthly visit he comes in for 1 second and leaves and does not say a word. he does absolutely nothing and when i tell him why does my teeth still look the same he says the same thing \" just let me do my job\" but clearly he does not do anything . if you are trying to go to him for braces dont because he does not talk to you about ur teeth at all and doesn't give advices. find some other orthodontist that actually cares.

DI Rating 7.9


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Patient Reviews

By: Jaafar Zahed
on July 11, 2017

If you are in for cleaning they have a very good Hygienists, However, I highly NOT recommend Dr. Vertin to perform Filling or Root canals. Dr. Vertin did a filling on my molar, it felt unconfortable after filling and food kept getting stuck in my tooth, I went back to him, he said it need to be redone, he refilled it, however, this time I'm not able to eat on it or drink cold or hot liquids, throbbing pain is constant every time I try to eat on int. Not to mention it took him 2 dentist visits to get the bite adjusted. I waited 2 weeks thinking that the tooth was sensitive to the filling and it will get better by time, it was still painful after 2 weeks so I revisited his practice only to find out that I need to do a root canal done at a root canal specialist and at MY OWN EXPENSE to fix the tooth and get rid of the pain!! The tooth was perfectly fine with no pain before the filling. I'm highly unsatisfied with the service, my wife, brother, father and 2 friends that I refered all will quit going to this practice. I just want to be honest and put my review before this happens to someone else.

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